FFCC wiki icon The Mystery Element is a white element in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles obtained by completing certain tasks within the Lynari Desert.

When a crystal caravanner's chalice receives this element, they are able to pass through any Miasma Stream without having the corresponding element. Players must perform the tasks as they appear in the poem to obtain the mystery element. The tasks relate to the tidbits of poems Gurdy recites as a thanks for saving him.

How to obtainEdit

Lightning brings the cactus pain.
Now it all begins again.

Cast Lightning on the largest cactus found at the northern most part of the desert.

Of crumbled inn few reminisce.
Its faulty beams will not be missed.

Cast Gravity on the tent to the northeast.

Lonely mushroom bursts to flame.
In the land that quicksands claim.

Cast Fire on the mushroom rock, sticking out of the cliff to the east, south of the tent.

Three rocks await the winter's kiss.
One by one they meet their bliss.

Cast Blizzard on each of the three rocks (smallest to largest) southwest of the cactus.

In the end shall bloom a flower.
Sacred light reveals its power.

Cast Holy on the flower to the southwest.

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