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Armlet formerly worn by a ninja.


The N-Kai Armlet is a mid game arm guard in Final Fantasy IX that everyone besides Steiner and Freya can wear. It teaches Bandit, which improves Zidane's steal hit rate (but not his steal success rate); Undead Killer, which improves damage against undead; and Water, a Black Magic spell for Vivi. The armlet provides a bonus to the wearer's Spirit when they level up with it equipped. The armlet is used for synthesis.

The armlet in Final Fantasy IX is based on the "Nu Khai Armband" from Final Fantasy Tactics.


"Abandoned Lagoon" chocograph.

The N-Kai Armlet is found the earliest in Abandoned Lagoon chocograph treasure, reachable after the player has the Blue Narciss and they progress in the Chocobo Hot and Cold quest. The player should land their boat on the southern part of the Outer Continent past the Iifa Tree, summon Choco and head to the beach to the west to a tiny cove.

The armlet is also found in Desert Palace library FFIX Desert Palace Library by examining the bloodstone after opening the doorway by conjuring a staircase from the bottom floor candles and then lighting the candles upstairs.

The N-Kai Armlet is also bought for 3,000 gil in Esto Gaza (after Desert Palace), Daguerreo (before going through the Shimmering Island portal), and Ipsen's Castle Mogshop.


The N-Kai Armlet provides 27 physical Evasion and 2 Magic Evasion, mainly improving the wearer's chance to avoid physical damage. The armlet also gives some Defense and a +2 bonus to the wearer's Spirit when they level up with it equipped. When enough "bonuses" upon level up from gear have been accrued, the character gains a permanent stat increase. Spirit is a generally good stat to raise that determines the HP a character is revived at, the duration of expirable status effects, how often Regen and Poison tick, how frequently the character can enter Trance and how many turns they get while in Trance, among other things.


The N-Kai Armlet is a good arm guard for world map exploration on the Blue Narciss and the Hilda Garde III, though the party can also have other good options. The N-Kai Armlet's magic evasion counterpart is the Jade Armlet. The player can prioritize gear based on what abilities they need to master from them. The ability Bandit is good for Zidane to not miss with his Steal, but Undead Killer is not so useful as undead are best dealt with resurrection items and spells. Water is a good spell for Vivi to learn; though few enemies are weak to Water, the spell is Vivi's only Water-elemental spell and is stronger than second tier Black Magic spells.

The armlet's level up bonus is good if the player decides to level-grind, though level grinding and min-maxing are unnecessary in a normal playthrough even when preparing for superbosses. For pure stat-raising reasons, N-Kai Armlet and the Power Wrist (Strength +2) are the best options.

The N-Kai Armlet is used in synthesis in Daguerreo to make the excellent Black Robe for Vivi.

Though the guests from Tantalus can also equip the armlet, the player cannot see this in a normal playthrough.