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Mysidia Cavern

Mysidia Cavern (ミシディア 大空洞, Mishidia Daikūdō?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located under Mysidia and can be access from a house here. Mysidia Cavern and Massive Cavern are originally one area.


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The Warriors of Light come to this area under Sophia's guide to unlock the Ultimate White Magic. Sarah can sense the divine aura growing stronger as they move forward. Sophia explains that there is a crystal deep inside the cavern. Finally, they reach the crystal. As Sophia performs the ritual to break the binding seal, the Protector attacks them. After defeating it, the team gain the Holy spell and Mysidia falls back to the surface.
Going deeper into the cavern, the warriors discover Castle of the Protector, where Alexander appears and challenges them. Upon its defeat, the warriors acquire Alexander Summon.

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Item Place
Golden Needle Chest
Flame Whip Chest
Sacred Candle Chest
Muse's Harp Chest
Coronet Chest
Defender Chest
Valkyrie Coat Chest
Sledgehammer Chest