Mycotoxin is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Thorn's model from Final Fantasy X.

Stats[edit | edit source]



Battle[edit | edit source]

Mycotoxin is a slightly difficult enemy. It is best to hit it with high-powered Fire-elemental attacks, such as Flametongue, Fire Breath, or Fira. In Oversoul, having Reflect or Shell helps.

Creature Creator[edit | edit source]

Fiend Arena[edit | edit source]

To enter the Aeon Cup in the Fiend Arena, the player must capture and raise the story levels of eight special creatures. These creatures will immediately be available to be released upon capture, but what the player must instead raise their story levels by three and then release them. This will change that particular creature into an aeon. The Mycotoxin is one of these eight creatures; capable of being changed into Valefor.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Mycotoxins are toxins created by organisms of the fungus kingdom.

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Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission[edit | edit source]

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