Music from FFV and FFVI Video Games was included as a bonus CD with the PlayStation compilation, Final Fantasy Anthology. The Greatest Hits version doesn't have the CD. It contains a selection of tracks which can also be found on the original soundtracks, the only difference being title names. The first nine tracks are from Final Fantasy V and the rest are from Final Fantasy VI.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "FFV Opening Theme"
  2. "The Dungeon"
  3. "We're Pirates"
  4. "City Theme"
  5. "Parting Sorrow"
  6. "Mambo de Chocobo"
  7. "Distant Homeland"
  8. "Music Box Memories"
  9. "To My Beloved Friend"
  10. "The Phantom Forest"
  11. "Phantom Train"
  12. "Wild West"
  13. "Kids Run Through the City"
  14. "Terra"
  15. "Slam Shuffle"
  16. "Spinach Rag"
  17. "Johnny C Bad"
  18. "Mog"
  19. "Dark World"
  20. "Epitaph"
  21. "The Magic House"
  22. "Prelude"

Music samples[edit | edit source]

"Mambo de Chocobo"
"Music Box Memories"
"The Phantom Forest"

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