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Myrlwood is a forest dungeon in Final Fantasy XV in north of the Cleigne region, northwest of the Vesperpool. The way there opens in Chapter 7. Completing the dungeon yields 3,000 EXP. There is a haven inside and a spot for fishing.

The About the Kings of Yore document in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades posits that royal tombs were erected as a memorial to the king or queen who claimed that land in the name of Lucis, suggesting Myrlwood was joined in Lucis during the rule of Crepera Lucis Caelum whose tomb now lies in the forest.


Megaphone location.

The player can also catch various fish at the falls (see below).



Completing the dungeon[]

Noctis obtains the Star of the Rogue.

Myrlwood is a short dungeon that doesn't have many enemies. The first area is bigger, but there is a path in the southwest corner. The path will split off to a campsite and a fishing spot. The other path leads to the end of the dungeon that has the boss Treant. It is weak to fire, greatswords, and machinery. There is a royal tomb at the end where Noctis can acquire the Star of the Rogue royal arm and 3,000 EXP.

The player can complete this quest while Aranea is in the party during Chapter 7, though there is no unique dialogue for doing so.

No Pain, No Gem[]


The quest becomes available after the player completes "Reliable Royalty" for Dino Ghiranze at Galdin Quay. Dino asks Noctis for a Ruby Stone, which can be found inside the Myrlwood. After entering the forest, the player should stay near the stone wall to the left to soon spot red ore, which the player can take back to Dino. Completing the quest yields 2,000 EXP and a Ruby Bracelet.

Collecting fireflies[]


As part of the Professor's Protege quests, Sania Yeagre asks Noctis to collect fireflies from Myrlwood. They glow blue in the final area when it is nighttime, making them easy to find by simply approaching them.


Igis's glasses have been stolen by a chocobo.

Camping in the haven with a full party triggers a tour with Ignis who has his glasses taken by a wild black chocobo. Noctis and Ignis track the chocobo down at the dungeon's end where Ignis distracts the bird with greens while Noctis inches toward the glasses lying on the ground. It is a "red light green light" minigame where the player can only approach when the chocobo is not looking. If the player fails they must start over. Catching the glasses has the chocobo attack and Noctis and Ignis flee back to the camp.


Fishing at Myrlwood.

There is a fishing spot near the haven called Myrlwood Falls. It is a place to catch various trout.


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Cascade Dace
(Cataracta Dace)
Cascade Dace.jpg
250001.28101Dace ScalesHot Breather: Blue DragonMyrlwood Falls
Maiden Brook Trout
(Meda Brook Trout)
Maiden Brook Trout.jpg
400001.320151Trout FilletDeadly Waters: Seadevil, Hot Breather: Green DragonThe Maidenwater, Myrlwood Falls
Callatein Brook Trout
Callatein Brook Trout.jpg
700001.625803Trout FilletBurrower: Green Sandworm, Whiskers: ChocolateRiver Wennath (evening), Myrlwood Falls
Chrome Rainbow Trout
Chrome Rainbow Trout.jpg
800001.8301002Trout FilletHot Breather: Blue DragonRiver Wennath (night), Myrlwood Falls


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Cleigne Brown Trout (small)
Cleigne Brown Trout.jpg
300001.214351Trout FilletBurrower: Mad Pink Sandworm, Burrower: Abyss WormMyrlwood Falls (morning/day), The Maidenwater (evening)
Cleigne Brown Trout (big)
Cleigne Brown Trout.jpg
800001.924352Trout FilletBurrower: Mad Pink Sandworm, Burrower: Abyss WormMyrlwood Falls (morning/day)
Platinum Myrltrout
(Merlot Platinum Trout)
Platinum Myrltrout.jpg
1000003.3322004Platinum Myrltrout FilletGemlight: Caster CarbuncleMyrlwood Falls (morning/day), Cygillan Sea (royal vessel)


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Lambent Trout
(Lamina Trout)
Lambent Trout.jpg
500002.220151Trout ScalesWhiskers: Pearly Moogle, Gemlight: Caster CarbuncleForgotten Pool (evening), Myrlwood Falls (evening)


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Morion Trout
(Cairngorm Trout)
Morion Trout.jpg
900002.626753Morion Trout ScalesHot Breather: Green DragonMyrlwood Falls (night)

New recipes[]

Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout.

Catching the Platinum Myrltrout teaches Ignis Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout.



Myrl is an old fashioned female name. It is a form of the Dutch, English, and German Merle. Merle is French for blackbird, from the Latin merula. Perhaps coincidental, but the party meets a black chocobo at the forest during a tour. Myrl is also a form (English) of the English and Welsh Meryl.