The Music Box is accessed by speaking to the Fat Chocobo.

The music box in the iOS version.

This song captures the essence of all that is Final Fantasy.

Edward, on the Prologue

The Music Box is a new feature in the 3D remake versions of Final Fantasy IV. The player will obtain it after completing the Cheatingway sidequest in Troia. The Music Box can then be accessed by speaking to the Fat Chocobo in Chocobo forests or other areas, like the Lunar Whale.

The Music Box allows the player to listen to selected tracks or songs they have previously heard in the game. If the player is playing through the game in the New Game Plus mode, even the end music will be available. Edward is seen when the player selects a song, offering his comment on it, breaking the fourth wall, but in the iOS/Android versions, Edward's commentary has been omitted.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of the tracks available to play in-game, as well as Edward's commentary on each:

  • The Prelude - The series staple - an incredibly difficult piece.
  • Red Wings - The theme of Cecil's fleet. It carries a note of weighty destiny.
  • The Kingdom of Baron - Baron's theme, blending austerity with a hint of valence.
  • Theme of Love - The melody of Cecil and Rosa's love. Oh, Anna...
  • Prologue - This song captures the essence of all that is Final Fantasy.
  • Welcome to Our Town! - The melody of the towns. It calls to mind my time in Kaipo.
  • FFIV Main Theme - A song we heard many times on our long journey.
  • Battle Theme A - A song I dreaded to hear. At times I even lost my wits and hid.
  • Fanfare A - Am I the only one who feels relieved to hear this tune?
  • Hello, Fat Chocobo! - The theme of the oversized bird who served many roles this time.
  • Chocobo, Chocobo - They're probably all off playing in some mysterious dungeon now.
  • Into the Darkness - The mysterious and disquieting melody of the dungeons.
  • Battle Theme B - The theme of intense battles. It reminds me of that fight in Fabul.
  • The Ring - Boding of spreading conflict, this also played when Leviathan arose.
  • Rydia - Rydia's theme, capturing her kind and gentle nature.
  • Damcyan Castle - A song of Damcyan's tragedy, and that of losing Anna.
  • Tears of Sorrow - A sorrowful arrangement of the main theme. Such pity it evokes!
  • Harp Melody - This is my best piece, and was a particular favorite of Anna's.
  • Mount Ordeals - This one played as we scaled the rugged steps of Mt. Hobs.
  • Fabul - Fabul's theme. It exudes the rich, stoic history of the kingdom.
  • Run! - The song of despair heard when our defense of Fabul had failed.
  • Disbelief - Often called Kain's Betrayal, this is in truth a song of disbelief.
  • Golbez - Pipe Organ - the hallmark of Golbez's theme.
  • Hey Cid! - A song that speaks of Cid's insurmountable spirit.
  • Mystic, Mysidia - Charming and unique, this is the theme of Mysidia.
  • Long way to Go - A solemn and powerful melody that speaks of terrible purpose.
  • Palom and Porom - This is Palom and Porom's theme.
  • The Dreadful Fight - Golbez and his archfiends! A fearsome tune.
  • The Airship - The song of the airship, and the freedom which it imparts.
  • Troian Beauty - The beautiful, soothing song of the Troians to whom I owe my life.
  • Samba de Chocobo - The black chocobo's theme, heard when in flight.
  • The Tower of Babil - The song of the Tower of Babil, the enemy's base of operations.
  • Meanwhile - Meanwhile, elsewhere...
  • Land of Dwarves - The underworld arrangement of the main theme.
  • The Great King Giott - The dwarven theme - bravery and comedy rolled into one.
  • Dancing Calcabrina - A particular and somewhat disturbing song, but charming nonetheless.
  • The Tower of Zot - An arranged version of Golbez's theme used within his domain.
  • The Feymarch - The gentle melody of the Feymarch, where Rydia once dwelt.
  • The Lunar Whale - A song to inspire courage, played upon the legendary ship.
  • Another Moon - The Moon's strangely quiet theme.
  • The Lunarians - The theme of the Lunarians. It hints at arcane secrets untold.
  • Within the Giant - This song of determination rang out within the Giant of Babil.
  • The Final Battle - The Final Battle against Zeromus. All of us prayed for your victory.
  • Epilogue - Part One - After a long a difficult struggle, at last there was peace again.
  • Epilogue - Part Two - The other moon was guided forth anew, and so began a new era.
  • Epilogue Part Three - You watched until the end, right? This is not some mere movie.
  • Red Wings - Short Version - A short version of the theme heard even in the final dungeon.
  • More Tears - A sad Melody used for farewells.
  • Inn - Sweet dreams!
  • Fanfare B - This is the fanfare that plays when someone joins the party.
  • The Paladin - An emotionally charged fanfare. Cecil became a Paladin!
  • Chocobo Forest - The song is pleasant enough but the odor there offends my senses.
  • The Dancer - A song for some reason favored by dancers all across the world.
  • Surprise - What did you say!?
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