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Magi Nation Mysidia, also simply called Mysidia, is a nation and continent in the world of Lapis, featured in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is home to many mages who wish to study and research the arts of magic, in particular the three main branches: White, Black and Green. The continent houses the Light Crystal in the Nameless Ruins, and the esper Titan.


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Mysidia was founded long ago, and boasts the longest history of all the nations of Lapis. Its founding figure was Sakura, a girl of Paladian origin who had received body modifications to achieve functional immortality in her homeworld alongside her comrades. For this reason, she has remained an important figure in Mysidian history until the present time.

Before its foundation, Mysidia was a barren place as the land was too hostile for human occupation, which was the reason why Sakura had chosen the place to conceal herself. However, she wished to spread the research of magic. As the people would need food and water to live there, she sought Titan's power for the sake of the people.

Before it became a nation proper, a community of white mages settled in the land. Among them Roselia was born and raised. Also a researcher and Sakura's friend, her time was cut short when a plague ravaged her homeland; however, before passing away, she perfected a spell meant to protect others.

Despite its focus on research, Mysidia was involved in war. At such time the nation's war strategy was to produce mages for the sole purpose of aiding others in battle. To do so, the state sought orphans and trained them to become a Green Mage, resorting to their indoctrination from an early age, like Mizell. Another example was Cerius; unlike her fellow green mages who had become desensitized, Cerius retained her empathy and eventually grew suspicious of her environment. She fled her homeland, but when they caught word of her whereabouts, they had her assassinated.

When nations battled each other for the power of the crystals, the white mage Leah used her abilities to heal the wounded regardless of status or country of origin. Those she had treated were heartbroken when she was later felled by a stray arrow while tending to one of her patients.

More recently, Heltich was a black mage apprentice who wants to find ways grant power to the weak and experimented how to transfer magical power into organic bodies. However, his experimental spells resulted in the birth of beasts. These creatures were deemed dangerous by Sakura and her cohorts, and Heltich was subsequently expulsed from Mysidia. He left in exile and is now currently hoping to help the berserker Ulrica in her condition.

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Magi Nation Mysidia[]

The continent itself is comprised of two main landmasses and a small island between them. While the eastern region is perpetually coverned in snow and ice, the westermost point has lush forests and mountains, as result of Titan's powers. The capital is also called Magi Nation Mysidia and is located in a valley between the snowy mountains of the eastern region, near Mountaintop Village. The optional town Sorcerer's Hideaway is located on the more favorable side, close to Titan's cave. A point of interest is the Magic Library, said to contain untold amount of books and knowledge.

All locations are:

  • Snow Plains
  • Snowy Woods
  • Mountaintop Village
  • Magi Nation Mysidia (town)
  • Downtown Mysidia
  • Mysidia Underground
  • Nameless Ruins
  • Magic Library
  • Magi Training Grounds
  • Mysidia Tower
  • Mysidia Tower Top
  • Sorcerer's Hideaway (town)
  • Cave of the Titan

Fina's Psyche[]

It is a subcontinent for story purposes, as it is simply a representation of a memory world that the party visits to save Fina, and depicts part of the Paladian civil war that happened 700 years ago. It comprises the following dungeons:

  • Fina's Psyche Battlefield
  • Fina's Psyche Badlands
  • Fina's Psyche Frontlines
  • Fina's Psyche Riverside
  • Fina's Psyche Battleground
  • Fina's Psyche Canyon