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Goblin joins the party.

Mythril Mines is a location in Chocobo Racing, presumably inhabited by goblin bandits. It is where the Mythril Mines course takes place.

During Story Mode, Chocobo, Mog, and Golem wind up in the Mythril Mountains when they encounter a Goblin bandit who takes Mog hostage and demands for their money. When they notice that Goblin has a blue crystal on his right ear, he challenges them to a race, lest they forfeit their blue crystals over to him.


CR MMines Map.png
  • Course No: 4
  • Course Length: 1,658 meters
  • Difficulty: 2/5

Mythril Mines begins with the racers just outside of the actual mines, with spectators and houses in the background. The first turn brings the racers to a fork in the road, which is separated by a large wooden structure. The two roads meet after passing the large structure and come to a sign that says "Mythril Mines". From here on out the road becomes more narrow and the racers are taken underneath the first tunnel.

After passing through the first tunnel there is an inaccessible wooden road above the racers that they follow until coming to another tunnel. Upon entering the second tunnel there is a shortcut directly to the left. Taking this shortcut cuts off time, but the road is very narrow, allowing room for only one racer to fit through without hitting a wall.

Upon exiting the tunnel the racers come to a sign that says "Mine Town" and make a series of sharp turns before coming to the finish line. The music for this course is a remix of the theme of Mount Gulg.



Goblin possesses both high speed and control, better than Chocobo's Jet Blades, but his traction is below average. The best way to defeat Goblin is to take the shortcut near the final stretch of the track. Not allowing Goblin to steal the player's magic stones gives an edge, but he still gets a random stone if the player uses the stones up or no other racer has one. He immediately uses Haste stones, but holds on to the other two types during his story race and uses them when he has gathered 3 stones, just like Golem.

Ability: Mug - Allows Goblin to steal magic stones from the racer that is highest in rank and has a stone. A random stone is given if no one has a stone.