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Myrrh is a powerful dew coming from a healthy Myrrh Tree in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It is largely sought after by many caravans to empower the crystals that protect towns and cities from the Miasma that plagues the land. Its main use is for the Crystal Caravans to collect it for their town. At the point in which it fills the Crystal Chalice (three drops of myrrh required), the year ends and the diary entries of that year are read to the player.


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When the great meteor came down from the sky, and miasma covered the planet, the survivors of the terrible destruction found shelter under the shadow of the shards of the once great Crystal. But soon they realized that the light that protected them faded, in a year, and the power of the Myrrh Tree rejuvenated the power of the crystal.

Thus came the journey of the crystal caravans: every year one caravan from each town searched for Myrrh from the Myrrh Trees. Although the trees had a tendency for growing in areas that were infested with dangerous and vile monsters, like the River Belle Path or Conall Curach, caravanners searched for these precious drops of life. Each tree gave off different amounts, but usually it took three drops of Myrrh to fill the Crystal Chalice. The Caravan would then return to their town and place the chalice next to their Crystal, in a flash of light the crystal would absorb the Myrrh and the town would be safe for another year.

Myrrh TreeEdit

Myrrh Trees are trees that give off the Miasma-repelling Myrrh in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. They are found scattered throughout the world. In the game, they can only be found after defeating a boss, at which point they will give off a drop of Myrrh to be collected in the Crystal Chalice.

They are said to collect memories, when collected enough, they drop a little droplet of Myrrh.


"Myrrh" is the physical embodiment of memories that people have forgotten. Myrrh is created from Lady Mio, a metaphysical being, who is responsible for forgetfulness. She "nibbles on (memories) from time to time" and from that she creates the dew that is Myrrh.

Across the planet there are plants known only as Myrrh Trees that Lady Mio expels Myrrh, from her pocket universe: the Nest of Memories.

When Lady Mio nibbles on painful memories, it also becomes Myrrh. When the Tree overflows, the tainted and sad memory Myrrh takes another form: Monsters. This makes the journey to the trees painful and dangerous, causing sad memories, which becomes tainted Myrrh when Mio nibbles on them, and in turn the tainted overflow of Myrrh turns into monsters. This vicious cycle is fed on by the unnatural, twisted and sadistic Raem, a monster that was created in the distortion of the meteor landing.

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Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal BearersEdit

In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, the player needs to collect solidified fragments of Myrrh to increase Layle's HP. The player can find Myrrh fragments when closing miasma streams on time and in hidden treasure chests all over the world.


Myrrh refers to the resin produced by the Myrrh tree, traditionally used in incense, perfumes, and creams. It was highly valued in ancient times, and has links to various myths and legends, best known as one of the three gifts given by the Magi to the infant Christ.

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