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NORG is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII fought after the player returns to Balamb Garden as part of the story. He emerges after the battle against the NORG Pod. The player has the option to draw the Guardian Force Leviathan from him.



The battle against NORG begins with the player battling the NORG Pod.

At the start of the battle, NORG will say:


Hinting on a strategy regarding the Orbs on the NORG Pod.

Once the NORG Pod is destroyed, NORG will be exposed, and will say:


The Orbs won't attack if they are always kept blue. If the player allows them to turn red, they will cast status magic and powerful spells like Tornado. NORG will cast Shell and Protect on himself. NORG is weak against Wind.

NORG will frequently cast Water upon his reveal, which is a subtle hint that he has Leviathan available for drawing at this point. By doing so, he will lose access to this spell.

When NORG is defeated, he will mutter:

'Fushururu... I'M-DONE-FOR!'


The party can draw Dispel from the Right Orb to nullify the status enhancements NORG casts upon himself. The party can draw-cast the spells on themselves as well. To maximize the party's damage potential Aeros or Tornadoes can be junctioned to elemental attack. Since most of NORG's attacks are magical, one can also summon the GF Carbuncle or cast Shell.

Triple Triad[]


Shumi Tribe is a Triple Triad card used for playing the minigame and for turning into Gambler Spirit with Quezacotl's Card Mod. It is a rare outcome for successfully carding a T-Rexaur or a Grat. Though the card depicts NORG and is a Level 6 Boss Card, the card is called "Shumi Tribe".


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