Nagarani is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV found in Crestholm Channels, Costlemark Tower, and Insomnia.

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

Anguiform daemon that slithers in the Crestholm Channels. She appears much like the naga, though a bed of snakes lies atop her head where her hair should be. The self-anointed queen of Crestholm has the power to turn her adversaries into stone, frogs, and worse.
Size: 90.51 ft. Weight: 36.13 t

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

A nagarani can be found inside a pit in Crestholm Channels. The only access to this pit is by falling down a slope; upon landing, Noctis will take considerable damage, and it is best to quickly escape the combat area to recover HP and to wait until the rest of the party arrives. The ladder to escape the pit is located above the combat zone, but the nagarani must be defeated to interact with it. After being defeated, the nagarani is replaced with bussemands in this area in future encounters.

Another nagarani supplements an attack by three red giants in Costlemark Tower if the player fails the cube maze three times. This difficult battle will repeat if the player fails the cube maze again.

Two can be fought at the same time in Insomnia, but may be avoided by running through the nearby alley and heading north.

Like all naga-type enemies, nagarani's attacks are all physical. As well as being capable of healing itself, it can inflict Stone and Toad. Nagarani takes increased damage from swords, shields and the lightning element.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Earth and Moon Pendants prevent Stone and Toad, respectively; if the player does not have enough accessories for the party, the Gold Needle and Maiden's Kiss items will cure Stone and Toad, respectively. Drinking a Jetty's (which costs 50 gil) at a Crow's Nest located at an outpost will also provide a temporary buff that prevents Toad.

Noctis's weapons can be infused with lightning via Ignis's Enhancement Technique for increased damage, and his Overwhelm Technique gives the party the opportunity to perform multiple powerful Deathblows while invulnerable during the animation. Gladiolus's Dawnhammer Technique is a faster alternative to Overwhelm, providing high damage from both Gladiolus and Noctis.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Naga (Sanskrit: नाग, Nāgá) is a deity of entity taking the form of a great snake—specifically the King Cobra—in Hinduism and Buddhism. For female counterparts, they're called nagi.

"Rani" comes from "Rajini", meaning "queen".

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