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The Mythril Blade is a weapon in Final Fantasy XII. It is Basch's initial weapon. In the Zodiac versions, it can also be obtained in the Cerobi Steppe and Nabreus Deadlands, as well as in Trial Mode. It also no longer requires a license, allowing any character to equip it regardless of job.

This weapon shouldn't be confused with the weaker Mythril Sword, initially equipped to Reks (and Vaan in the original version).

The game ignores Basch's weapon slot in story cutscenes where he wields a weapon, always wielding the Mythril Blade. Basch's Mythril Blade plays a small storyline role: Dalan gives the blade to Vaan as a quest item, then called "the Sword of the Order", signifying it the traditional weapon of the Knights of Dalmasca. Vaan delivers the blade to a man named "Azelas" in town, who turns out to be Vossler. Vossler passes the sword to Basch, who joins the main party with the blade equipped. Before this, he fought barehanded until picking up the Flimsy Blade from a deceased soldier.




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Mythril Blade is a weapon.


The word "mythril" or "mithril" is a metal found in many fantasy worlds. It was originally introduced by the fantasy writings of J. R. R. Tolkien, being present in his Middle-earth. It resembles silver but is stronger than steel, and much lighter in weight than either. The author first wrote of it in The Lord of the Rings, and it is retrospectively mentioned in the third, revised edition of The Hobbit in 1966. In the first 1937 edition, the mail shirt given to Bilbo is described as being made of "silvered steel". The name mithril comes from two words in Sindarin—mith, meaning "grey" or "mist", and ril meaning "glitter".