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Unlike the others, I am not given to waiting. I shall take that staff and bring about the next Rejoining.


Nabriales is a character from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He is one of the Ascians introduced during the epilogue of 2.0's story arc, and later appears in Patch 2.5 as an antagonist seeking Louisoix's staff.


'Tis not a question of whether Eorzea's champion shall yield, but of when.


Nabriales, along with many other Ascians, join Lahabrea in a dark environment that obscures their faces in shadow. They comment how Bahamut has been stirring again after the fall of the Ultima Weapon, and that the other primals will soon follow as the Reckoning comes.

Nabriales later questions Elidibus's intentions for approaching Minfilia and the Warrior of Light, as he does not share Elidibus's interest in how these mortals have grown powerful in the gift.

Nabriales and the other Ascians meet after Ramuh yields to the Warrior of Light. He is later seen masked (though initially unnamed) commenting on Iceheart withdrawing after being defeated in the form of Shiva, and noting Lahabrea "will be pleased" (to his chagrin).

The Adventurer casts a beam of light on Nabriales using the Tupsimati.

During the events of Before the Fall, Nabriales confronts the Warrior of Light and Moenbryda in Northern Thanalan, sensing that the Warrior is no longer blessed by Hydaelyn's (due to Midgardsormr's actions), and therefore no longer a threat to the Ascians. As Hydaelyn's Blessing also kept the Ascians from attacking the Scions of the Seventh Dawn directly, Nabriales decides to go to The Rising Stone where he wounds Moenbryda when she attempts to strike him down. Nabriales reveals his intention to use the stone tablet fragment embedded in Tupsimati and begin the next Umbral Calamity.

What!? Nooo! cannot end! I am eternal! I am immortaaaaaal!

Nabriales before being destroyed

Since Minfilia refused to relinquish the item, and knowing Elidibus would be furious, Nabriales simply spirits away her and the staff to the Chrysalis in the Aetherial Rift. Following him into the portal, the Warrior of Light defeats Nabriales and returns Minfilia to the Rising Stones. Nabriales follows, reconstituting himself while explaining he will keep returning for the staff no matter how many times he's banished. Moenbryda tosses Minfilia a White Auracite to trap Nabriales in while the Warrior of Light uses Tupsimati to fire a aether-filled blast at the crystal. With not enough aether to shatter the crystal, Moenbryda transfers her own life force into the staff giving it the amount needed to erase the Ascian.



Nabriales wears a black leather hooded coat with purple markings and adornments. He initially does't wear a mask, and while is face is always obscured in shadow, his form is that of a Midlander Hyur male with light brown or blond hair. He is later seen with a red, almost ribcage-like mask, with notable sideburns. In battle, a red emblem appears over his face.


Nabriales has a pretentious and smug air about him, and he speaks in a nasal tone. He has a low opinion of Lahabrea, at one point describing him as an "overweening presence." He seems to yield to Elidibus, as he refrains from killing Minfilia because the Emissary "would never let him hear the end of it." By his own admission, Nabriales is more impatient than his fellow Ascians, and immediately moved to assault the Scions of the Seventh Dawn upon sensing the Warrior of Light's loss of Hydaelyn's blessing while the other Ascians were content to wait and focus on other schemes.


Being an Ascian, Nabriales is a sorcerer able to wield Dark magic. He possesses some manner of time magic, able to temporarily trap the Warrior of Light in a plane with meteorites raining from the sky.


Nabriales is encountered as a major story boss in Patch 2.5 Before the Fall, in the Chrysalis trial. He is considerably more difficult than the encounter with Lahabrea at the Praetorium.

Nabriales' Shade appears as an add during The Minstrel's Ballad: Hades's Elegy, during the first part of the second phase. His Shade repeats the mechanics seen in The Chrysalis.


Nabriales is voiced by Masumi Yoshida in the Japanese version.

He is voiced by Gideon Emery in the English version, who also voices Urianger Augurelt from Final Fantasy XIV and Balthier from Final Fantasy XII.

Musical themes[]

"Without Shadow"

Nabriales's appearances are all accompanied by "Without Shadow".



"Nabriales" refers to the light scion "Nabriales, the Majestic" referred to in the profile of Cúchulainn from Final Fantasy XII. The glyph that appears when Nabriales is channeling magic is the bottom portion of Cúchulainn's glyph, only inverted.