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The Museum is a special feature in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy that showcases elements of the game.

Featured in the museum are the player's gameplay records, CollectaCards (which feature character, summon and monster biographies), and a theater and music player for the movies and songs in the game.



  • Total play time
  • Total cleared songs
  • Total no. of Perfect Chains
  • Total no. of chains
  • Total no. of Critical hits
  • Total no. of Touches
  • Total no. of Slides
  • Total no. of Holds


Series, Challenge and Chaos Shrine[]

  • Cleared (courses/songs/Dark Notes)
  • Perfect Chained (courses/songs/Dark Notes)
  • Total no. of Critical hits
  • Total no. of Great hits
  • Total no. of Good hits
  • Total no. of Bad hits
  • Total no. of Misses

Song Play[]

Top eight tracks ranked by number of times played.

Character Usage[]

Top eight characters by number of times used, for Series, Challenge, Chaos Shrine, and total.


downloadable content tracks do not count towards certain trophies; for example, the player only has to achieve S rank on the Ultimate Scores that are built into the game in order to earn the "Got S on all Ultimate Scores!" trophy.

Page 1[]

  • Cleared all Final Fantasy titles!
  • Summoned all five summons!
  • Rode all varieties of chocobo!
  • Watched all extended versions!
  • Completed your first crystal!
  • Successfully shared ProfiCards!
  • Achieved first Perfect Chain!
  • Achieved first All Critical!

Page 2[]

  • Used Challenge Mode 100 times!
  • Used Challenge Mode 300 times!
  • Used Challenge Mode 500 times!
  • Cleared 15 different Dark Notes!
  • Cleared 50 different Dark Notes!
  • Cleared 99 different Dark Notes!
  • Played practice mode 50 times!
  • Watched Play Demo 50 times!

Page 3[]

  • First character reached Lv99!
  • Four characters reached Lv99!
  • Ten characters reached Lv99!
  • Obtained 15 different ProfiCards!
  • Obtained 50 different ProfiCards!
  • Obtained 99 different ProfiCards!
  • (If you share a lot of bylines...)
  • (If you beat every last enemy...)

Page 4[]

  • Faced 100 enemies in battle!
  • Faced 500 enemies in battle!
  • Faced 1000 enemies in battle!
  • Completed 100 summonings!
  • Rode chocobos 100 times!
  • Encountered 100 moogles!
  • Watched 100 extended versions!
  • Received one billion points!

Page 5[]

  • Received three billion points!
  • Received five billion points!
  • Filled 10 whole Critical Charts!
  • Filled 30 whole Critical Charts!
  • Activated abilities 500 times!
  • Activated abilities 1000 times!
  • Used 50 items in Music Stages!
  • Used 100 items in Music Stages!

Page 6[]

  • Beat 7+ enemies in one BMS!
  • Activated 10+ abilities in 1 song!
  • Cosmos joined your party!
  • Defeated Chaos in a Dark Note!
  • Beat Ultimate Score as a Stoic!
  • Perfect Chained a Dark Note!
  • (Try a Dark Note on Multi Play...)
  • Total playing time of 100 hours!

Page 7[]

  • Cleared every Ultimate Score!
  • Got S on all Basic Scores!
  • Got S on all Expert Scores!
  • Got S on all Ultimate Scores!
  • Perfect Chained all Basic Scores!
  • Perfect Chained all Expert Scores!
  • (Perfect Chain all Ultimate Scores?)
  • Got S on all Basic Courses!

Page 8[]

  • Got S on all Expert Courses!
  • Got S on all Ultimate Courses!
  • Collected all possible movies!
  • Collected all possible music!
  • Collected all CollectaCards!
  • Obtained all playable characters!
  • (If you fill all Critical Charts...)
  • All characters reached Lv99!


This section contains the CollectaCards the player has collected.


The theater contains the thirteen movies that play in the background on EMS scores. More movies are unlocked by accumulating Rhythmia. These can be watched at ones leisure.

Music Player[]

The Music Player contains the 77 music tracks built into the game. More tracks are unlocked by accumulating Rhythmia. Downloadable content tracks do not appear in the Music Player. These can be listened to at ones leisure.