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Mysterious Light (神秘の光, Shinpi no Hikari?) is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series, often appearing in the online installments. The ability is commonly used by the Magic Pot enemies.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Mysterious Light is a Blue Magic spell that can be learned by Blue Mages at level 40.

The spell can be learned from Magic Pots that use the ability, which can be easily found on all floors of Delkfutt's Tower.

Mysterious Light deals wind damage to enemies within range with an additional Weight effect. It costs 4 Blue Magic points to set. When set, it grants a AGI +3 stat bonus to the player. Mysterious Light can be combined with the Metallic Body, Hecatomb Wave, and Magic Barrier spells to create the Max MP Boost Job Trait. It takes 3.75 seconds to cast and can be recast every 24.5 seconds.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

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