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A mage from the Dragon's Village of Paladia. Mystea comes from a long line of barrier mages, a type of magic outside the realm of black and white magic that only a few people are able to wield. Currently she hides her identity under a visor, and rumor has it that only a handful of the villagers have ever seen her true identity.
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Mystea is a supporting character from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She comes from an ancient family of barrier mages from Dragon's Village, and supports her comrades Duke, Olif and Charie in keeping an evil dragon sealed, while also working for the Resistance against the Aldore empire.



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Playful in nature, Mystea enjoys poking fun at others blatantly, yet is actually a thoughtful person who worries about everyone's well being.

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Hailing from Dragon's Village in the Georl continent, Mystea comes from a long line of barrier mages, practitioners of a type of magic outside the realm of black and white magic that only a few people are able to wield. This clan of mages is part of an ancient tradition that has long kept watch over a sealed evil dragon. Like her ancestors, Mystea supports the current dragoon sealer, Duke, who has been a close friend of hers for quite a long time; she is almost like an older sister to him, and watches over him affectionately.

As a child Mystea befriended him and their other two peers, the priest Olif (who is a bit older than them) and the dancer Charie. When they were litte, Charie once showed the far-too-serious Duke a weird dance to make him loosen up, which Mystea found amusing.

Mystea, in "Fate of the Dragoon", is at the village when she and Olif see a large shadow flying in the sky, and recognize it as the dragon no longer being sealed. They go meet with Duke, who reassures the villagers that he will re-seal the dragon into mountain. When the villagers leave, Olif asks Duke about Charie's whereabouts, and the dragoon says they lost sight of each other during battle. Duke's preoccupation is evident to Mystea and Olif, and so they set out immediately to seal the dragon.

When Duke rushes ahead of Mystea and Olif, Mystea and Olif talk about how anxious he is and how he longs to be like his dragoon ancestor who sacrificed his life to seal the dragon. When they catch up with him, Mystea scolds Duke for getting worked up so easily and rushing to his death, and for thinking only of himself when they are there to watch his back for him. They finally meet with Charie. When a monster attacks her from behind and Duke intends to take the hit instead, in a bad mood Mystea purposely delays her barrier spell to make him think he had been hit. Duke apologizes for his impatience and asks the three to lend him their strength.

The first dragon sealer Ryunan appears before them in the form of a vision, and reveals he has been guiding Duke so that he doesn't make the mistake of fighting and dying alone as he had done long ago. Before departing, Ryunan asks them to retrieve his spear Northern Lights. At the marshlands, the quartet fights and re-seals the dragon, and manage to retrieve the spear.

Sometime later, the quartet undertakes a cleanup operation at the Vesta Ruins, where a den of monsters has gone berserk—likely due to the dragon's resurrection. As the dragon's influence should have waned due to the seal, they suspect that someone unknown is interfering with its power. They defeat the fairy responsible and return to the village.

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Mystea is available as 4-6★ summonable unit. Her job listed as Barrier Mage, and she is noted for the being the first Magic Tank in the game. In such a role, she is able to cover the party from magical attacks reliably and providing Green Magic protection, although she is outclassed by later 5-7★ tanks such as Awakened Rain and Chow. This is partly due to her comparatively-limited equipment selection (daggers, staves, rods, maces, along with hats, clothes, robes and accessories) and her lower stats.



  • Mystea has a cameo in the story event "Where Destinies Intersect", watching Charie dance for the townspeople, alongside Olif and Duke.
  • Both Mystea and Shylt belong to the same clan of barrier mages, but what kind of relationship connects them is currently unknown.
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