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Mysterious Siblings from a Mysterious World is a time-limited event where Lann & Reynn from World of Final Fantasy can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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A Curious Existence:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • ???: AHHHHHH!
  • Snow: Did you hear that?
  • Terra: Yes, but I don't recognize that voice.
  • Warrior of Light: It was a scream. We must hurry.

(Lann is attacked by a pack of Wolves)

  • Lann: Ouch! What the honk!? That hurts!
  • Lann: N-now hold on a second! I just need an empty prism, then we can be friends!
  • Lann: Here we go!
  • Lann: A persimmon! If only I had a way to slice this up!
  • Lann: ...Wait a second. Where's my prism!?
  • Lann: And who put a persimmon in my pocket!? Was it Tama? Serafie?

(The party watches Lann being attacked)

  • Squall: What's going on here...?
  • Terra: It doesn't matter. He's in trouble. We have to help him!

(The party helps Lann finish the battle)

  • Lann: Whew! You really rescued my rear back there. Thanks!
  • Lann: But I am glad to see you guys again! You've got great timing!
  • Snow: Do we...know you?
  • Squall: I don't remember him at all...
  • Lann: What!? It's me, Lann!
  • Lann: I used to be a Jiant! Dude... Was I really so forgettable?
  • Lann: Anyway...
  • Lann: Why are you all suddenly Jiants, too!?
  • Warrior of Light: Jiants...?
  • Lann: Yeah! Why didn't you tell me you could do that!?
  • Lann: Well, it's a bit awkward talking to you from down here, so...up I go! ...Huh?
  • Lann: What the what!? Why can't I turn into a Jiant!?
  • Lann: ...And where are we?
  • Snow: All right, little guy, calm down. We'll explain everything.

  • Lann: ......
  • Terra: And that's why we've got to solve this problem.
  • Warrior of Light: Indeed. In order to protect our own worlds, we must first protect this one.
  • Lann: I get it...
  • Lann: On second thought, I don't. Could you run that by me one more time?
  • Snow: I guess we went too fast. Where did you get lost?
  • Lann: Somewhere around the time you said..."We'll explain everything."
  • Snow: That was even before we started!
  • Squall: (Why even bother explaining? This kid's a lost cause...)
  • Terra: Why don't we explain it again later when we can take our time?
  • Warrior of Light: Agreed. We must get moving. Will you join us?
  • Lann: Do you even have to ask? It'll be just like old times!
  • Squall: ("Old times"? What a weird kid...)
Twin Mirage Keepers:

(Lann and Terra join the rest of the party which includes Reynn)

  • Edgar: Welcome back. And it looks like you brought a new friend!
  • Reynn: Lann, there you are! I knew you got lost somewhere!
  • Lann: Sis, did you see? Everyone's a Jiant now!
  • Reynn: Ugh... Of course I've seen!
  • Lann: Isn't it awesomely weird?
  • Reynn: ...I'm sorry if you wasted your breath explaining things to my brother. He was born a dummy.
  • Terra: Don't worry about it. There's always bound to be confusion in the beginning.
  • Reynn: If it were just the beginning, that'd be fine...
  • Tifa: You must be Reynn's brother. It's nice to meet you.
  • Lann: Oh, uh, nice to meet you too, I guess? Looks like you've also grown into a Jiant, Tifa.
  • Tifa: So we've also met before.
  • Tifa: Reynn also knew my name, though she did call me a ghost and try to run away at first...
  • Reynn: H-hey...!
  • Lann: Aww, you poor thing, Sis. Thankfully someone was around to save the day!
  • Reynn: And what happened to you, huh!?
  • Terra: He was being attacked by monsters.
  • Edgar: I'm glad you escaped unscathed.
  • Terra: He was saying something about a persimmon in his pocket when we found him...
  • Lann: Y-you saw that!?
  • Edgar: And just what did you intend to do with that persimmon?
  • Reynn: Don't tell me you were looking for a prism, but pulled out a persimmon instead...
  • Lann: How did you know that!?
  • Edgar: I'm happy to see you two having fun, but I must remind you that this is a different world than the one you're familiar with.
  • Tifa: He's right. And even though you may have met us before, it's still the first time for us.
  • Terra: I still have no idea what a "Jiant" is...
  • Edgar: And forgive me for asking, but is the form you take...normal in your world?
  • Reynn: Yes. This is what we call Lilikin size. It is normal, but Lann and I are different.
  • Reynn: We're usually the same size as the rest of you, but we had to change to this form to fit the world we traveled to.
  • Reynn: And for some reason, it seems like we just can't change back...
  • Edgar: It sounds complicated, and it seems like you're in a tight spot as well. Let us help.
  • Reynn: Thank you!
  • Lann: I see...
  • Reynn: Are you sure about that?
  • Lann: Aha ha ha! Of course I am! Someone, you know, needs our help!
  • Reynn: Yeah, and that person is YOU!
  • Bartz: Haha! You guys are funny!
  • Reynn: Me? Funny!?
  • Lann: It's so weird to see you without Boko, Bartz!
  • Bartz: You know Boko?
  • Lann: Of course! You two are always together!
  • Edgar: ...So versions of us really do exist in your world.
  • Edgar: And their similarities to us go far beyond our names and appearances.

(The party hears the sound of a monster)

  • Tifa: Did you hear that? It sounds like there are monsters nearby!
  • Edgar: You two had better hide.
  • Reynn: We may not have our Mirages or our Prisms, but we can still fight. Right, Lann?
  • Lann: You got that right! We're not about to let you guys have all the fun.
  • Lann: Let's do this, Sis.
  • Reynn: Do you think we can win?
  • Lann: No doubt about it! Remember, we're not alone.
  • Reynn: You're right. Let's go!
Another World Of...:
  • Tidus: Whew! That should calm things down around here for a bit.
  • Lann: Over already? Things really get done quick with you guys around!
  • Quistis: We're happy to be of service.
  • Lann: I guess we'll be seeing you guys around.
  • Lightning: You're leaving?
  • Lann: Yep! But we'll be back soon.
  • Quistis: Does that mean you've found a way to return to your world!?
  • Lann: Yeah. Usually we just pass through the gate and... What the!? Where's the gate!?
  • Reynn: I think I finally understand what they were saying. This really is a different world than Grymoire...
  • Lann: How weird... The gate should be right here!
  • Reynn: You really weren't listening, were you? There's something we have to do in this world first.
  • Lann: Seriously!? You mean no more shortcut? My legs are tired just thinking about it!
  • Faris: What shortcut is he talking about?
  • Reynn: Sorry about that. Just ignore him.
  • Lann: H-hey!
  • Faris: In any case, it looks like you two are also stuck here.
  • Reynn: Yeah, I guess so.
  • Tidus: That means you're staying with us, right?
  • Reynn: Yes! There's still so much I wanna know. It'll be nice traveling together again.
  • Lann: ......
  • Lightning: What's on your mind? Shocked you can't go home yet?
  • Lann: No, it's not that. I've just noticed something terrible...
  • Quistis: What's that?
  • Lann: This isn't Grymoire, so we can't use the gate!
  • Reynn: What do you mean you just noticed that? I said that a few minutes ago!
  • Lann: Wh-what!? You mean everyone else knew?
  • Reynn: ...You'll have to forgive my brother. He can be a bit...slow at times.
Spoilers end here.

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