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All shall return to nothingness!

Nael Deus Darnus

Nael Deus Darnus is the final boss of Final Fantasy XIV. The fight is balanced towards level 50 characters. Its hard version has been called the "most punishing battle available in Final Fantasy XIV" by the development team[1], and is unlocked after the player finishes the storyline.

In A Realm Reborn, she is the final boss of the Second Coil of Bahamut.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The fight is very similar to the previous fight against Nael Van Darnus and the basic strategy and positioning is largely the same. It is possible (and recommended) to fully regenerate HP / MP and rebuff all party members before engaging Nael, unless this has been done before finishing off the first phase.

For this second phase of the final battle, Nael loses her Lancer weaponskills, but all her attacks are stronger and she gains the "Lunar Dynamo" move. Every other ability works the same way as the previous battle.

Lunar Dynamo is a powerful "doughnut" shaped AoE move that drains HP and MP from those hit by it, healing Nael for the damage done. To avoid it, players must be close to the boss when it is used; positioning in the same way as the previous fight, it is possible to avoid both Iron Chariot and Lunar Dynamo.

However, Nael also uses Lunar Dynamo after teleporting; as she will likely reposition herself after a teleport, the party may need to move closer to her to avoid being hit. After she takes some damage, she will start saying things like "Ahhhh..", "Yeeess..." and "Just so...."; these are hints warning that she will not use Lunar Dynamo, but a combo of Iron Chariot instead. This is particularly dangerous, as players can be hit by two Iron Chariots and knocked back to the range of Lunar Dynamo, a combo that is extremely likely to kill all players caught in it and heal the boss.

This time, Nael will utter "I shall not suffer life" and "I shall not suffer death" as calls down Lunar Fragments considerably earlier and will not stop after two. As such, it is recommended to place a Black Mage atop one of the first flying platforms and have them exclusively on "meteor duty", disposing of any fragments summoned during the fight. "I shall not suffer life" indicates she is calling a fragment on the north side, and "I shall not suffer death" indicates she is calling one on the south side.

One moderately-geared Black Mage should be able to destroy a fragment with a Thundara combo.The elevation restriction becomes a major factor here, as spells cannot be cast on targets to far above or below the caster. If a meteor comes close to the ground, any available ranged unit should immediately finish it off.

After she starts summoning lunar fragments, there's no change on her behavior until Nael's HP drops to 5%. Once this happens, she will say "Oblivion.... Well do I know thee..." and teleport to the highest platform, where she will activate magic glyphs, summon two Lunar Golems and start charging her strongest move, Megaflare. During this stage, her defense is greatly increased.

Lunar fragments will start falling much quicker than normal and also gain a sizable boost to HP and defense. It is impossible to deal with them with only one Black Mage, parties should position at least one mage on each platform, as well as a Bard or White Mage to ensure the fragments are destroyed. The Lunar Golems can be defeated pretty easily by melee attacks, and can also be put to Sleep.

The tank, one White Mage, and any melee available should go up to where Nael is preparing Megaflare and attack her to reduce a bit her regeneration. Nael will not initiate Megaflare unless she is attacked while charging it. Parties have experienced seemingly endless Meteors for not doing so, and counteracting her regeneration will make the final part end much sooner.

After being hit for a while, Nael will cast Megaflare, which is powered up by how many lunar fragments hit the ground during the battle. If 3 make impact with the ground, Nael will immediately use Megaflare in this stage and deal 9999 damage to everyone, ending the fight.

As soon as Nael speaks again in preparation for Megaflare, the tank needs to run downstairs as fast as possible to avoid getting hit by Nael while she is empowered by the stairs. Everyone but the Black Mages should go back to the ground level and a White Mage should cast Benediction to fully recover from the damage. After this, it's as simple as repositioning the boss and finish the remaining life while the mages destroy any possible fragment that gets summoned.

Strategy (Hard Mode)[edit | edit source]

Nael immediately begins charging Megaflare, which now deals around 7000 damage even without any lunar fragments touching the ground. The fragments themselves now fall faster, and become Lunar Golems upon touching the ground (after dealing the explosion damage).

To even have a shot at surviving Megaflare, players need to stack up as many defensive buffs as possible on high HP jobs such as Paladin, then proceed to raise the other party members. Another viable option is to play as a pure class instead of using Job crystals, to gain access to Sentinel. Thaumaturges, in particular, may be able to survive with Sentinel + Protect + Stoneskin + Sanguine Rite + Battle Voice. The use of max HP increasing food and items can also help.

After Megaflare, Nael will switch to her regular pattern. During this period, any Lunar Fragments destroyed may yield Deaspected Clusters. These clusters can then be used to craft Lunar Curtains, a consumable item that gives Sentinel's effect and also stacks with the ability, helping the other jobs survive the initial Megaflare.

Once her HP hits 60%, Nael will say, "Hope and despair. Joy and sorrow... Such things are meaningless". This signals the start of a lunar fragment spam phase, in which she will keep summoning fast moving fragments until her HP falls down to roughly 40%. Two ranged attackers are needed to deal with them.

After taking some more damage, Nael will teleport to the top of the arena and start casting Megaflare once again. This time, eight Lunar Golems will spawn. It is advised to ignore or leash them, and focus all DD on Nael to force Megaflare (which deals the same damage as the regular fight one, instead of 7000+ like the first used in the fight), as the golems and fragments can easily wipe the party at this point.

Once Megaflare goes off, Nael will fully recover HP, golems will disappear and she will teleport back again, returning to her usual attack patterns. Every once in a while, she will teleport to the top, summon a golem and charge Dalamud Dive. These golems cannot be ignored and need to be killed quickly, since the Legatus will summon more golems every time she uses Dalamud Dive. Dalamud Dive damage can be reduced or even negated by damaging Nael.

When her HP reaches 40%, she can initiate a special sequence of ten total Lunar Fragments (~667 HP), accompanied by Nael saying, "Come, lost child, and receive of me the gift of purity." This time, fragments can appear at a lower height and move at a fast speed, so all ranged attackers and white mages should focus on taking them down, positioning themselves not only on the top platform, but also on the middle of the stairs. Meanwhile, the melee DPS will need to continue chasing Nael up to prevent Dalamud Dive whenever she uses it.

After this phase, she goes back to her usual pattern once again. The party only needs to keep up with the damage and be careful with the occasional fast falling fragment.

Music[edit | edit source]

The song played during this fight is "Rise of the White Raven", composed by Masayoshi Soken. It features a duet singing in Latin.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Corvus fortis
Corvus fortis
Corvus fortis ascendit
Superne videt praeteritum
Praesentem et futurum videt
Res evertuntur repente
Ad unum omnes sunt mortui dei
Machinae regnabunt in caelo
Ratio regnabit in terra
Corvum candidum exhilaramus
Ecce extendit trans mundi alas
Vocat lucem rubram excidii
Fulget luce rubrae victoriae
Imperium ave!
Ave imperium!
Ave imperium!
Testate adventu fati.
Testate adventu Dalamud!
English translation
The dauntless raven
The dauntless raven
The dauntless raven rises up.
From on high, he marks the past;
Marks the present; marks the future.
A revolution is upon us.
All the gods are dead.
Machines will rule the heavens.
Reason will rule the land.
Exalt we the White Raven.
Behold—his wings enfold the world.
He calls down the red light of destruction.
He glows with the red light of victory.
The Empire!
The Empire!
Hail to the Empire!
Welcome the Empire!
Welcome the Empire!
Bear witness to the advent of Fate!
Bear witness to the advent of Dalamud!

The words "hear", "feel", and "think", which are heard at the beginning of the game after character creation, are faintly spoken during the first stanza.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Deus" means "God" in Latin and Portuguese.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dalamud is several times larger in the background of this fight.
  • Though the lunar fragments appear as fast as cannonballs in other scenes, they are much slower in this battle.
  • In spite of the obvious complexity, the arena of Rivenroad has point symmetry, meaning it is the same if rotated 180 degrees.
  • Nael undergoes a subtle mood change in this fight: her lines in the first phase are all shouted, indicated by the exclamation points, while her dialogue in the second phase are all spoken calmly. Even her lines for calling lunar fragments change from "Begone wretched creatures!" and "Embrace oblivion!" to "I shall not suffer life/death". This change reflects the intoxicating power she receives from Dalamud.

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References[edit | edit source]

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