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Mute Mask FF7

Uses "Silence" on all opponents

Final Fantasy VII description

Mute Mask (沈黙の鐘, Chinmoku no Kane?), also called Bell of Silence is a recurring item in the series. It usually attempts to inflict Silence on a target or all enemies.

The MuteCharm and Silent Bell act similarly to the Mute Mask.


Final Fantasy II

A bell with the same effect as Silence.

Bell of Silence
Effect Casts Silence XVI on all enemies.
Find Cave of Mysidia (4th floor)

Final Fantasy III

The MuteCharm only appears in the NES version, and attempts to cast Silence. It can be dropped from various enemies.

Final Fantasy IV

Bell with the same effect as Silence


The Silent Bell (also called SilenceBell, Mute Bell, and Bell of Silence) inflicts the Silence status. It can be dropped from Gremlin (2D and 3D) and Imp (2D only), or stolen from Gremlin (3D only) and Imp (2D only).

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Silent Bell casts Silence and can be dropped from Gremlins.

Final Fantasy VII

The Mute Mask inflicts Silence on all on all enemies with 80% precision, and can be dropped from Bahba Velamyu or Garuda, stolen from Crazy Saw, or morphed from Bahba Velamyu, Eligor, or Dorky Face.

Final Fantasy VIII

Although it has no effect on its own, the Silence Powder is used to refine 20 Silence spells or three Echo Screens.

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