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Jill Warrick and Shiva

"My Star" is an ending theme in Final Fantasy XVI. It was composed by Masayoshi Soken and arranged by Keiko. The lyrics were written by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox and the vocals were performed by Amanda Achen.

"My Star" is the theme of Jill Warrick.[1] It is Soken's favorite of the various theme songs if he had to choose just one.[2]


The official lyrics were released on the Final Fantasy XVI Original Soundtrack. The Japanese translation was translated by Kazutoyo Maehiro and was released on the official video of the song.[3]

Star light (say goodnight)
Star bright, where have you fallen?
Star light (say goodnight)
Star bright, I hear you calling
Fire, a fire that filled the night
Fire that warmed and brightened my life
My guiding light
On high
My hearth, my beacon, and my hope
A sky of scattered tears
A thousand years apart
Should they fade, I will not be afraid of the dark
For your flame still burns inside me, deep within my heart
Showing me a new tomorrow
Never too far
And when I cannot bear the pain
I'll look up to the sky and pray
That though our night is over, you shall always remain
Forever my treasure, my star
Japanese translation
輝きで あなたを照らすように
輝きで あなたの声を逃さぬように
その炎は私を満たし 私を導いてくれた
遠い遠い 空の向こうから
私が私を 見失わないように
星々が 涙の中に消えていく
その光が消えたとしても 私はもう怖くない
あなたの炎は 私の心の奥深くに灯っているから
きっと 新たな明日を見せてくれるから
もしも 私が耐えられなくなった時は
あなたは私の星 ずっと私の宝物

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy XVI[]

FINAL FANTASY XVI “My Star” 【ネタバレ注意】

"My Star" plays during the ending scene of the game before the end credits. In the Japanese version, it plays during the end credits instead and "Tsuki Wo Miteita - Moongazing" plays during the ending scene. "My Star" is track 18 of disc 7 on the Final Fantasy XVI Original Soundtrack.

"My Lady" is an arrangement by Takafumi Imamura that plays during the cutscene with a young Jill and a young Clive Rosfield under the moon and the red star Metia. It is track 7 of disc 1 on the original soundtrack.

"Winter's Bound" is an arrangement by TomoLow that plays during the battle with the Shiva's Dominant. It is track 20 of disc 1 on the original soundtrack.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line[]

"My Star" appears as a Field Music Stage in the Final Fantasy XVI DLC pack, released on November 1st, 2023.[4] It features a difficulty level of 2, 4, and 8 for its Basic, Expert, and Ultimate Scores, respectively.