People's hearts are pure chaos. Formless and ever-changing—a mystery no one can solve. That is why humans are such contradictions. One moment they're at each other's throats, the next they're forming shaky alliances. Will this happen to you two, I wonder. I'll hold out my hand, and smile while I give you my terms. Now die!

Jihl to Serah, Mog and Noel

Jihl Nabaat is a downloadable content "monster" from Final Fantasy XIII-2. She is among the various lost souls bound to battle in the Coliseum until the Day of Reckoning in the trial known as "A Study in Elegant Death".

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Nabaat starts by summoning reinforcements. With the exception of the Azure Behemoth, the reinforcements are not a significant threat in terms of damage (although they can be more problematic by virtue of numbers), and are more of an annoyance; for instance, by inflicting Poison, or launching the party members into the air.

Nabaat destroys her minions with the Sacrifice Pawn technique and benefits according to how many pawns she absorbed; Azure Behemoths increase the damage her special attack deals, Nightblade Pumas cause the party to be Dazed when she uses Sacrifice Pawn, and PSICOM Wardens heal her. If the player defeats all of the Azure Behemoths (usually only one is summoned, but sometimes two), she will take damage equal to one quarter of her maximum HP when she attempts to absorb them with Sacrifice Pawn. Nabaat cannot kill herself with this backfire, as it can only lower her HP to 10% of her maximum HP.

Nabaat's special attack, Sadistic Surge, is strong enough to kill whoever it hits. If she absorbs two Azure Behemoths with Sacrifice Pawn, she will use Malicious Surge instead, which deals even more damage. The final blow of this attack does area of effect damage, and if not careful, can wipe out both Noel and Serah. Nabaat uses this attack after Sacrifice Pawn, and then follows it up by summoning a fresh set of allies.

Nabaat has a high Stagger point and chain resistance, so staggering her is not easy. She casts buffs such as Protect and Shell (with Defensive Maneuvers) and Bravery (with Offensive Maneuvers) on herself and her allies, which in combination with her halving of both physical and magical damage, can make damaging her more difficult. Nabaat is susceptible to most debuffs, although it can take many attempts to get them to stick.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Given that Nabaat destroys her own minions with the Sacrifice Pawn technique, a well-prepared party could just focus its efforts in attacking Nabaat. However, this is not generally an advisable strategy, as the three enemy types confer some benefit to her when she absorbs them; consequently, the priority should be to eliminate all PSICOM Wardens before she sacrifices them.

As she takes damage trying to absorb an already-defeated Azure Behemoth, this can be an effective way to deplete her HP if the player is able to kill the summoned enemies soon enough to prevent any from being absorbed.

If the player intends to include a Saboteur in their paradigm deck, Poison and Imperil can potentially be useful, and Dispel is also beneficial.

The player can change paradigms to one with at least one Sentinel to reduce damage from Nabaat's special attacks.

Paradigm Pack[edit | edit source]

Nabaat is a useful Saboteur, with attacks that complement Serah and Noel's limited skillset. She is quick with both physical and magical movements, helped by her good Strength and Magic. Her HP is average.

Nabaat's Feral Link, Sadistic Surge, is strengthened with a control stick input and gives multiple magical hits to one foe. The attack is best used during an enemy's stagger period, as it does minimal damage otherwise.

Nabaat is the only Paradigm Pack ally with access to Poisonga; all others have only the Strength-based, physical-damage Heavy Poisonga. She is the only Saboteur with Improved Debuffing II and Improved Debilitation II. Thus she is the most adept at reducing both the effectiveness of both enemy defenses (Debuffing) and abilities (Debilitation). All of her Debilitation spells are of the physical-damage "Heavy" or "II" type.

Nabaat has a unique purpose other Saboteurs can't replicate: by Cursing her opponent and then steadily attacking it, Nabaat can catch a target in a stun-lock via her Pressure II passive ability. Her downside is that Nabaat will attempt to inflict most of the debuffs she knows on a target before moving on to Wound, which has the best Cut (hitstun value). This strategy is ineffective against many bosses and Coliseum opponents.

Sadistic Surge Feral Link.

All-Mana build is good for her to capitalize on the Wound damage and to strengthen her Magic-based Feral Link, but using Potent materials is viable as well. Due to her unique role as a stun-locker, Nabaat becomes less effective the more spells one teaches her.

Nabaat's Feral Link, Sadistic Surge, is powerful, good at keeping the opponent stun-locked, and bestows additional bonuses to Nabaat depending on the Paradigm Pack's role composition:

  • 1 Synergist: Bravery
  • 2 Synergists: Bravery and Faith
  • 1 Sentinel: Protect
  • 2 Sentinels: Protect and Shell
  • Commandos: Damage Boost
  • Ravagers: Chain Boost
  • Medics: Heals Nabaat, Small Damage Boost
  • Saboteurs: Increased Wound Damage

Monster stats[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Level Type Infuse
Poison Initial Command Y
Curse II Initial Command N
Pain II Initial Command N
Fog II Initial Command N
Pressure II Initial Passive N
Improved Debilitation Initial Passive N
Imperil 3 Command Y
Wound 4 Command Y
Heavy Painga 5 Command N
Heavy Fogga 6 Command N
Endless Nightmare 7 Command N
Imperilga 8 Command Y
Heavy Cursega 9 Command N
Woundga 10 Command Y
Poisonga 11 Command Y
Improved Debuffing 12 Passive N
Improved Debilitation II 13 Passive N

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nabaat uses Sanctum's Antimatter Manipulation Principle technology to create artificial magic and call reinforcements.
  • Jihl Nabaat is the only deceased character from Final Fantasy XIII whom the player can recruit into their Paradigm Pack.
  • In the Extra Episode Snow's Story: Perpetual Battlefield, all participants of Coliseum appear to fight against Snow and Lightning, including Jihl Nabaat, along with PSICOM soldiers who praise her.
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