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Nag'molada (ナグモラーダ, Nagumorāda?) is a character from Final Fantasy XI. He is a Kuluu diplomat for the Duchy of Jeuno, and a member of the Armathrwn Society. In the time of the Crystal War, he was employed by the Archduke as a special envoy to the other three nations, and assisted in the formation of the Allied Forces of Altana. He has an exceptional grasp of strategy and is highly skilled in negotiations. He plays a major role in the Chains of Promathia storyline.


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In the Crystal War, he was well known as a shrewd negotiator; so when "Nag'molada" suddenly declared talks about surrendering Jeuno to the beastmen, several such as Robel-Akbel and Lehko Habhoka knew something was wrong. Indeed, Haudrale was actually impersonating Nag'molada in order to bring the Grand Duchy to ruin. The real Nag'molada arrived only after the "peace talks" with Orcish general Gwajboj had failed and the beastmen were driven off in the Battle of Jeuno.

By present day, the Armathrwn Society was still working behind the scenes of the Duchy government. Following a strange explosion in Delkfutt's Tower, the society began to investigate the encroaching "Emptiness" phenomena that began cropping up at the mothercrystal arks. Nag'molada became personally interested when a strange pale boy was found in the basement of Delkfutt's tower. At the crags, the emptiness of Promyvion enveloped the interior and began to drain the light of the mothercrystals. When confronting the player during these events, he made it clear that the mothercrystals are the source of life, and harm to them will not be tolerated.

After the three crags became contaminated with Emptiness, Nag'molada and the player found themselves mysteriously stranded in the lost Tavnazian Archipelago. At the safehold, he learned that survivors from the Battle of Tavnazia have been living here since the war. He "volunteered" the player's assistance in defeating a Minotaur lurking the the aqueducts on behalf of the safehold's residents, though he had an ulterior motive: to retrieve the Eye of Altana stored that was used by the Tavnazian Cathedral as a baptismal vessel. Thereafter, he made his way to Cape Riverne.

The Cape had been shattered into strange floating islands by the Wyrmking Bahamut. Nag'molada summoned the dragon god, who revealed that the ancient pact was still valid, and the Emptiness is a harbinger for the Keeper of the Apocalypse -- Promathia's avatar. At that moment, several airships with the Armathrwn Society led by Esha'ntarl arrived to capture Bahamut. They were not successful, and Nag'molada returned to Jeuno with Esha'ntarl.

After returning, he reestablished a trade route between Jeuno and the Tavnazian Safehold, and continued his efforts to find the mysterious boy. After the player and Tenzen learned of Bahamut's hostile intentions back at Cape Riverne, Nag'molada explained that regarding Promathia and his curse, "simply speaking his name brings damnation" and thus was intentionally forgotten by most people of Vana'diel.

Certain that the mysterious boy was heading for the fourth mothercrystal deep below the frozen Valdeaunia region, he asked the player to rendezvous with him in the ruins of Pso'Xja at the Northlands. There, they confronted the boy at the mothercrystal, where Nag'molada identified him as Selh'teus, decrying him as a "traitor." Questioning him on the day Bahamut attacked the Gates of Paradise, Selh'teus did not reply. Using the Eye of Altana, he attempted to trap him in magicite to no avail. Unable to get the answers to his question, he realized its because he lost the "whispers of the soul". The emptiness began to envelop the mothercrystal, trapping them in Promyvion.

Climbing out of the empty wasteland, the group encountered Diabolos, who realized what Selh'teus was doing: protecting Al'Taieu. The celestial capital was still intact, as it turns out, preserved in a realm beyond the fifth mothercrystal (itself beneath the Sea of Shu'Meyo). But Diabolos laid forth the cold, hard truth: the races of Vana'diel cannot exist without the Chains of Promathia, and both the emptiness and the wyrmking threaten to destroy them because of this curse. The only workaround would be to destroy the Keeper of the Apocalypse.

While Tenzen began consulting with the other terrestrial avatars, he and the player encounter Nag'molada again in the bottom of Delkfutt's tower. He revealed that Selh'teus had arrived at the Crystal Terminal through the fifth Crystal Line with the aid of Bahamut. But since Esha'ntarl had reactivated Pso'Xja, which blocked the lines, it wasn't possible for Phoenix to help them use it to travel to the fifth mothercrystal. He then confessed that the Zilart had been slowly draining the mothercrystals light, resulting in the Emptiness encroaching in places such as the Far East.

He laid out the Zilart's dream: to reunite the the light of the crystals and open the Gates of Paradise, restoring the original crystal and eliminate the Emptiness; the terrestrial avatars and Selh'teus, however, are in the way of this plan. Tenzen reminded him of Diabolos's words: they are all chains of Promathia's will, and opening the Gates of Paradise will end Vana'diel. Nag'molada flatly dismissed his statement, declaring Vana'diel to be a world of pain and suffering... an existence of misery that could be absolved by restoring Paradise.

He accused him of being a puppet of Phoenix, pointing out that if Vana'diel returned to Paradise, the terrestrial avatars would be reduced to mere beasts. He then looked into the Crystal Terminal, but the only image he could see was Esha'ntarl emerging from the Chamber of Eventide. Tenzen, shaken by his words, asked Phoenix for affirmation, yet was only redirected to consult Fenrir.

As the conflict with the wyrmking approached, Nag'molada confronted Eshan'tarl at Misareaux Coast. Now knowing that she had used the Chamber of Eventide to be reborn as a Zilart, he declared his intention to return there and be reborn himself. He then tried to kill Eshan'tarl, only to be teleported away by the Chebukki Siblings. Determined to reach his goal, he found the tunnel the Moblins had dug to the fifth mothercrystal, and sealed it off to prevent pursuit. Prishe and the others were forced to use an auroral updraft over the sea instead.

At the mothercrystal, the player and others learned that the activation of the Crystal Line began draining the light from the fifth mothercrystal, compromising its ability to sustain Al'Taieu in Lumoria. The Celestial Capital was threatening to descend back into Vana'diel... and with it the Keeper of the Apocalypse. Nag'molada appeared, still hellbent on entering Al'Taieu to reach the Chamber of Eventide. The group were soon transported into the other dimension.

Delighted at discovering the Celestial Capital was still intact, Nag'molada made way to the Chamber of Eventide. Upon arriving, he was horrified to discover the dawn maiden Yve'noile dead inside the chamber. Selh'teus explained the truth: there was so much Emptiness extracted by the chamber that there was enough to revive Promathia. She had sacrificed herself as a last resort to prevent the Keeper of the Apocalypse from awakening. Utterly distraught, he came to realize Vana'diel exists for the sake of imperfection... and he was unwilling to accept this reality.

Ascending to the Audience Chamber atop the Garden of Ru'Hmet, he broke the seal on the Keeper of the Apocalypse, and revived Promathia. Absorbed into the awakened Twilight God, he learned the final truth: they are all Promathia's children! Having absorbed Nag'molada's knowledge, Promathia set forth to begin the Apocalypse by destroying the last mothercrystal. In order to prevent this, Prishe, Selh'teus, and the player confronted the Lord of Chaos at the Empyreal Paradox.

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Nag'molada appears in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with an ice-elemental card.