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Selphie's Garden Festival Committee page.

My Diary is a summary of the story of Final Fantasy VIII as told by Selphie Tilmitt on the Balamb Garden Study Panel. The player is never prompted to check it, but after Selphie rejoins the party at Fishermans Horizon, Headmaster Cid tells Squall that her diary is publicly available and tells how her team survived the Missile Base mission.

Selphie writes about the game's story and events as it progresses from her perspective, sharing her outlook, opinions, worries, concerns, thoughts and feelings.


My First Day[]

After returning from the Fire Cavern.

(It's lingo I wanna spread.)
Anyway, I've started my own diary! I can't believe I'm doing this! Selphie's Public Diary. That's a good title, right? But I've never kept a diary before... I wonder how long it'll last? Well, I hope you find it interesting. Enjoy.
I'm from Trabia.
It's a really nice place.
If you ever get the chance, you should visit it someday.
I'm here because I want to be a SeeD!
You can take the written test in Trabia, but the field exam is here, and plus, once you become a SeeD, you'll be stationed here in Balamb. That's why I decided to transfer here. I do have a strong attachment for Trabia, but before I knew it, I was writing my application for a transfer.
And what do you know!
My field exam is today!
But I'm gonna go out and do my best!
Wish me luck!

Passing the SeeD Exam[]

After the SeeD exam.

I passed the SeeD exam!
I just wanted to let you know!
The field exam took place in Dollet. I was a member of Squad A, the intelligence team. I thought to myself, this will be easy, but then, I was asked to deliver a message. Now that was a nightmare!
(Oh well, it's part of my duties.)
Squad B, which was supposed to secure the Central Square, was nowhere to be found!
So I ran and ran!
I had to deliver this message 'cause I didn't want points deducted. Well I ended up finding squad[sic] B but somewhere completely different. And the squad leader was going berserk! What was going on through his head!?
But anyway, I remained calm and delivered the message.
I think this is what got me the points...
Anyway, I'm really excited to be a SeeD.
Oh yeah...
That squad leader actually congratulated us. Seems like a nice guy. He's famous at this academy, right? Maybe if he joins the Garden Festival Committee, he could do the recruiting?
Well, good luck with the next field exam, Seifer!

My First Mission[]

On the day the party is given the mission to Timber.

(No one's using it!)
I've been assigned my first mission. I'm not sure where we're to be sent. Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you. But once the mission's done, we're free to talk all we want, so just wait, ok?
(I hope someone's reading this...)
Wish me luck!
I'll be back soon!
  • Worry #1
Side effects of GF
I've been studying up on the GF 'cause I know I'll be using more of it now that I'm a SeeD.
Am I going to lose my memories?
  • Worry #2
My other party members.
I hope they're nice people.
  • Worry #3
The Garden Festival will be on hold.
C'mon, we're still looking for members!

Back at Garden I[]

After defeating the BGH251F2 in Fishermans Horizon.

Well, I come back from my shaky first mission, and what do I find?
Garden in chaos!
First of all, let me tell you about my first mission(among other events.)
Oh yeah! Booyaka!
I'm doing fine!
Our first mission was in Timber. I can't tell you details about it, but in one word, it was a failure. I keep telling myself the enemy was stronger than us... Grrr... We should've won...!
Well, an accident happened during our mission. The sorceress appeared! Yes, THE sorceress. Her name's Edea. Anyway, Seifer appeared outta nowhere. Then Edea took him off to who knows where. We tried to make it back to Garden, but the trains were down so we ended up going to Galbadia Garden. That Garden is quite different from ours. It kinda reminded me of the army or something...

Back at Garden II[]

After defeating the BGH251F2 in Fishermans Horizon.

Well, we received a new order at Galbadia Garden, but I don't think I can write that here. Based on the outcome, well... we failed again.
The enemy's way too strong!
Our target was Sorceress Edea.
(Oops, I wrote it...)
Hmmm... The most recent and infamous sorceress is Adel, right? The sorceress behind the Sorceress War, way back when we were kids...? We learned in history class that Sorceress Adel disappeared and the war just kinda ended, right? A sorceress inherits the power from another sorceress, so I think Edea's the one that received Adel's powers.
Just when Sorceress Edea and the president of Galbadia joined forces, she wiped out the president. Which means, Sorceress Edea is now controlling Galbadia.
This is exactly like the Sorceress War with Esthar. Time to bring out the SeeDs!

Back at Garden III[]

After defeating the BGH251F2 in Fishermans Horizon.

Well, we failed our mission and we even failed to retreat. As a result, we ended up in a prison in the desert of Galbadia.
Our leader was tortured and we were locked up, but we managed to escape! When you're locked up, the only thing you think about is escaping, right? I hope we did the right thing.
Or was that against orders?
Oh well...
After we escaped, I heard some terrible news. Edea was going to get rid of all SeeDs by launching missiles at Garden! It's quite obvious that Edea despises SeeD and wants to get rid of the Garden, which trains the SeeDs.
Anyway, after I heard about the missiles I just couldn't stand still. So I asked our leader, Squall (who did a great job, by the way), to divide up the party so that one team could infiltrate the missile base.

Back at Garden IV[]

After defeating the BGH251F2 in Fishermans Horizon.

The 2 teams were the messenger team and the missile base team. I was on the missile team and was messing around with the computers to save Garden. ...I heard it was a close call? But as long as we're all safe, right?
Anyway, after messing up the computer, we tried to escape, but uh-oh...! We couldn't get out of the base!
Never in my whole life did I ever think so seriously that I was going to die...
But we were very lucky.
We were able to get inside the robot we were fighting. Its armor was what actually saved us from the explosion in the end.
That's the only time I was thankful for Galbadia's weaponry.

Back at Garden V[]

After defeating the BGH251F2 in Fishermans Horizon.

So anyway, we were inside that robot and made our way over here.
...Well, not exactly.
We were inside but we had no idea how to control it. To make matters worse, we were picked up by the Galbadian army and brought over to FH. We were pressing all the buttons trying to get out, when we realized we were fighting Squall and the others. I'm sorry. We weren't attacking you.
Just trying to get out!
It's true! Really!
In any case, Balamb Garden is safe. (It is, right?)
And so are we. (I guarantee it!)
...I'm just worried about Trabia Garden. I hope everyone's all right...

Garden Festival...Not to be?[]

After the concert at Fishermans Horizon.

The Garden Festival stage...
Have to start all over...

The Day Squall Was Appointed Leader[]

After the concert at Fishermans Horizon.

Squall was appointed the leader of Garden!!! Heeey, I didn't know he was already famous within this Garden. Oh... I get it... That's why...
Yeah, Squall can do it.
So we should all support him!
People think Squall seems a bit stoic, a bit scary at times, but I don't think that's true at all. He's always thinking to himself, but just doesn't like to say it. From what I can see, I think he hates explaining stuff. I guess he's just not used to it. Plus, I don't think he likes to meddle in other people's business...
Heeey, this isn't a corner dedicated to analyzing Squall!
We all have to back him up!

Preparing for the Concert[]

After the concert at Fishermans Horizon.

The Garden Festival seems to be out, but the chances of a concert are pretty high. All thanks to everyone at FH! I'm really looking forward to it.
Well... Actually, I'm head over heels about it!

The Concert Was Fun![]

After the concert at Fishermans Horizon.

We held a concert!
Actually, we were the ones performing so we were really into it, but I wonder how it sounded?
What did everyone think I wonder...?
Ahh, forget it.
Everyone else should start playing, too! It's a lot more fun performing. I haven't given up on the Garden Festival, though!

Feeling Blue...[]

After the concert at Fishermans Horizon.

I've been feeling blue lately. Whenever I think of Trabia.
I wanna go.
I don't wanna go.

Good-bye Raijin, Fujin[]

After liberating Balamb Town from Galbadia.

Good-bye disciplinary committee. I hope we can meet again on better terms. I think... I wish I could've said bye...

The Day I Visited Trabia[]

After visiting Trabia Garden.

I went to visit Trabia.
It was in a complete shambles.
Everyone who survived seems well.
Yeah, they were in high-spirits.
Even if you are pretending to be cheerful, it eventually rubs off on you.
And also...
The side effects of the GF
The stuff about losing memory...
Well, sure enough, it happened to me.
I just wasn't aware of it.
When all of us were talking, we started to remember a lot of stuff. Even stuff we didn't want to remember. It made me really think that day.
Sorceress Edea was someone very special to me. But still, I'll fight. Because I'm a SeeD.
If I write anymore, I think a weak side of me will begin to show. So I'm going to stop here. There won't be any more entries in this diary. Thanks so much to all those who took the time to read this!

We Did It, Everyone![]

After the Battle of the Gardens.

I know I said there'd be no more entries, but I just had to write one more thing.
Excellent job everyone!
I love you all!!! WHOO-HOO!

A Day of Pondering[]

After the Vienne Mountains Laguna dream.

I thought the battles were over. But it seems like they'll continue. I wrote before how Sorceress Edea, or Matron, was very special to me. She was a good sorceress after all. She was possessed by a different sorceress, but she's still in danger. Even if she is being used, it'll be tough fighting with Matron...
It was the future sorceress, Ultimecia who was controlling Matron. Her objective is 'time compression'. I wonder what that is? What happens when time is compressed? I'm more afraid of having to fight the Matron than worrying about this time compression thing.
...Also, what happened to Rinoa? I know Squall is suffering. Isn't there anything we can do?

Supporting Squall[]

After getting the Ragnarok.

Squall disappeared with Rinoa. Don't be angry at Squall. Squall's done so much already. Just forgive him this one time? I'm supporting Squall all the way! Go Squall go! Go Squall go! Get better, Rinoa! Get better, Rinoa!

Our Big Adventure[]

After getting the Ragnarok.

Here's our report!
  • Something Amazing...!
We went to Esthar!
We went into space!
And...And...I was the first one to fly the ship Ragnarok!
  • Something Strange...
Monsters fell from the moon... The big, huge,Lunatic Pandora.[sic] I was like, what on earth is that!?

Welcome Back, Rinoa[]

After rescuing Rinoa from the Sorceress Memorial.

We all went to welcome Rinoa back. Squall, Rinoa, me, and everyone were so happy! I think Rinoa and I are a lot alike. We just march to a different beat. What do you think? Sorceress or not, it all comes down to what a person does. There's lots of good sorceresses, right?
I personally know of 1.
I'll soon know 2.
I'm sure of it.

A Day of Anticipation[]

After visiting Edea's Orphanage after saving Rinoa.

I may actually meet Sir Laguna!!! I'm so nervous...! Whoo-hoo!!!


After meeting Laguna.

Love and friendship, a plan of courage. A plan Sir Laguna came up with.
A marvelous plan.
That's what I believe.
I believe in it.
Here we GOOOOO!!!