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I made a friend! I think I'll have my friends write stuff directly in here. I thought I'd have our leader, Squall go first, but then I realized he'd never do that... So here's the order...

Intro to the page

My Friends is a page on the Balamb Garden Study Panel maintained by Selphie Tilmitt in Final Fantasy VIII where she gets the main characters (except for Squall) to each write a message, featuring her own comments at the end of each.


No friends yet[]

This is the message on "My Friends" before the player leaves for Timber.

I've come up with a new bulletin board! But I don't know what it'll be about. I was thinkin' something along the lines of friends, but I don't really have any friends at this Garden yet. This is a great chance for me to make friends! And then we'll work together to make the Garden Festival a reality!


Added after the battle against BGH251F2 in FH.

How you all doin'?
This is Irvine Kinneas.
Selphie asked if I would write something. How could I refuse?
Well, I'm here from Galbadia Garden due to personal reasons. I think I fit in quite well. What do you all think? With so many cuties here, I look forward to gettin' up in the mornings.
(You seem like a good guy but... I don't know...)


Added after the concert at FH.

Yo, s'up? It's Zell Dincht.
...The hell do I write?
Yeah, I know. I said I'd write somethin' but I have nothin' to write.
Oh wait...I-love-hot dogs. You know, the ones that're always sold out?
Anyway, that's it for me!


Added after liberating Balamb Town from Galbadia.

Hello, this is Quistis Trepe.
I've been quite busy with my SeeD duties. How's everyone doing with their studies and training? For all those working towards becoming a SeeD and everyone else, just remember, have fun.
Why do I always end up sounding like an instructor?
...Perhaps I am a little too...serious?
(Not at all, Quistis. We really look up to you!)


Added after the Battle of the Gardens.

Hi, my name is Rinoa. I'm not a student at Garden, but I'll be staying here for a while. I really like it here.
Um...there's something I wanted to say. When you make friends, it'd be nice to be able to finish growing up together, without having to think we'll be separated. Even if we do grow up apart, I want to be able to meet up and talk with a smile.
Hmm? What am I trying to say?
Anyway, I don't think I've ever been in a setting with so many people about my age. It's kinda like camp. It's fun! I'm really glad I'm here.
(Camp? Heeey, maybe it is kinda like camp!)