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Able to enchant swords, these magical warriors automatically cast Shell when HP is low.


The Mystic Knight, also known as Sorcerer, is a job in Final Fantasy V obtained after the Water Crystal shatters. Mystic Knights, using Spellblade, are capable of imbuing their weapons with offensive spells the party has learned (mostly in the Black Magic skillset). This allows them to use elemental or status properties to augment their physical abilities, and exploit weaknesses in opponents.

On their own, Mystic Knight is slightly weaker than other fighter jobs in terms of their stats and equipment access. However, their Spellblade abilities give them devastating damage potential and versatility, particularly when combined with abilities from other jobs. As such, it becomes an important job for fighters to master.

Mastering Mystic Knight for all four characters in the now defunct mobile and Steam versions earns the achievement "One Deadly Blow".


As a Mystic Knight, the character wears clothes similar to warriors from the Middle East, including turbans for the men and veils for the lower face for women. Lenna and Faris's costumes are more revealing, resembling a belly dancer's attire. Krile seems to have a Hindu bindi. The male costumes resemble Minwu from Final Fantasy II.



Stat Modifier
Strength +14
Agility +14
Stamina +14
Magic +1

The Mystic Knight is unique in having no stat penalties, and has broadly mixed stats across the board. Though their Strength and Stamina, determining their physical damage and HP respectively, are below jobs such as Knight and Dragoon, they are respectable stats that still grant them solid potential. Their greater benefit is in having the second-highest Agility, determining their turn rate, which is only below Thief. Their Magic stat boost is negligible, and Mystic Knights are rarely the ones to cast magic themselves.

Any job equipped with Spellblade Level 1 will gain their character's base Freelancer Strength +4 and Magic -9 if their default stats are lower. For each additional Spellblade level up to level 6, the Strength and Magic bonuses are increased by 2 per level, for a maximum of +14 Strength and +1 Magic at Spellblade Level 6.

Thus, the base Strength and Magic stats for a character with Spellblade equipped are as follows:

  • Spellblade Level 1 = Strength +4 and Magic -9
  • Spellblade Level 2 = Strength +6 and Magic -7
  • Spellblade Level 3 = Strength +8 and Magic -5
  • Spellblade Level 4 = Strength +10 and Magic -3
  • Spellblade Level 5 = Strength +12 and Magic -1
  • Spellblade Level 6 = Strength +14 and Magic +1

Upon mastery, Freelancers and Mimes gain the Mystic Knight's base stats unless they already have a higher base from another mastered job. They will also gain Magic Shell as an innate support ability.


Mystic Knights have access to heavy armor and basic fighter equipment. They can equip knives, swords, shields, helmets, light armor, heavy armor, and gauntlets. Spellblade only works on knives, swords, knight swords, and short swords, the latter of which can be equipped by other jobs.

Sword sprite.

The ultimate one-handed sword in most versions is Enhancer, found in Istory Falls. It is surpassed by the Ultima Weapon that drops from the new superboss Neo Shinryu in the Game Boy Advance version and the defunct iOS and Steam versions based on it. The Mystic Knight's best equipment in most versions is the Genji equipment (Genji Helm/Armor/Shield/Gloves) stolen from Gilgamesh. Some of this equipment is surpassed by equipment found in the post-game bonus dungeon in GBA and the defunct iOS and Steam versions.


Ability Job level AP required Type Innate Description Spells
Magic Shell 1 10 Command Yes Automatically cast Shell when near KO. N/A
Spellblade (1) 2 20 Command Yes Enchant weapons with different magics. Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder
Spellblade (2) 3 30 Command Yes Enchant weapons with different magics. Poison, Sleep, and Silence
Spellblade (3) 4 50 Command Yes Enchant weapons with different magics. Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara
Spellblade (4) 5 70 Command Yes Enchant weapons with different magics. Drain, Break, and Bio
Spellblade (5) 6 100 Command Yes Enchant weapons with different magics. Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga
Spellblade (6) 7 400 Command Yes Enchant weapons with different magics. Holy, Flare, and Osmose

Magic Shell activating on a weakened Faris (top) and Bartz using a Blizzara infused physical attack (bottom).

Mystic Knight learns the support ability Magic Shell, which provides Shell to oneself when on critical HP. This is a fairly minor ability, but can be useful in fights against magic attackers.

Mystic Knight's main ability is Spellblade, which allows the Mystic Knight to charge their weapon (a knife, sword, knight sword, or short sword) with a spell. Aside from Holy, all of these are from Black Magic spells, meaning the Black Magic spell must be acquired before a Mystic Knight can use it. Status effect-charged blades will incur that status 100% of the time as long as the attack connects and the enemy is not immune, and attack-charged blades will do powerful, defense-ignoring damage to enemies weak to that element (or in the case of the strongest abilities, even instantly kill any non-heavy enemy it hits), or just plain high non-elemental damage to everything in the case of Flare Spellblade. The effect lasts until the end of battle.

The Spellblade abilities themselves also increase damage as follows:

  • Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Poison: 2x damage when striking an elemental weakness
  • Fira/Blizzara/Thundara: 3x damage when striking an elemental weakness
  • Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga/Bio/Holy: Instant death when striking an elemental weakness unless the enemy is heavy-type. 4x damage when striking an elemental weakness on a heavy-type enemy.
  • Flare: Grants 100 bonus attack power against all enemies, and treats them as if their defense were 1/4 as high

When striking an enemy that resists, is immune to, or absorbs the element of the Spellblade, the damage will be reduced, nullified, or reversed, just like a magic spell.

Spellblade is part of the well-known combo, using it with Dual-Wield and Rapid Fire.

After leveling up the Mystic Knight job, a character can have the Spellblade ability equipped on any other job and use any Spellblade spell whose associated level they have attained as a Mystic Knight. Therefore, to be able to use all Spellblade spells as a non-Mystic Knight, a character must level their Mystic Knight job up to level 6. Spellblade is the primary ability for Mystic Knights, who can use all Spellblade spells without the need to attain a spell's associated level first.