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Naga is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought during the main quests The Trial of Ramuh and World of Ruin. It is one of the very few daemons witnessed speaking. The one in Fociaugh Hollow is implied to be the same daemon that Sylva Via Fleuret sealed away.


A daemon with the body of a snake and the face of a human. It coils itself around its prey and spits a special venom to turn them into a frog. A naga capable of understanding human speech was discovered several decades ago in Duscae, so the fearful townspeople drove it back and sealed it within the walls of Fociaugh Hollow.
Size: 65.12 ft. Weight: 13.16 t



The naga uses physical attacks. It slithers along the floor toward the party to knock them back and deal damage. It can rise in the air and slam down on its enemies with its serpentine body (can be parried). It exudes a green mist that transforms everyone into toads. It can burrow underground to become untargetable and then burst out, dealing damage to everyone nearby. It is weak to greatswords, daggers, ice and light and resists fire. It can be tricky to get blindside attacks on the naga due to its serpentine shape and tendency to always slither about. When vulnerable, it will lie on the ground and not attack for a time.


Protection against the Toad status is useful, either in the form of accessories (Moon Pendant) or food (Toadproof or Resilient buffs). Maiden's Kisses can also be used to heal the status if applied. Toad also wears off after a moment, but while a frog the player can't fight. The player should use Techniques when available and hopefully put the naga to vulnerable state. Armiger is likewise powerful.


Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Etymology and allusion[]

Naga (Sanskrit: नाग, Nāgá) is a deity of entity taking the form of a great snake—specifically the King Cobra—in Hinduism and Buddhism. For female counterparts, they're called nagi.

The party comes across a naga looking for its baby in Fociaugh Hollow. In Japanese folklore, a nure-onna is a yōkai with the head of a woman and the body of a snake, same as the enemy in the game. In some stories, nure-onna is a monstrous being who carries a small, childlike bundle, which she uses to attract potential victims. If a well-intentioned person offers to hold her baby, the bundle becomes incredibly heavy and prevents the victim from fleeing.

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