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The Mysidian Legend.

The Mysidian Legend (ミシディアの伝承, Mishidia no Denshou?) is a legend passed down in the town of Mysidia in Final Fantasy IV. It foretells of a Chosen One who is destined to end all evil in the world.



One to be born
From a dragon
Hoisting the light
And the dark
Arises high up
In the sky to
The still land.
Veiling the moon with
The Light of Eternity,
It brings
Another promise
To Mother Earth with
A bounty and mercy.


One born
from the mouth
of a dragon,
rising towards
the heavens
with Light
and Darkness,
a sleeping promise
shall awaken.

Veiled in the light
of eternity,
Mother Earth
shall be blessed
with mercy
and salvation.

The moon
has begun to seek
its own light.

One man,
separated from his world
by the stream of time,

Project II fan translation:

One born from a
dragon's mouth,
hoisting both
light and dark,
rises high up
in the sky over
the still land.
Veiling the moon in
the light of Eternity
He brings a promise
to Mother Earth
With bounty and mercy

and thus
the Moon shall begin
its quest to seek
a light of it's own...

PlayStation, Advance, and Complete Collection:

In the Advance port.

One born of a dragon
Bearing darkness and light,
Shall rise to the heavens
Over the still land.
The moon's light eternal
Brings a promise to Earth
With bounty and grace.

3D remake:

Birthed from womb of Dragon's maw
And borne unto the stars
By light and darkness cast aloft
Are dreamtide oaths resworn
Moon is swathed in ever-light
Ne'er again to know eclipse
Earth, with hallow'd bounty reconciled

Yet fleeting is the reverie
When moon from shadow has egressed
Guided forth anew by light made manifest

Two bound by ties of blood
By Time and Fate when wrest apart
Unto lunar light and Gaian breast


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The words of the Mysidian Legend.

The Elder of Mysidia interprets this legend, and he believes that Cecil Harvey is the one "birthed". He justifies this because Cecil wields the Mythgraven Blade after becoming a Paladin, and it was also passed down that only the Chosen One would wield this sword.

King Giott interprets this legend to justify the existence of the Lunar Whale, an airship which can take passengers to and from the Red Moon.

In the 3D version, Rydia notices that the land of Mysidia itself resembles the head of a dragon, with the Lunar Whale rising up out of the sea, which forms the dragon's "mouth". Thus, the Lunar Whale could be considered to have been "birthed from womb of dragon's maw".

In actual fact, Cecil is the son of the previous Paladin, and to say that he bears darkness and light is to say that he ascended from Dark Knight to Paladin. The prophecy also refers to accessing and using the Lunar Whale in order to reach the moon and awaken Fusoya in order to restore Golbez to his former self and defeat Zemus. Essentially, the legend is the basis for the entire game.

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Other appearances[]

World of Final Fantasy[]

The text of the Mysidian Legend is found on a poster inside Sherlotta's Solace.