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The Myths of the Realm is a series of 24-player Alliance Raid Alliance Raids in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. It sees the player venture into the phantom realm to uncover the true identities of the the Twelve.


Since time immemorial, a pantheon of gods known as the Twelve has presided over the land of Eorzea. Faith in these divine beings permeates all facets of life, and its influence is present in the practice of every craft, the heritage of each clan, and the customs of villages and nations across the realm. Now, the quest begins to discover how their tale began—and perhaps how it shall end.

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The Omphalos[]

A floating island only accessible via a secret portal in Mor Dhona. This is the central hub where the player can access the alliance raids and this is where the player is introduced to the Twelve.


The entrance to the world of the Twelve, comprising the Heaven of Lightning and Heaven of Fire. Here the party traverses this mysterious place and wage trial by combat against Byregot, Rhalgr, Azeyma, and Nald'thal.