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Intimidates target.

Final Fantasy XI description

Mystify (まどわす, Madowasu?, lit. Deceive), also known as Bully, is a recurring ability in the series, associated to the Thief class.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Bully is a job ability for the Thief at level 93. It intimidates the target for 30 seconds. When in this state, Sneak Attack will succeed regardless of which direction the target is facing. It also grants the player and their party members a moderate killer effect against the enemy in question. It can be recast every 3 minutes.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Damage and paralyze one enemy


Mystify is a special, active ability learned exclusively by Locke (level 52, (4★)). It enables him to deal physical damage (1.3x) with 30% chance of inflicting paralyze to one enemy. It costs 6 MP to execute.


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