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Mushmahhu is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Hunter HQ Line of Defense hunt.

The hunt takes place on a clearing amid trees with some rocks available for point-warping. Mushmahhu is weak to polearms, shields and ice. It crawls around the ground and whips with its long tail and lunges at its targets. Gladiolus's Impulse, if available, makes quick work of the swarm.


A reddish subspecies of mushussu in Risorath that congregates in packs alongside its progenitors. Though native to the Myrlwood and surrounding mountains, a recent spike in population has caused the reptiles to spill over into the basin.
Size: 21.35 ft. Weight: 2,065.2 lb.


Hunter HQ Line of DefenseMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon
Mushmahhu x3, Mushussu x3Risorath Basin (All Times)428,660 gil, Ice Crest★★★



Mušmaḫḫū was an ancient Mesopotamian mythological hybrid of serpent, lion and bird, sometimes identified with the seven-headed serpent slain by Ninurta in the mythology of the Sumerian period.

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