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Artwork for Seekers of Adoulin.

The Naakuals (ナークアル, Nākuaru?) are the seven most bloodthirsty hellions that reign over the Ulbuka wilds in Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin.

Fiercely territorial and short of temper, they have little compassion for pioneers who try to develop these primordial lands. As the Naakuals possess powers greater than many adventurers can even fathom, it stands to reason that the vast majority of layfolk dare not approach them. Even the most foolhardy or valiant of pioneers have yet to lay eyes on all seven.

Six of the seven Naakuals may be found protecting the wilds of East Ulbuka, with each Naakual specializing in an element and holding dominion over a specific type of monster. These Naakuals may be found in Wildskeeper Reives.

  • The Matriarch Naakual, Colkhab, holds dominion over the Vermin of Ulbuka and resides in the Ceizak Battlegrounds. The queen bee strikes with both strong wind-based attacks and poison.
  • The Firebrand Naakual, Achuka, rules over the Lizards of Ulbuka from the Morimar Basalt Fields. This saurian wields the power of fire.
  • The Riptide Naakual, Tchakka, leads Ulbuka's aquan populace and trawls the waters of Foret de Hennetiel. Naturally, the shark-like creature also commands the power of water.
  • The Ligneous Naakual, Yumcax, reigns over the plantoids of Ulbuka and takes root in Yorcia Weald. The giant treant draws it strength from the Earth.
  • The Booming Naakual, Hurkan, commands all the birds and roosts in Marjami Ravine. Hurkan strikes its enemies with lightning.
  • The Flashfrost Naakual, Kumhau, the lord of beasts watches over Ulbuka from Kamihr Drifts. The ferocious beast can call forth attacks of ice.
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During the time of the founder king, August Adoulin had fought with the Naakuals and subjugated them. He later tasked six of the Naakuals (the ones found in Wildskeeper Reives) to guard the entrances to Ra'Kaznar.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Most Naakuals appear in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. The only one not represented on a card is Kumhau.

Triple Triad (Portal App)[]

The Naakuals appear as Triple Triad cards.