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Mushroom Cloud is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2 found in Cloisters 81 to 99 of the Via Infinito and the Fiend Arena. It uses Exoray's model from Final Fantasy X.





Mushroom Cloud is the most dangerous of the Fungus group, as it has permanent Spellspring and Regen and can inflict multiple status ailments with its Pernicious Powder, which it has a 75% chance of using. Pernicious Powder has a 100/254 chance of causing Petrification, Silence, Darkness, Poison, Confusion, and Berserk, but it always causes Itchy and a 10-level penalty for Strength and Magic.

Mushroom Cloud is one of the few enemies to use Ultima, and it has a damage constant of 70, making it able to deal up to 9,999 damage to one or all members of an unprepared party. The Mushroom Cloud has a 25% chance of using Ultima on its turn.

In Oversoul, the Mushroom Cloud uses Waterga, Firaga, and Berserk, the latter only on itself. On its turn, it has a 50% chance of using Waterga, and 25% chance of using Pernicious Cloud or Firaga. With less than 5,499 HP remaining, it will use Berserk on itself and start casting Ultima again.

AI script[]


Basic Pattern:
3/4 chance - Pernicious Powder
1/4 chance - Ultima


Basic Pattern:
1/2 chance - Waterga on all characters
1/4 chance - Firaga on all characters
1/4 chance - Pernicious Powder

Remaining HP Pattern:
if it has less than 1/2 of max HP remaining, Berserk on self


Without Ribbon-granting accessories, captured fiends with Ailment Def., or an offensive initiative, engaging this fiend is dangerous. Fire-elemental attacks and a Dark Knight's Darkness or a Samurai's Fireworks attack are effective.

In Oversoul, the Mushroom Cloud does not use Pernicious Powder as often, and having water/fire-absorbing equipment is useful. They will enter Berserk status and start casting Ultima once they have lost at least 50% of their max HP.

Fiend Arena[]

The Mushroom Cloud is encountered with the Black Elemental via the Shady Duo team, which appears in Grand Cup: Hard (also alongside another enemy team, Tonberry the Ripper, which has a Mega Tonberry) and the Farplane Cup. As the Shady Duo team is extremely dangerous at the point in which they are unlocked, the player must to have mid-high-level creatures (Level 50+) with high overall stats (especially Magic Defense), including a Tonberry, as well as keeping the Cheer Meter to one or two stars for increased defense. The creatures must have learned either Darkness, Sparkler, or Fireworks, along with Vigor and either Life or Full-Life to be able to deal enough damage to the Mushroom Cloud and Black Elemental before they get a chance to finish off the party. Equipping the Abominable Garment Grid blocks the Mushroom Cloud's status-inducing attacks, although Strength and Magic will always get reduced by 10 levels.

The Shady Duo team is a powerful team, sometimes even beating Trema, although they often lose to Paragon, Auron, Concherer, and God Wife (Lacerta and Great Malboro).

Creature Creator[]

In the International and HD Remaster versions, Mushroom Cloud can be caught with a Trap Pod S set up at Bevelle after discovering Via Infinito. It comes equipped with its Pernicious Powder and Cure (granted from the First Steps Garment Grid that is equipped by default to a creature when it is first recruited). Unlike an enemy Mushroom Cloud, this one is weak to status ailments, requiring use of the Mascot dressphere as it cannot learn Ailment Def.

Its strongest area is within Magic, also having moderate Accuracy, Magic Defense, and Strength, but its Defense, Luck, and Agility are lackluster, with its Evasion being nearly nonexistent. It can learn Ultima by surviving a powerful magic-based attack, Silencetouch and Darktouch by surviving or evading a status-inducing attack (e.g. a Dolmen's physical attack), and One MP Cost by using a boosting ability like Magic Up (granted by the Songstress dressphere). Pernicious Powder is highly useful against most enemies as it can lower their Strength and Magic. This works on even Major Numerus.

Fiend Tale[]

A notable Mushroom Cloud was created from a mushroom who grew tired of being rejected by children, asking Yuna's help to make eating fungus acceptable. When Yuna turns him down, Mushroom Cloud considers killing the Gullwings before finding closure when Brother eats him.


A mushroom cloud is a distinctive pyrocumulus mushroom-shaped cloud of condensed water vapor or debris resulting from a massive explosion.

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