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The Museum is a feature in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy that showcases elements of the game. Many of these elements are unlocked during the course of the game or can be bought via the PP catalog. The museum is unlocked by completing Treachery of the Gods in story mode.

Featured in the museum are character and summons biographies, a theater containing cutscenes, a jukebox containing music and voice clips, a gallery of unlocked player icons, and records of various achievements (battles fought, wins, losses, etc).

Character Files[]

On each character description, Square can be pressed to view the character's in-game models. The PSP's shoulder buttons (Right shoulder button and Left shoulder button) switch between the different models and their costumes, in the order of "Default", "Default (EX Mode)", "Alternate 1", "Alternate 1 (EX Mode)", "Alternate 2", "Alternate 2 (EX Mode)", "Manikin", "DLC", "DLC (EX Mode)".

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The former soldier does have a gentle heart, though her harsh mannerisms may leave a cool impression.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Irritated at the coercion imposed on her to battle, Lightning maintains distrust even towards the goddess of harmony, Cosmos. Her distrust led to many conflicts with her allies shortly after her arrival.

Through her travels with the others and acknowledging their strength, she slowly opens up to them. Not capable of believing in a god, her allies became her emotional support.

To her, Kain's actions of harming their comrades must have been shocking to no end. But her will to reject the next cycle of battle after having learned the truth was only brought about because of the presence of her allies.

Revolting against Cosmos for causing her comrades to select a path of defeat, and disgusted at the thought of allowing her friends to shoulder the burden of sin while she proceeds, Lightning chooses to battle the hordes of manikins.

Final Fantasy XIII
A woman in the Guardian Corps of the paradise realm of Cocoon.

An incident causes her to receive the curse of the gods from the savage world of Pulse. She becomes a convict on the run from her former employer, the Sanctum.

She learns the truths surrounding Cocoon while on the run, and begins to harbor doubts of the world she had once believed in through the curse and her Focus. Lightning eventually decides to face the sacred entities revered as gods.


A cheerful youth who uses a variety of weapons. Confident in his skills, he fearlessly enters any battle.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Having difficulty understanding the battle of the gods, Vaan holds no interests in the battle. He sets his sights on finding a way to get himself and his comrades home and enters battle against the forces of Chaos seeking that goal.

He rescues Terra from the clutches of Kefka and tells her to become a warrior of Cosmos. Even Terra is taken aback by the sudden proposal, and if another warrior were present, would have surely denied his proposal.

However, his words struck a chord with Terra, leading to her altering her purpose. Terra is eventually revived as a true warrior of Cosmos. Vaan's open mind must have spurred this miracle.

At times his carefree spirit surprises even his comrades, leaving them utterly speechless.

Final Fantasy XII
An orphan living in the former Kingdom of Dalmasca, now the destroyed territory under imperial control. He makes a living by stealing from Archadian soldiers, while dreaming of a life flying an airship as a sky pirate.

He meets the princess of Dalmasca, who had been presumed deceased after the war, while sneaking around looking for treasure in the palace. Traveling alongside the princess in her attempts to liberate their homeland, he becomes entangled in a struggle for the nethicite and the untold powers it holds.

Laguna Loire[]

A lively man who uses various guns and weapons in battle. He's quietly become the mediator with his happy-go-lucky attitude.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Laguna is known to joke around as if a child, yet is very understanding. Before they know it, everyone around Laguna is following his lead.

That charm even rubbed off on an enemy, the Cloud of Darkness, and caused her to take a vested interest in the warriors of Cosmos. Through his charm, Laguna is able to obtain vital information from her regarding the manikins.

It seems he loses his touch when Vaan is around, causing him to sigh often, though Laguna seems to have fun just the same when he's around Vaan.

Although an inhabitant of different time periods in the same world as Squall, neither of them are aware of this fact.

Laguna has a horrible sense of direction, to the point where the other warriors poke fun at him, but Lightning and Vaan are especially appalled by how bad Laguna's sense of direction truly is.

Final Fantasy VIII
A soldier of the republic of Galbadia, he retired from active duty after being seriously injured. He later meets a woman named Raine while recuperating in a small village.

He remains in the village with Raine and the orphaned Ellone even after his wounds have healed, living as a happy family. When Ellone is kidnapped, Laguna departs the village in search of her. Traveling the world, Laguna is finally successful in his rescue of Ellone. But his travels later lead to the misunderstandings and hardships faced by himself, Raine, Ellone and Squall.


A young summoner whose prayers call forth Aeons and who is tasked with battling alongside them. Accepting her fate with youthful optimism, she admirably continues her fight.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
As with Jecht and Kain, a long time has passed since Yuna has been summoned to this world.

The Emperor scoffs at Yuna about being a "seasoned one" because he is aware that she has been involved in the battles prior to the twelfth cycle.

Jecht has been summoned from her world as well, and also has regained much of his memories. Jecht's presence is a source of comfort for Yuna.

She vows to continue fighting in hopes of altering fate itself despite having become depressed with the disappearance of Jecht and seeing Tidus severely injured.

Yuna whistles in hopes of possibly reuniting with Tidus—this was a sign to search for each other in the past. It is this whistle that brings about their incidental reunion. However, having been recently summoned, Tidus possesses no prior memories, preventing him from remembering Yuna.

Final Fantasy X
Sin is an entity terrorizing the populace and seeking to destroy the world. Shouldering the hopes of those around her, Yuna becomes a summoner to defeat Sin.

She meets Tidus shortly after becoming a summoner and with Tidus as one of her guardians, travels the world with him.

Slowly relating with Tidus through their journey, Yuna is unable to tell Tidus the truth behind a summoner's pilgrimage and what that involves as the showdown with Sin looms.

Kain Highwind[]

A knight cloaked in dragon-like armor, with spear in hand. Though not one to display emotion, he is compassionate and possesses a strong sense of justice.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Some time has passed since his summoning to this world. This time has aided him in regaining most of his memories, including those of both Cecil and Golbez, other inhabitants of his realm.

Feeling a sense of urgency with the appearance of the manikins, Golbez informs him of the truth of the cycle, causing him to further debate the action he should take. Meeting with the Warrior of Light, however, who has also resigned himself to their destiny to lose, gives him the resolve to confess the truth of the cycle. They then make a pact to effect a "false" defeat in the twelfth cycle.

He planned to cut his ties with his allies by declaring himself a traitor, but through his travels with his allies, he comes to an understand their goals and ultimately changes his ways.

Lightning was the only target he could not capture. It seems that the others convinced him to apologize to Lightning again upon rejoining the party.

Final Fantasy IV
A dragoon serving the strong military state of Baron. He decides to leave Baron alongside Cecil after having received outrageous orders from the king.

He views his close childhood friend Cecil as his rival and is proud of his dragoon heritage. But he also possessed dark thoughts. These feelings were used, causing Kain to stray from his chosen path.

Tifa Lockhart[]

An optimistic woman proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Contrary to her rough-and-tumble appearance, she often encourages her friends.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Holding them dear as though they were family, she worries about her friends while continuing her fight.

First summoned in the twelfth cycle, she remembers little of her past and is unaware of others from her world who were summoned as champions of Chaos. But her rescue at the hands of an enemy ignites an emotion of nostalgia, reviving her once-forgotten emotions of trusting her friends.

Using those emotions to compensate for her lost memories, she continues onwards. Disbelieving Kain's cryptic actions and words to push her away, she uses her last potion on him, proving that her feelings to trust in her allies cannot be easily swayed.

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud's childhood friend who is a member of the anti-Shinra organization AVALANCHE, which opposes the conglomerate's exploitation of the planet's energy.

Her hometown destroyed by Shinra, she joins AVALANCHE while living in Midgar. There she reunites with Cloud, who had gone missing after leaving their hometown several years prior. At first delighted at the reunion, Tifa grows weary of the conflicts between her memories and Cloud's.

She is also a great chef and bartender as she managed the bar "7th Heaven," which was also AVALANCHE headquarters.

Warrior of Light[]

A warrior of light clad in armor, wielding sword and shield. A noble warrior that fears no one and faces any foe gallantly. He has taken on the role of a leader among the warriors.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Holding no memories of his past, the Warrior of Light behaves as other warriors summoned by Cosmos, but he himself was not summoned by the goddess. In truth, he is the only warrior created in this realm by the Great Will.

Summoned at a time when the war of the gods had just begun, he was affiliated with neither the forces of harmony or discord. Prishe, a former warrior of Cosmos, brought him to Cosmos, and from that point forth he was reborn as a warrior of harmony.

At first, his will was faint, but interactions with Cosmos and his comrades shaped the familiar, strong, and righteous attitude he has today. If Garland, who had discovered the Warrior as Prishe did, were successful in taking him back to Chaos, he would have become a warrior of discord, fighting against his current allies.

The name given to him by Prishe has long been sealed away through the many purifications he has endured, but Cosmos called out to him with his name when he faced certain doom during the twelfth cycle.

Shouldering the hopes and dreams of his fallen comrades and Cosmos, the Warrior succeeds in bringing about a true end to the cycle of conflict in the thirteenth cycle.

After the final cycle concludes, he arises in a foreign land—a pristine lake with a large crystal looming in the distance. The Warrior of Light sets out towards the castle with a darkened crystal in hand.


A stalwart consigned to the endless cycle of battle, he enjoys dueling with stronger foes.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Garland was summoned to this world long before the battle of the gods had begun. He was commanded by the Great Will to persuade Chaos to fight, as Chaos had refused to battle Cosmos. Through his persuasion of Chaos to walk the path of a destroyer, the endless battle of the gods came to pass.

Despite understanding the hopeless truth that the endless conflict of the two gods is a means to groom Chaos, Garland continues to aid Chaos as ordered by the Great Will.

Garland's actions are not an act of loyalty to the Great Will, but rather out of sympathy towards Chaos. Having given up hope of escaping the cycle, and feeling compassion towards Chaos, who faces similar circumstances to his, he aids Chaos faithfully.

Perhaps he truly enjoys the conflict for the first time now that Cosmos and her warriors have broken the chains of the cycle.

Final Fantasy I
A world where the wind has died, the seas rage, and even the earth rots away. The knight Garland kidnaps the princess of Cornelia and hides in an ancient shrine where he is easily defeated by the four warriors of light.

But after a long journey to return the glow of the crystals, the heroes of light hear rumors of the once-defeated Garland again.


A virtuous youth who seeks to end conflict. He uses the nostalgic phrase "Wild Rose" as a source of motivation.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Firion fights as a warrior of Cosmos seriously, having taken to heart the message that he fights for the sake of this world.

The "wild rose" which he carries with him was left by his side when he awoke at the start of the thirteenth cycle. Golbez had left this bloom by his side, and had begun to conspire with Cosmos, hoping it would revive Firion's memories.

The attachment he shows toward the flower is not because he has a fondness of flowers, but rather out of the feeling that its name is strongly connected to his past. Though he has yet to remember, the name of this bloom holds a strong meaning in his past.

In fact, "wild rose" is not the name of the flower Firion possesses, but rather the name that someone had casually suggested. Despite this fact, it is commonly called the "wild rose" by most, including Firion, after its name had been mistaken by all those who wield it.

Final Fantasy II
A member of the resistance who fights against the world-dominating Palamecian Empire.

Injured during the empire's attack on his homeland, the Kingdom of Fynn, he was rescued by members of the resistance and brought back to health, subsequently vowing to aid in the resistance himself.

Seeing many lives lost during the brutal struggle, and having to experience difficult partings, he continues on his quest, believing that peace awaited the people at the end of the war. He continues on his quest along with his friends, seeking Palamecia Castle, where the ruthless Emperor waits.

The Emperor[]

An arrogant and proud despot who plans to rule over all.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Abandoning his mission as a warrior, he plots to rule the world.

Realizing that he is powerless against a god through his observations of many battles, he places his machinations on hold.

Conditions turn to his favor during the twelfth cycle when he is successful in having Chaos's powers endowed on the former warrior of Cosmos, Jecht. After the ritual purification, the Emperor guides the amnesic Jecht to form a crystal possessing the god of discord's power and steal it for his use.

After Cosmos's defeat, he confronts the warriors of harmony in the hopes of becoming the ruler of the world.

Everything was to go according to his plan, if not for his underestimating the unity of the warriors of harmony who had obtained their crystals.

Final Fantasy II
Lord of the Palamecian Empire, he lead his army in invasions across the globe, drastically increasing his domain.

The Emperor exhibits his ruthlessness in his thorough elimination of any obstacles that would prevent him from expanding his domain, yet is progressive in his appointment of capable individuals to important posts regardless of their heritage.

Onion Knight[]

A youth boastful of his vast knowledge, he wields strength befitting a knight, yet relies heavily on logic.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
The youngest combatant summoned, the Onion Knight wields impressive skills as a warrior despite his age.

Thinking more like an adult, he dislikes those who simply treat him as a child.

His youth shines through on occasion, especially when he becomes arrogant of his intelligence or skills. When he is able to mature and transform his pride into strong motivation, he will become a knight like no other, one fit for his title.

He does not mention his name simply because he has yet to remember it, but when another warrior pitied him for this, he no longer even attempts to divulge it, claiming it an exercise in caution.

Many have thought of nicknames based on his title as "Onion Knight," but all such efforts have been dismissed.

Final Fantasy III
Four orphaned youths raised by the village elder of Ur become lost in a cave while exploring. There, they are informed of pending doom by the Wind Crystal.

The world sinks into despair as an earthquake buries the crystal far below and monsters run rampant. the four warriors of light travel across the world, with hop in their hearts, intent on saving their home.

Cloud of Darkness[]

An apparition foretold to appear and send the world back to nothing when the balance between light and darkness is severed. Although appearing as a woman, the true nature of this being remains unknown.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Summoned to this world as a warrior of Chaos, it inherently loathes the conflict between the two gods.

The Cloud of Darkness reveals the location of the gate to the Rift to Laguna, a warrior of Cosmos, as it found the manikins to be abominations that disrupted a fragile balance; but the true reason for revealing the gate's location was out of interest in Laguna, who holds an utter lack of concern towards the gods.

It is later ambushed by Kefka who deems it a traitor upon learning that it leaked information to Cosmos's chosen and receives purification at the hands of Shinryu, but memories are trivial to one who controls the powers of nothingness.

Thus, its aims to restore balance remain in the final cycle, and while leading it to believe that a young warrior can potentially bring about this change, the apparition chooses a path of its own annihilation.

Final Fantasy III
Appearing when the darkness overflows, the Cloud of Darkness controls tremendous powers in its quest to return the world to a state of nothingness. The four warriors are helpless against it and slain.

It is a being so powerful that the strength of the four warriors alone are powerless before it.

Cecil Harvey[]

A kind-hearted knight wielding both the powers of light and darkness, he prizes the bonds with his allies that at times are the cause of his doubts.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Although his memories, even of his dear friend, remain faint during the twelfth cycle, Cecil does not object to opposing the forces of Chaos.

After purification, the only remaining memories in his possession are those of his kin, causing him to depend heavily on his would-be foe Golbez, and lose sight of the path he is to travel.

Originally a young man possessing a strong will, he once made both the powers of darkness and those of light his own by confronting the dark and noble sides of his personality.

He gradually regains his lost powers while being guided by his brother, eventually encouraging his troubled companions and becoming a guide for them once the world sinks into utter chaos.

Final Fantasy IV
Once bestowed a key position within the Baron army, he turned his back on his home after having reservation concerned with the outrageous plundering and aggressions his king ordered. He departs his home on a journey seeking out the truth.

He becomes the King of Baron after many battles and concluding his long journey, but he is unaware that the period of peace will be brief.

Possibly owing to a mild-mannered and gentle demeanor attracting others, the cast of companions who would travel alongside him are varied, ranging from young children to a wise sage.


Once a kind and gentle man, this mage's weakness in his soul lead him to being controlled by an evil being.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Repenting his past sins, he felt that his summoning to a world of never-ending conflict was his punishment.

When he learns that his brother Cecil has also been summoned, but without any prior memories, he begins to question the conditions surrounding a warrior's summoning.

Impressed at the sight of six warriors jeopardizing their lives to seal the gate to the manikins' lair, Golbez decides to continue their fight in the hopes of ending the conflict.

While branded as a traitor in the thirteenth cycle, he aids Cosmos in her plans from the shadows and assists the warriors of Cosmos in their efforts to obtain their crystals.

Final Fantasy IV
Golbez seizes control of Cecil's homeland, Baron, leading a large force including the four Archfiends, committing atrocity after atrocity.

When Cecil is finally able to catch him, it is revealed that Golbez is in fact Cecil's older brother, who has been controlled by an evil being.

Golbez chooses to part ways with his brother after returning to his senses and vows to atone for his past sins.

Bartz Klauser[]

A traveler wandering the world freely like the wind. An expert in multiple jobs, he can also mimic the traits of his allies.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Accepting of any hardship with optimism, and resilient in his ability to find a solution.

While others are anxious that they possess no prior memories, Bartz is able to create a cheerful mood with his bright spirits because the experience of his travels are deeply engrained within him.

Although he does not have vivid memories of his past, he trusts himself and enjoys his travels in this world.

But because he does not have his memories back, it seems that the memories of his fate as Exdeath's rival, and those of a certain "swordsman," are completely missing.

Final Fantasy V
Traveling the world with his father from a young age, he continues on his travels with his partner, Boko, his pet chocobo, in accordance with his father's final request.

Along the way, Bartz gets dragged into a battle for the crystals of the world after saving a princess from monsters. During his adventures, he learns of the dark mage who plots to return the world to nothing, Exdeath, and the surprising truth surrounding his late father.

Bartz vows to carry on his father's will and faces Exdeath in a battle to protect the world.


A mage of the dark arts who seeks the powers of the Void, but in reality is a tree embodied by the evil wills of man.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Exdeath continues his quest for the Void, while fighting as one of Chaos's warriors.

Possessing considerable insight regarding the Rift, he is the one who discovered its long forgotten door. Exdeath opens the portal and exhumes the manikins to torture the warriors of Cosmos.

Often despised as a destroyer for his strong adherence to the Void, Exdeath is actually a rational warrior, always maintaining his own pace no matter whom he faces.

Exdeath has regained most of his memories, but the other warriors summoned from his dimension lack their memories of him. Thus, he refrains from making any mention of their connection.

Final Fantasy V
Exdeath had previously been sealed away in another dimension by four warriors wielding the powers of the crystals of Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth.

But the inhabitants of this world abused the powers of the crystals, the power of nature itself. It is these very people, whose reliance on the blessings of the crystals to provide for their comfortable lives, who created the opportunity for Exdeath's revival.

Terra Branford[]

A young woman wielding magical powers through her Esper blood. Having been mind-controlled for a long period of time, she is unsettled at the thought of fighting.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Originally summoned as a warrior of Chaos, Kefka became interested in her powers. Kefka uses his spells to control Terra, making her an unwilling pawn to aid him in his quest for destruction.

Kuja frees Terra of Kefka's spell, allowing her the regain her will. Unable to defy her mission, she continues to unwillingly participate in the fight.

To this girl, another path is revealed by one who should naturally be her enemy—the warrior of Cosmos, Vaan.

Inspired by Vaan's unwavering yet somewhat selfish will, Terra eventually receives Cosmos's strength.

Although her memories of Vaan have disappeared after receiving purification, Terra carries a clear goal during the final cycle to protect the one who saved her, the Onion Knight. It is through this desire that Terra calls forth the courage needed to face Kefka.

Her crystal in particular proves that there are things passed down, despite the countless cycles of battles faced.

Final Fantasy VI
Robbed of her will from a young age, Terra is used as a tool of destruction for her powerful magic and is a feared warrior.

After being freed of the mind-control placed on her, Terra faces the truth of her past and shuns the power she wields, unable to decide her path.

Having the truth that she is the only one who bears the blood of a human and Esper, she decides the set out to accomplish something of which only she is capable.

Kefka Palazzo[]

An insane harlequin who lacks self-control as a result of experiments infusing him with Magitek power, and who finds no greater joy than destruction.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Having already lost his sanity, memories are pointless to Kefka; this world is the perfect playground.

Kefka ensures that Terra is always by his side and tends to her, but only as she is a useful pawn in his quest for destruction.

Kefka loses all interest in her once his mind control has been broken and Terra begins to refuse his orders of destruction.

He holds no sense of camaraderie towards the other warriors of Chaos. He not only captured Kuja, who had refused to battle and planted false memories in him, but ambushed the Cloud of Darkness and had her purified for having leaked information to their foes. Any who gets in the way of destruction are eliminated without mercy.

As the destruction of this world looms during the final conflict, Kefka falls at the hands of the warriors of Cosmos and takes his own life. Whether Kefka became satisfied with his own destruction is unknown.

Final Fantasy VI
Kefka was a mage of the Gestahlian Empire in the original game. He later becomes an omnipotent god who rules over a world of ruin.

Though his sanity was lost as a side-effect of being infused with Magitek power, none know of who he once was.

Cloud Strife[]

A reserved young man who brandishes a large sword with ease. He leads his other warriors with his rational decision-making befitting a leader, but internally he has difficulty being confident in his actions.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Originally summoned as a champion of Chaos, Cloud has forfeited the fight in objection to the irrationality of having to fight a friend summoned from the same world solely because they serve opposing gods.

When his friend Tifa is faced with peril, Cloud casts aside his duty as a warrior of Chaos and fight to protect those he holds dear.

His adamant will reaches the throne of Cosmos. Cosmos rescues Cloud after he is defeated by Chaos and on the verge of disappearing.

Ironically, that whom he set out to protect sacrificed herself to protect him.

Revived as a warrior of Cosmos, he searches for a meaning to fight out the sense that he has lost something dear within his memories.

Continuing on his journey while still troubled with questions, he finds a new meaning to fight in aiding his comrades realize their dreams.

Final Fantasy VII
A former SOLDIER 1st Class. A young swordsman with antisocial tendencies and arrogant words to match his famous title, Cloud gives out precise orders based on rational decisions. While at time inspiring ill-will, he most certainly earned the trust of his comrades.

While searching for his nemesis Sephiroth in the hopes of protecting the planet, it slowly comes to light that the past Cloud speaks of greatly conflicts with reality.

As a side note, he honed many skills unrelated to battle through his travels, from disguising himself as a beauty almost exceeding that of the heroine, to gliding down snow-covered mountains with grace on a snowboard.


A coldhearted former hero who wields an extremely long sword.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
A warrior uninterested with the battle of the gods, Sephiroth is only concerned with regaining his lost memories.

After regaining some of his memory and learning of the manikins, he hypothesizes that he may be a copy himself and takes his own life to test his theory.

However, Sephiroth is purified like other injured warriors and revived to participate in the thirteenth cycle.

No one knows if he acted on his memories and instinct to bring about an end to the battle, or whether he acted to bring about further battles.

Final Fantasy VII
Once revered as a hero, Sephiroth disappeared for several years, only to return as an enemy of the planet, striking fear in all.

As an elite member of Shinra's SOLDIER, he was revered as a hero for his unrivaled strength, yet was a human who connected with those around him.

Once learning of his origin, he refers to the Calamity that fell from the skies, Jenova, as his mother, and acts as an agent to carry out her will.

Squall Leonhart[]

An elite student who is unsociable and hates forming relation with others, Squall aspires to walk a path of solitude like a lion. Whether out of a personal charm that attracts others, or just coincidence, a lively crowd is often seen by his side.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Accepting his task to fight as a champion of Cosmos, he obediently follows orders.

When Squall was first summoned to this world, he remained silent, as he did not consider the other warriors his allies due to their differing views.

Despite attempting to keep his distance through his blunt mannerisms, he gradually becomes a member of the troupe after being influenced by the social Laguna.

Squall once again chose a path of fighting alone during the final cycle after he had received purification.

He did not choose this path as a means of rejecting his allies, but as a means to protect them. Squall remained firm no matter what obstacles stood in his way.

Final Fantasy VIII
Squall is a star pupil of the elite organization "SeeD," which was created to subdue sorceresses.

He and his comrades continually see mysterious dreams while carrying out their assigned mission. These dreams tell the tale of a carefree man's past who is Squall's polar opposite.

Eventually these dreams, once thought to be completely unrelated to Squall, become closely connected to Squall's present.


An intriguing sorceress hailing from the future, she wields time-manipulating magic with ease.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
After learning of the never-ending cycle of battle in this realm, she has slowly garnered strength while protecting herself.

All her actions are in preparation for when the gods fall. She plans to compress time itself at that very moment to escape the fate of a warrior and create a world of her own.

Having received purification multiple times, Ultimecia possesses none of her prior memories. Whether out of contempt for the warriors of Cosmos who fight diligently, or out of confidence, she places herself in harm's way and provokes the warriors of Cosmos on occasion.

A proud sorceress who normally acts with grace, she is known to display her anger towards those who would defy her.

Final Fantasy VIII
A sorceress hailing from a distant future of Squall's world, she sends her consciousness to the present to possess the sorceress Edea, and came to hold ultimate authority in a dictatorship.

Ultimecia schemes to possess Ellone, a sorceress capable of sending a person's consciousness back in time, to use her Time Compression spell.

But Ultimecia's plans to possess Ellone and destroy SeeD are taken as motivation for Squall to act and thwart her plans. Ultimately, Ultimecia brings a destiny of ruin upon herself.

Zidane Tribal[]

An active and cheerful thief, Zidane exhibits a fondness for women and is easily elated. But he has a strong sense of justice beneath that cheerful exterior and cannot help but aid those in need.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Having regained the majority of his memories, Zidane cheers his allies up while searching for the crystals with his trademark optimism.

Meeting up with his former foe, Kuja, and being able to fight alongside him are welcome surprises for Zidane.

Zidane is shocked to learn of Kuja's true identity in this conflict. He receives purification while still dismayed by the truth, causing him to show glimpses of a distraught warrior during the final battle.

Despite these hardships, his natural kindness remains. Zidane not only rushes to his comrade's rescue, but also reaches out to Kuja, who had schemed against him as an enemy.

Final Fantasy IX
A member of the theater troupe "Tantalus," who are also a band of thieves, Zidane took the opportunity afforded him through an accident to kidnap the Princess of Alexandria.

Zidane and his friends get caught up in battle to protect multiple nations while supporting the princess. They later learn of the tragic deaths of hundreds of innocents were all part of one man's schemes.

Beginning on a little theater ship, Zidane's tale slowly approaches its climax, a battle with the fate of the world on the line.


Enacting plots of utter cruelty while maintaining a graceful demeanor have caused many to fear this young man as the Angel of Death.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Kuja has become uninterested in this world of endless battles where Chaos and his chosen continued to reign. Upon learning that Cosmos had instilled her warriors with power to defeat Chaos in the twelfth cycle, Kuja decides to renege his mission and aid the warriors of Cosmos.

Unbeknownst to Kuja, Kefka had set a trap after learning of Kuja's plans. Kuja and the warriors he aimed to assist were on the brink of being slaughtered when Kuja quickly takes on the role of a traitor. Having betrayed and assaulted those he aimed to help, Kuja is successful in allowing Cosmos's warriors to escape. But this act forces Kuja to remain with the forces of Chaos.

Kuja receives purification after falling to Lightning, and is implanted with false memories by Kefka in the thirteenth cycle. These event lead to Kuja enjoying Zidane's suffering, displaying his warped inferiority complex for all to see.

Despite these transgressions, Kuja freed Terra from Kefka's control and comforted Cloud who was tormented over the thought of fighting a friend.

Final Fantasy IX
The mastermind in bringing about war on Gaia by enticing the Queen of Alexandria to wage war. His utterly ruthless behavior cause many to lose their lives.

But if one looks into his background and motivation, a different side to the Angle of Death can be seen.


A cheerful teen whose personality is bright like the sun above, Tidus possesses the heart of an ace athlete. His main goal is to defeat his father, whom he detests to no end.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Summoned as a warrior of Chaos in the twelfth cycle, Tidus protect Yuna from the Emperor's attack and lies on the verge of death.

He is saved by a warrior of Cosmos, his father Jecht. Tidus inherits Cosmos's power from Jecht and avoids slipping into oblivion. Yuna and her friends take Tidus to the outskirts of Cosmos's temple, where he sleeps until the twelfth cycle comes to a close.

By the time he awakes, the thirteenth cycle has begun. Having inherited his father's powers, he is revived as a warrior of Cosmos, but was also purified, impeding him from remembering the events of the twelfth cycle.

Moreover, his reunion with Yuna lies unremembered, and any memory of Yuna herself remains vague. Yet in his blind desire to defeat Jecht, which does remain in his fickle will to fight, there is the shadow of another—and perhaps the thought of an answer in this mysterious other driving him on.

Final Fantasy X
An ace blitzballer hailing from the city of Zanarkand.

A monster attacks the city during a match, and in the confusion, Tidus is sent to an unfamiliar world, Spira.

Left in this mysterious world, he meets the summoner Yuna. Tasked to protect Yuna as one of her guardians, Tidus joins Yuna on her pilgrimage. After learning about the truth behind a summoner's pilgrimage and his hometown of Zanarkand, Tidus ponders his next course of action.


A former superstar, his bold words and confident mannerisms conceal the deep love he holds for his family.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
He is the only warrior of Cosmos to be reborn as a warrior of Chaos.

Transferring the powers of Cosmos within him to Tidus, Jecht collapses, having lost all his might. His body should have faded away, but through the intervention of the Emperor, his body is infused with Chaos's power. This act led to Jecht being reborn as a warrior of Chaos in the thirteenth cycle.

As with the other warriors of Cosmos, Jecht received Cosmos's power during the twelfth cycle, and was ready to manifest his crystal. But the flow of energy within him transforms due to his revival as a pawn of Chaos, giving birth to a crystal of darkness.

Prior to the events of the twelfth cycle, Jecht did not anguish over his summoning to this realm, but seemed to enjoy participating in the fight.

But Jecht's demeanor changes once Tidus appears. While having lost all of his memories from the previous cycle, Jecht aims to help Tidus obtain his crystal in the final cycle by facing him.

Final Fantasy X
The former ace blitzballer, who had gone missing several years ago, is in fact Tidus's father. meeting Yuna's father, the summoner Lord Braska, in a mysterious world called Spira, Jecht joins Lord Braska on his pilgrimage in hopes of finding a way back to Zanarkand.

Eventually learning the truth behind a summoner's pilgrimage and Braska's resolve, Jecht decide to sacrifice himself to aid his friend.


A lady of noble birth and revered as the ultimate mage. Prideful with a rough temperament, not a single mandragora will sprout in the wake of her anger.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Paying no heed to the fact that she was summoned as a pawn of a goddess, Shantotto uses battles as an excuse to experiment with magic. Shantotto disappears as she nears completing the ultimate spell, as the pending end to the cycle of conflict would hinder her research. Or so the rumors go.

It seems that after disappearing, Shantotto has come even closer to completing her research on the ultimate spell.

The warriors of Chaos were cautious of Shantotto in her days as a warrior for her aggressive nature and prowess as a powerful mage that protected Cosmos's throne by herself.

Final Fantasy XI
In the original game, Shantotto quietly carries out her research after having retired as Windurst's Minister of Magic.

Shantotto places unreasonable demands on adventurers, relentlessly casting black magic at those who would oppose her. Shantotto's spells overpower even the most battle-hardened of adventurers.

Left with no one to oppose her, Shantotto's only regret is having forgotten to marry.


The guardian of the law who presides over judgments of life and death, his true strength is realized when he dons his helm.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Gabranth continued fighting despite not allying himself or trusting others. Avoiding relation with his allies and hoping for an end to both the fighting and the world itself, he sought out Cosmos on his own.

When he arrived at Cosmos's throne, a tiny mage is found by Cosmos's side. Gabranth goes into hiding after his battle against the mage, making some believe that he was transported to the Rift by Shantotto's ultimate spell.

In reality, Gabranth had arrived at the Rift after having forsaken the fight and wandering the land. He may have concluded that the path he had taken was mistaken, as Gabranth later repels warriors who happen upon him, and send them back to the battlefield.

Final Fantasy XII
A Judge Magister, one of the central forces within the realm of politics in the Archadian Empire. The roles of a Judge Magister are many, and Gabranth became the assassin who took the aging King of Dalmasca's life after the king had attempted to negotiate peace with the empire.

Gabranth completely trusts his young lord, pledging his unwavering allegiance to him, and offers his own body as a shield to protect his young lord.


A spunky lass who uses a rough form of hand-to-hand combat in battles. Prishe enjoys exploring the world freely with her child-like, rowdy behavior and rude words.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Despite being summoned as a warrior of battle, Prishe is unable to suppress her excited interest in this unknown world, and has made exploring this world a daily routine.

Like Shantotto and Gabranth, Prishe was summoned to this world shortly after the gods received the power to summon warriors.

But leaving the fighting to the emboldened Shantotto, Prishe often goes for a walk under the premise of "patrolling." It was during one of her "patrols" when she happened across the fading Warrior of Light.

Prishe took the emotionless, amnesic Warrior of Light along with her on explorations under the guise of "training." It seems this was a point of conflict with Shantotto, who had aimed to use the Warrior as a test subject.

Prishe later disappears after Cosmos falls in battle, and the Warrior of Light no longer retains any memories of her through the multiple purifications he has experienced, but he took her words to not rely on memories and to live strong to heart, growing into the stern and blunt man he is today.

Final Fantasy XI
A survivor of the Tavnazian Archipelago that was destroyed during the Great War, Prishe now serves as the captain of a self-defence force of the Tavnazian Safehold. Deeply connected to the adventures revolving around the apocalypse, she toys with adventurers, but will aid them in battle.

Due to an accident early on in her life, the crystal embedded on her chest has kept her from aging. Despite her appearance, the "abhorrent one" is much older than she seems.


The weapon collecting, dimension hopping, self-proclaimed "legendary swordsman." Although possessing the body of a fiend, he holds a strong sense of loyalty and compassion.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Even Gilgamesh himself does not know whether he was summoned to this realm as a warrior of Chaos or just ended up in this realm after getting lost within the Rift. Regardless, he explores this world as he pleases, unconcerned with the battle of the gods.

He finally gets a chance to face his rival Bartz in a duel. Though the ideal he held and the reality that awaited differed, this mattered little to Gilgamesh.

At times barging in on a duel, while at other times stealing treasure as a thief, Gilgamesh seems to be in good health in any dimension he travels to.

Final Fantasy V
In the original game, Gilgamesh frequently appeared before Bartz as Exdeath's right-hand man.

Despite his post, Gilgamesh tends to quickly flee or go on the defensive when he feels the tide is turning against him. He also steals a treasure out of his master's castle, only to be scolded thoroughly. His mannerisms are intriguing if not humorous.

Bartz steadily stole the precious Genji equipment while turning a blind eye to Gilgamesh's antics.


Cosmos, the goddess of harmony, imbued her warriors with her strength- the crystals, bringing about the end to the long cycle of battle.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Cosmos summoned warriors to bring about an end to this world by sending them to battle Chaos, who had refused to battle. Once the formerly destroyed world was reborn, she would send her purified warriors back into battle. She was originally a pawn, faithfully serving the Great Will.

She is gradually influenced by her warriors, who came to hold great hopes despite only retaining fragments of their memories. Eventually she begins to question the fate of her warriors, unable to reflect on the past and tasked only to fight until their demise.

The Great Will sympathized with Cosmos's wish to save her chosen, and creates a means to escape. But more importantly, the warriors imbued with Cosmos's power were able to continue fighting and defeat the mighty Chaos in the thirteenth cycle. With both gods gone, this world slowly deteriorated.

World A
Cosmos is the copy of a woman, created using a crystal that is said to have contained a soul. She was tasked to control Chaos. But having a frail will compared to the woman she was based on, Cosmos was unable to subdue Chaos.

Cosmos disappeared after an incident, and any information about her has since been erased from this world.


Chaos, the god of discord, seeks to wield supreme strength through the destruction he brings about in the cycle of conflict against Cosmos.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Chaos refused to battle Cosmos, a replication of the one he considered his mother. But with Garland's guidance and his own desire to bring about peace in his original realm, Chaos slowly begins to accept the cycle of battle.

He originally summoned warriors of his own to combat Cosmos's warriors who incessantly craved battle. But understanding the anguish of being forced to battle against one's will, he allowed his chosen to do as they pleased, never punishing even those who would forfeit their mission.

Chaos's attitude eventually caused only Garland to stay by his side, but Chaos felt relief in the ambitions and actions taken by his warriors in this confined, and hopeless world.

Upon learning that the Great Will sought an end to the conflict in the thirteeth cycle - for Chaos to be destroyed, Chaos gave into despair. Defeated by Cosmos's warriors and fading into oblivion, Chaos accepts an offer from Shinryu to have the Great Will's soul sealed away.

World A
An artificial intelligence created using a crystal that contained a soul, Chaos has the appearance of a monster, but was endowed with the intelligence of a human child.

He became attached to his creator, the researcher of these mysterious crystals, and his wife. But once he matured, he was used as a weapon. Chaos gradually became hardened by the acts of destruction he had to carry out, and even came to hate his creator.

Chaos's whereabouts are unknown after an incident, and all information related to him has since been deleted from this world's records.


A celestial dragon adorned with old armor, Shinryu uses his purification of the battlefield to absorb the summoned warriors' experience as power adding to his own.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Shinryu visited this world that wavers within the Interdimensional Rift on a whim as just another place of rest. Some time later, two immense powers began to combat one another, and Shinryu took an interest in the inhabitants of this realm. There, he made a pact with a human.

In return for giving this mortal an immortal soul, one without form, he would be given the experience and memories of the summoned warriors. The purification ritual Shinryu used was a means for him to remain a spectator and still receive even more power regularly.

Yet when that human breached their pact after just the thirteenth cycle, Shinryu approached Chaos, who had also garnered strength himself with a plot of revenge against this detestable human.

Shinryu then approached Chaos to release his remaining strength, and after consuming that, Shinryu once again departed to the Interdimensional Rift.

Final Fantasy V
The roiling skies let loose a vile beast without a soul; Omega was its name. The dragon Shinryu came upon its heels.

Inside the Rift the demons were interred; so should they stay until forever's end, their names to stay unspoken evermore.

Cid of the Lufaine[]

A researcher of the ancient civilization of Lufenia, he watches over the conflict of the gods as the "Great Will."

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Creating a pact with Shinryu, Cid forsakes his humanity to become a being consisting of only a soul, the "Great Will."

He created this cycle of conflict to have Chaos increase his powers and use them on this world to open the Interdimensional Rift.

Though no one knows if he aims to seek revenge or live a peaceful life, there are no doubts that he seeks to escape this realm.

It is in the twelfth cycle when Cosmos rebels against her duty and protects her warriors with her own life that Cid realizes that he is no different from the military that stole his wife in their persistence on invading other nations.

Having realized his sins, Cid creates two teleport stones to save the warriors in the thirteenth cycle. But this act incurred Shinryu's wrath, and Cid's soul was sealed with the last of Chaos's fading powers.

Cid continually saw nightmares of a world where Chaos had grown to wield ultimate power in the thirteenth cycle until he was freed. Once someone freed him from his confinement and was able to revive alongside Cosmos, Cid sets out on a journey to a new realm.

World A
Known as Cid, he was revered as a brilliant researcher, not only for having created the airship, but for having his unique talents in various fields of research.

He was once a devoted husband and a gentle man who wished for peace. But after having been ordered to create weapons of war, his soul slowly starts to become warped.

The details on how he was able to create Chaos when research on artificial life had stagnated remains unknown.

Spoilers end here.


Unlike its Dissidia counterpart, the Theater in Dissidia 012 features the cutscenes in a timeline fashion:

  • Main Scenario ???: The Void consists of the opening FMV, Shantotto's scenes from Curses and Hopes of Yore, Gabranth's scenes from Land of the Stolen Crown and the moogle scenes from Chasm in the Rotting Land; all of the latter three are gateways in Scenario 000.
  • Sub Scenario 000: A Shard of the Cycle consists of the side-stories concerning Shantotto and Gabranth's encounter, Prishe's discovery of the Warrior of Light, and Gilgamesh's appearances. All of these scenes are found in the Reports.
  • Main Scenario 012: Treachery of the Gods consists of the scenes from the twelfth cycle, while Main Scenario 013: Light to All consists of the scenes from the thirteenth cycle. Both have Sub Scenario scenes, several of which are from the Reports, scattered throughout.
  • Sub Scenario ???: Confessions of the Creator contains only the secret ending, "Dissent".

The Theater has a Continuous Playback option, which plays every cutscene in chronological order, with the exception of the thirteenth cycle narrations and duplicate Chaos warrior death scenes in the thirteenth cycle Epilogue. The total duration of Continuous Playback is just over six and a half hours.

Several of the cutscenes have a random chance of showing an alternate still image containing a trio of Moogles, although three such images have only two moogles visible. The cutscenes to which this easter egg applies – one for each of the thirty warriors and both gods, totalling thirty-two – are mainly story-significant ones, such as the Warriors of Cosmos obtaining their crystals in the thirteenth cycle. The cutscenes themselves are unaltered upon viewing.

  • 002: Hello And...
  • 005: Falling Upon Hell
  • 013: Strange Finding
  • 020: Gilgamesh Exits!
  • 041: An Endless Horde
  • 044: I Said Stop!
  • 048: A Quick Intrusion
  • 054: Open Your Eyes
  • 062: Well Aware
  • 066: I Can't Believe That
  • 078: The Two Who Bring About the End
  • 105: Beyond Resolve
  • 115: Even If I Was Guided
  • 161: The Maiden's Crystal
  • 164: The Bonds That Guide
  • 172: Testament to a Father's Approval
  • 176: The Chosen Path of the Crystals
  • 193: Thanks to This
  • 194: Returning Home
  • 197: Let Us Keep Dreaming
  • 206: A Power to End the Cycle
  • 225: Last Wishes of Harmony (I)
  • 247: All My Decisions
  • 249: Why Cling to Life?
  • 251: An Interesting Being
  • 253: Where I Belong
  • 255: All Is Destined to Fade
  • 260: To Say These Words
  • 274: When the Light Will Shine
  • 285: Death Throes of a Despot (I)
  • 308: A God Who Chooses Doom (I)
  • 320: Dragon of Ruin


The Music and Voice Overs were separated from the Theater section and put in its own option. Here players can listen to music and voice clips.

If DLC music packs are downloaded, the tracks are added to the end of the list before looping back to 001. Unlike the characters' DLC alternate outfits, the DLC tracks follow the same naming convention as the normal tracks, with no mention of their DLC status.

All characters now have sample voice clips, while Prishe has the most because players can purchase Secret Voice clips for her and they are heard at random when battling as her and when she enters in EX Mode, but its random as with Exdeath shouting out the infamous, "Turtle!" clip.

Summon Compendium[]

This features a list of the available summons used in the game. Unlike the list seen in Dissidia, this one features more story to the summons, telling the player their role in the games they appeared in. Also summons that are AUTO and are the same summon, can be viewed by pressing Triangle-button.png button when said to.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)



A powerful djinn who wields scorching flames, Ifrit often appears in conjunction with his "Hellfire" attack.

Debuting in the world of FFIII, adventurers were amazed to see a gigantic djinn charge at enemies and reduce them to ash.

He appears as an Eidolon to the summoner Rydia in FFIV. Having been traumatized after losing her home to flames as a child, Rydia was at first not willing to wield the power of fire. But we are later witness to the master of flames at Rydia's side as she matures.

First appearing as an enemy in FFV, he lends his strength to the heroes after they overcome his might.

Found within the Empire's Magitek Factory in FFVI, he turn himself into magicite, becoming a reliable ally.

Ifrit's materia is found on the floor after defeating Jenova-BIRTH in FFVII. That he was dropped in the boat's engine room, a hot area befitting the Eidolon of Fire, could have either been coincidence or Jenova's will.

Appearing as a Guardian Force in FFVIII, the time limit to defeat Ifrit, along with Quistis being present for the battle, got many cadets excited.

Learned when Garnet equips the Topaz in FFIX, he is actually one of five Eidolons she originally had sealed within her. He was extracted from Garnet under orders from Queen Brahne and used as a tool to attack Alexandria's neighboring kingdoms.

In FFX, Yuna obtains Ifrit as an Aeon after she passes the trials within Kilika Temple. Vowing to become stronger when she realizes the threat manifested in Sin, Yuna takes on the trials with unshakable determination.

Ifrit is one of the slumbering gods in FFXI, entombed within the protocrystal enshrined within Ifrit's Cauldron. Rumors state that he was once a fierce warlord, transformed into the gruesome beast by the malice of the departed.

Appearing not as an Eidolon or monster, but rather the name of an Archadian cruiser in FFXII, its impressive firepower was used in the attack on Rabanastre.



Shiva wields frost as the ephemeral queen of Ice. As one who was more elaborately depicted with time, every generation would wait to see her with anticipation.

Debuting in FFIII, she is summoned with the spell Icen. She aids the young warriors with her Diamond Dust attack, and displaying her elegant beauty.

The mature Rydia learns to summon her in FFIV. As Eidolons can only lend their strength after defeat, the fact that Rydia has gained Shiva's trust is testament to her maturity and strength.

In FFV, the Ice Goddess dwells within the lower levels of the Watertower of Castle Walse, which has been blessed with the crystal of water.

Along with Ifrit, she is found in the process of being disposed of within the Magitek Factory in FFVI. Feeling that their time nears, they both sacrifice themselves to become magicite and aid the party.

Cloud receives her materia in FFVII as a sign of appreciation when he saves a girl from a monster attack and resuscitates her later.

Squall has Shiva as one of the initial Guardian Forces in his possession at the start of FFVIII. Squall's mastery as a SeeD cadet is apparent in his junctioning with Shiva in his test, and even surprises Ifrit.

Shiva is one of the Eidolons bestowed to Garnet upon her accession to the throne in FFIX. Prior to returning to Garnet, she had been used for evil by Queen brahne, who in turn was being fooled by the devious Kuja.

In FFX, Yuna earns Shiva as an Aeon in the Macalania Temple. There, Yuna and her guardians learn of the sins Maester Seymour committed while at the temple where Shiva's Fayth sleeps.

As with Ifrit, Shiva is one of the slumbering gods in FFXI sealed away in a protocrystal. In Vana'diel, a legend attached to her constellation states that she was once a wise queen despite her youth, but was chased out of her kingdom to meet a tragic death.

In FFXII, Shiva appears as the name of an Archadian light cruiser, the stage upon which occurs the showdown with the former Resistance member Vossler.

Appearing as the passionate Snow Villiers's Eidolon in FFXIII, older sister Stiria and younger sister Nix are jointly known as Shiva. Their challenge is a great opportunity to learn and exploit the features of the Paradigm Shift system.



Ramuh is an elderly man with a bushy beard who calls forth the Judgment Bolt from the heavens. Along with Ifrit and Shiva, he is a familiar and endearing Esper.

He can be summoned by Evokers and Summoners in FFIII using the spell Spark.

According to the records found within the Eidolon Library of FFIV, he is a gentle elder, but when angered, calls forth thunderbolts to dispense justice.

Encountered as a foe for the first time in FFV, he catches the party off guard in a forest. But once defeated, he realizes that his friend Ifrit is traveling alongside Bartz and consents to lending his strength to the party.

Caring for the once berserk Terra in FFVI, he teaches the party how to control magic. He is also the one who taught the moogles the human language, and plays a major role in the story.

His materia can be found in the Chocobo Jockey Room in the Gold Saucer of FFVII. Although not having as pronounced a role, his might is shown to its fullest in 3-D.

After Garnet requests his aid, he requires Garnet to recite a heroic tale as a test. The tale recounts the travels of Firion in FFII, and is a testament to the extensive knowledge Ramuh wields.

Appearing as a slumbering god in FFXI, a legend states that he was once a wise philosopher of an ancient civilization. Adorned with a majestic black coat, he appears in his finest hour and puts on a display of youthful vigor with his Judgment Bolt attack.



Almost all entities endowed with the name "Carbuncle" are small animal-like beings with a crimson gem on their foreheads. it is a charming friend as it uses "Ruby Light" to protect the party from magic-based attacks.

However, its first appearance, is an unsightly monster in FFIII. Inhabiting the Altar Cave which the party explores early on, it is one of the first monster encounters, and teaches our young heroes of the peril in facing monsters.

Taking on its familiar appearance as an animal-like monster in FFV for the first time, it challenges the party to defeat it, and if successful, Carbuncle will provide its support in return. First appearing to be larger than Bartz, it takes on a smaller appearance when summoned into battle once it is defeated.

In FFVI, Carbuncle is found within the Magitek research Facility as a captive Esper. Entrusting the future to Terra, it turns itself into magicite to lend its strength.

As a Guardian Force in FFVIII, Carbuncle can be drawn from the two stone statues brought to life by Edea after the parade. The battle was a test to see whether the party rationally analyze its opponents prior to facing the evil witch.

Using its Ruby Light to cast Reflect on the party in FFIX, it is a trusty ally as it provides various other forms of support depending on what Eiko has equipped.

Only appearing before adventurers who can conquer the trials revolving around Carbuncle's Ruby quest in FFXI, it is "a bridge between the people of the present, and beings of ages past." Upon completing the quest, adventurers gain access to the summoner job.

Carbuncle appears as the name of an Archadian light cruiser in FFXII. The red jewel seen on the ship's fore is a motif of the crimson jewel found on a Carbuncle's forehead.

Appearing as a 3-D image in FFXIII, Carbuncles can be found in the town of Nautilus, and their appearance marks the start of the parade in the park.

Magic Pot[]


A monster that pokes its head out of a large pot to see what others are up to, the Magic Pot plays with its prey in a unique fashion.

Making its debut in FFV's Phoenix Tower, it appears when Bartz searches a pot. It presses the party for an elixir with the words "Gimme an Elixir!" If bartz is generous enough to part with such a rare item, the party is rewarded with a large amount of ability points.

In FFVI, the Magic Pot appears in the World of Ruin at the Fanatic's Tower, where the elder blue mage Strago had joined the Cult of Kefka in his despair over the tremendous losses he believed himself to have incurred. Replenishing the party's HP for free, the Magic Pot, or Urn in this world, is a dream enemy to encounter.

Lurking within the Northern Cave where Sephiroth waits for the final confrontation in FFVII, it again peddles for an elixir. But it's become a sticky-fingered monster who's now involved in robbery as it steals items from the party.

Altering it's true nature in FFX, magic pots award the party with items when the correct eye on its pot is attacked.

Having undergone a makeover in FFXI, they appear as floating realistic pots, and house a spherical entity without any defining features. The magic pot shards left behind are a type of raw material used in alchemy.

Found in the lower levels of the Pharos at Ridorana in FFXII, they have improved their defensive abilities to be successful in a frontal assault. The best strategy is to first befriend this monster by giving it an elixir, which will then make the monster open to attacks. But its delight in receiving an elixir causes the Magick pot to run around the room. Watching Vaan and the Magick Pot in a grand chase was a sight to see.

Demon Wall[]


A wall brought to life with evil intent, it not only aims to become an obstacle to adventurers, but often approaches in tight corridors with an intent to crush the intruders.

Debuting in FFIV protecting the exit to the Sealed Cave where the last crystal sleeps, it inches forward every few seconds in the hopes of crushing Cecil and his friends who came in search of the crystal. Another surprise awaits Cecil and Kain after their battle with the monster, making this encounter even more memorable.

In FFXII, Vaan and the party are in search of the Dynast-King's treasure when they encounter a two-pronged trap in the Tomb of Raithwall. Even after besting one in the Hall of the Destroyer, another is encountered in the Hall of the Sentinel. The Demon Walls are but the first of many traps created using the advanced technological knowledge of the Galtean Alliance to protect the Dynast-King's tomb.

Magus Sisters[]


Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy, the Magus Sisters. Although their appearance alters per title, their appearance in FFIV and X truly stand out to show each sister's unique traits: a tall sister Sandy; a large, rotund sister Cindy; and a petite Mindy.

Debuting in the Tower of Zot where Rosa was held captive in FFIV, the sisters obstruct the party's way. Minions of Barbariccia, the ruler of the tower, they are formidable enough to be considered the fiend's enforcers and are known for their teamwork. Using the ghastly Delta Attack, the sisters reflect powerful magic off of each other unto the party, a technique the party would later use to their advantage.

Appearing as Aeons in FFX, they appear clad in insect-inspired armor. Each wields powerful spells and they can use the Delta Attack together as well. Whether based on the fact that it takes much hardship to gain their aid, Yuna shows her utmost respect for them when giving out command such as "Do as you will" or "Keep it up!"

A group known as Sin Hunters appear in FFXI, and are a group of Mithra sisters. Their strength lies in their weapon-based attacks and teamwork, making them fierce opponents. They are, however, strongly involved in the adventure surrounding Prishe, and watch the events unfold. One is not bound to associate this group with the Magus Sisters at first, but a striking connection is revealed later on.



A legendary knight who rides Sleipnir, his beloved six-legged steed, to deliver a crushing blow, the "Zantetsuken."

Summoned into battle using the spell Catastro in FFIII, he felled many enemies to aid the young heroes, but at times did nothing, teaching a harsh lesson in life.

The King of Baron's soul took on the form of the powerful Eidolon being murdered in despair. He granted his strength and lifted the spirits of his former retainer, Cecil, who had revered the king as a father.

Somewhat of an impatient being in FFV, the party must defeat him within one minute to gain his services, unless they want to be sliced to shreds.

In FFVI, Odin is found as a petrified magicite within the Ancient Castle that was destroyed during the War of the Magi some thousand years prior. Records in the castle state that he fought alongside men and that some women had fallen in love with him.

His materia in FFVII can be found when the secrets to the Shinra Mansion have been solved.

A Guardian Force that cannot be junctioned to in FFVIII, he takes it upon himself to enter the fray at the beginning of battles as he pleases and is a dependable ally. He faces a pitiful fate, however, of having his Zantetsuken reversed on himself.

Extracted from Garnet by Queen Brahne in FFIX, Odin was used by the Queen against the settlement of anthropomorphic rats, Cleyra.

In FFXI, Odin is known to adventurers as the former protector of the Kingdom of Ephramad, arch-nemesis to the Aht Urhgan Empire in the Near East. Although nearly forgotten now that the kingdom has fallen, hardened adventurers might yet be able to glance upon him.

Appearing as Lightning's Eidolon in FFXIII, he has a humanoid from resembling a knight, and the appearance of a horse in Gestalt Mode. When Lightning rides him in Gestalt Mode and swings his sword, she almost becomes Odin himself.



An undying bird with large wings of flame. its Flames of Rebirth revive fallen heroes to fight anew, a testament to its benevolence. Many parts of it, such as its tail, wings, and even at times its soul, are used as tools to revive the fallen.

Phoenix first appeared in FFV as the reborn form of Tycoon's proud wyvern that had perished, but still desired to aid Bartz.

The Phoenix magicite of FFVI is a treasure Locke has long sought to revive his love, Rachel. A crack in the magicite only allowed Rachel to return long enough to console Locke, but her strong feelings for him allowed the magicite to recrystallize and aid the party.

The Phoenix materia of FFVII can be found at Fort Condor where a large condor warms its egg on top of the mako reactor, a befitting materia for a location giving birth to new life.

Providing support in a different manner from other Guardian Forces in FFVIII, the Phoenix is not juctioned, but called into battle with the Phoenix Pinion. After doing so, it will use its Rebirth Flame to revive the fallen party at its whim.

Eiko of FFIX learns the summon from the Phoenix Pinion. It also would save the party only when the mood struck.

Although the Phoenix is not physically seen in the world of FFXI, there exists a sword containing its sealed spirit as well as a young man to whom the bird is bound, making the bird itself, along with its feathers, a well-known name.

In FFXII, the mighty Phoenix sheds its once noble image and becomes a mark to be hunted. Although still sporting red feathers of flame, it does not rise from the ashes when defeated.



A mechanical giant reaching the heavens like a fortress of might. it uses its Divine Judgment attack to crush evil.

First appearing in FFVI, its magicite is obtained after Wrexsoul, the wretch who had possessed the grieving samurai Cyan, is defeated.

Its materia is held by a snow woman dwelling within the Giant Glacier in FFVII.

Alexander is a Guardian Force in FFVIII that can be drawn from the sorceress Edea during the battle against her in Galbadia Garden.

In FFIX, it is the patron Eidolon who protects Garnet's Kingdom of Alexandria. Together with Eiko, Garnet summoned Alexander, making its beautiful wings appear, and repelled Bahamut with its overwhelming size and strength.

Its name is mentioned in FFXI as the divine protector of the Aht Urhgan Empire in the Near East. Although the details remain a mystery, it is said that Alexander has a rivalry with Odin.

It appears as Hope's Eidolon in FFXIII, but in a smaller, more compact frame. But when in Gestalt mode, it is a flying fortress that protects Hope using its arsenal to bombard enemies in a display of might.



A sea serpent who rules over water and the vast oceans, it uses Tidal Wave or Tsunami to sweep away and purge evil.

He made his debut in FFII as a large sea serpent that swallowed Firion and the ship on which he was traveling. Other travelers who were swallowed have made a home of its intestines, including the sole surviving Dragoon.

He can be summoned into battle using the Leviath spell in FFIII. Sealed away in lake Dohr, one must use the airship to enter the lake and fight the beast to gain its strength.

As the Lord of Eidolons in FFIV, he saved the drowning Rydia and brought her back to the Faymarch, and became a father figure to her.

In FFV, Leviathan is sealed away in a tome, which was left in Istory Falls byt he original heroes who fought against the Void over one thousand years ago. it disperses the monsters who attack Bartz, and after Bartz proves his strength in battle, lends his helping hand.

Revered as the guardian deity of Yuffie's native Wutai in FFVII, its materia can be obtained in the Pagoda of Five Mighty Gods.

Leviathan can be drawn from NORG in Balamb Gardens in FFVIII.

Sealed within the great Iifa Tree in FFIX, Garnet attempts to gain its strength to stop her mother's reckless rampage, but is unable to use its powers against her mother who approaches with an armada.

One of the slumbering gods in FFXI, it rules the water. According to legend, it was once a large sea serpent and mighty ruler of the Gugru Blue during the period of sailing long ago.

Known as the Dreadnought Leviathan in FFXII, it is an Archadian imperial airship. Vaan and his team infiltrate this airship to rescue the captive Lady Ashe.



The lord of the dragons who rules over the heavens. Armed with Megaflare, he reigns as the mightiest of dragons throughout the series.

Appearing as the Dragon King in FFI, he grants the heroes new titles for proving their courage, the item with which to prove it being a little surprising.

Using the spell Bahamur allowed adventurers to summon him into battle for the first time in FFIII. Although our heroes stumbled into Bahamut's Lair early on, they are only able to defeat him later on in their journey.

As the Hallowed Father dwelling on the moon in FFIV, he only lends his great strength to those who can withstand his Megaflare.

In FFV, Bahamut is sealed in a tome left behind by the original heroes who faced the Void one thousand years before. He is also referred to as the Dragon King.

When Deathgaze is defeated in FFVI, it releases the magicite for Bahamut from its mouth. Although magicite are the remains of a deceased Esper, why Bahamut's magicite was in the flying terror's mouth remains a mystery.

The Bahamut materia is obtained by defeating the dragon protecting the Temple of the Ancients in FFVII, but there are also stronger subspecies that appear in this world.

First fought in the Deep Sea Research Center in FFVIII, he questions Squall on the "meaning of battle." He aids the party as a Guardian Force after being defeated.

Bahamut was used as a powerful weapon of Queen Brahne during her attack on Kuja, but Kuja's schemes turned the tables and made Bahamut attack her instead.

In FFX, Bahamut's Fayth appears as a young boy who attempts to guide Tidus on several occasions. However, Tidus does not learn that this boy is a Fayth until much later in his journey.

An avatar known as the Conqueror of the Skies in FFXI, he is deeply connected to an adventure linked to Prishe. There is also a chance for adventurers to test their might against him.

Bahamut is the name of the empire's imposing sky fortress, which Vayne pilots in FFXII, and is also the stage where Vaan and his party seek to end the Empire's deathly grip over Ivalice.

As Fang's Eidolon in FFXIII, Bahamut takes on a humanoid appearance when fighting alongside Fang, but he can transform into a dragon in Gestalt mode. Seeing Fang stand on the dragon's back and attacking from the skies truly resembles the image of a dragoon.



A breed of flightless birds, characterized by their yellow feathers, distinct odor, and the unforgettable chirp, "kweh!" Domesticated for their gentle nature and quick feet, they are often used as a mode of ground transportation.

Debuting in FFII, they live in forests, and if you are lucky enough to encounter and capture one, they allow you to travel land freely.

In FFIII, they are found in small, circular-shaped forest, and have evolved with the ability to traverse rivers. From the manner in which they appear when the spell Escape is cast, to having a research center devoted to them, chocobos have become an essential part of life in this world.

Two new breeds are encountered in the world of FFIV: the low-flying black variety and the MP-replenishing white variety.

Boko in FFV is not only Bartz's mode of transportation, but an irreplaceable friend, together with whom he faces many trials and tribulations.

In FFVI, chocobos are such a vital part fo everyday life, both civilian and military, that they are rented out for travel in shops sprawled throughout the would, and are even mounted by soldiers in a scene of an opera!

Cloud borrows a farm to personally raise chocobos in FFVII, Bred with enough care and time, they can traverse mountains, rivers, and even oceans.

Using the ChocoSonar and ChocoZiner in the various Chocobo Forest around the FFVIII world allows Squall to capture and ride a chocobo. Always angling for gil in these forests is the mysterious Chocoboy.

The most famous chocobo in FFIX, Choco, traveled the world with Zidane, Digging in search of treasure.

In FFX's world of Spira, where machines and technology are forbidden, chocobos are a part of everyday life, and a vital means of transportation, along with other animals. They can be spotted near the Mi'ihen Highroad.

Besides the ability to rent a chocobo and ride, adventurers in FFXI can also raise a chocobo and participate in Chocobo Races.

In FFXII, using Turbo enables chocobos to sprint at great speeds, The eyes of a chocobo shine while in turbo mode.

Besides mature chocobos being mounted, Chocobo chicks are kept as pets in FFXIII. One little chick makes Sazh's afro its home and becomes a source of comfort during the long journey.



The ever-popular icon, Some resemble humans while others are just stuffed animals. Their soft yet cute features have won the hearts of many a fan.

Making their debut in FFIII, moogles lived in Doga's Manor. Doga first considered the heroes as intruders, ordering them to seize the heroes, to which the moogles respond with a resounding "Kupo! Kupopo!" But once a misunderstanding is settled the moogles treat the party with grace and are also fluent in the language of humans.

In FFV, the moogles are very timid creatures in their own village with their own mode of life. Although they can only say the word "Kupo," Krile's telepathy seems to allow her to communicate with them.

The moogles appearing in the world of FFVI live a communal life in Narshe and are connected to Terra. One moogle in particular can communicate with the humans and uses various dances in battle, He also has a "Moogle Charm," warding off would-be assailants, and was a pivotal ally.

Besides appearing as a summon, the moogle was the star of its own game in the Gold Saucer of FFVII, Ruining their homes in the snowboard game caused them to throw quite the temper tantrum.

Appearing as a MiniMog Guardian Force in FFVIII, it cannot be junctioned, and appears at random. But when it does appear, it heals the party and decides to take a commission directly from Squall's savings.

A Group of moogles live in Madain Sari, Eiko's home town in FFIX, and are like family to her. Her close friend "Mog" hides a big secret in such a small package and is always by Eiko's side.

In FFX, a moogle is seen as one of Lulu's weapons. Normally just a stuffed animal, when Lulu releases it, it approaches and attacks enemies on it's own.

The Guardians and caretakers of an adventurer's Mog House in FFXI, they provide such services as storing an adventurer's item or redecorating the Mog House.

Moogles have small bodies covered with fur and long ears in FFXII. They are excellent engineers and have very skilled hands. Like the Viera and Bangaa, they have a society, closely resembling that of the humes. They are often treated no more seriously as mascots because of their propensity to refer themselves as "mog" and end sentences with the word "kupo."



Although all variants differ in size and appearance, the mandragora in every entry share a common bond as walking plants.

They appear in FFVII as weed-like monsters in the plains near the marshes where the Midgar Zolom make their homes, often together with chocobos. In hurried attempts to feed and capture a chocobo, many accidentally give herbs to the mandragora.

The mandragora appear in areas such as the forests surrounding Treno in FFIX. Although most adventurers would not give these monsters the time of day, the sharp-eyed Zidane knows that they held more gil than other monsters.

Leaving a lasting impression are the mandragora of FFXI. It seems that it has a developed brain-like organ, and has created a unique culture differing from those of humans and beastmen. The fact that new adventurers often fight these creatures early on, paired with their easily recognizable appearance, has earned them a cult-like following.

Maintaining their appearance from FFXI, the FFXII brand are found along the Phon Coast. The Rogue Tomato, a variant of the mandragora, is registered as a mark by Tomaj and can be found in the Sandsea.



A spherical organism that floats with an expression of rage, they tend to self-destruct in response to begin attacked by would-be hunters. This monster is also well-known for items such as bomb fragments and bomb arms.

The self-destructive tendencies of bombs can be traced back to their debut in FFII, where they were known as the Empires magical weapons and appeared throughout the world, assaulting Firion and his troops.

Appearing in the Subterranean Lake of FFIII, they were a great threat to many adventurers as there was no save point in close proximity at the time of encounter.

A larger "Mom Bomb" is faced in FFIV with Yang's "She's gonna blow!" line being a signature moment. By the way, the Bomb can also be summoned as an Eidolon.

"Self Destruct" can be learned as a blue magic spell in FFV, so many adventurers sought bombs to explode in order to learn this technique and blow off some pent up, youthful rage.

One must be careful on the Phantom Train in FFVI, lest one encounter a bomb and turn the party into members of the living dead that also ride the train.

Found around Mt. Corel in FFVII, most do not think much of them, but the battle-hardened Cloud made sure to steal a bomb arm and prepare for the future.

Bombs can be found in areas such as the Fire cavern in FFVIII and are relatively easy to handle, but their Suicide attacks makes them notorious monsters to face.

Fired off as shells to attack Zidane as he flees with Garnet, they burnt the Prima Vista, causing it to crash. Steiner, however, was not aware of the growing bomb behind him as he attempted to "save" Garnet.

Making the areas around the Mi'ihen Highroad their home in FFX, the best strategy is to have ifrit enter the fray, and take on the brunt of their explosions.

Classified as a genus of the arcana family of monsters in FFXI, most adventurers would prefer to not face them. Experiences adventurers, however, would take advantage of the bomb's tendency to self destruct and use them as training dummies.

A Fierce foe awaits explorers in FFXII in the form of the King Bomb. All bombs in the Ivalice have a fuse on their heads, making their threat easier to grasp.

Classified as a "weapon of Pulse" in the world of FFXIII, bombs are found around the Vile Peaks. They have been re-imagined as mechanical monstrosities befitting their label as weapons.



Known for having multiple faces and arms, Asura is the queen of Feymarch, land of the Eidolons, where Rydia stayed for a period of time in FFIV. She maintains the faces of rage, joy, and benevolence.

She is the wife of Leviathan, king of the Eidolons, and is also referred to as his "gatekeeper." Only those who defeat her may lay their eyes on the king.

A mother figure to Rydia, she tests Rydia's strength as ordained by the precepts upon Rydia's return to the Feymarch. She refers to Cecil and his party as "good companions... both strong and true."

She will cast a healing spell when summoned into battle.



A powerful Eidolon using the forces of earth to crush his foes. He maintains a very muscular physique throughout the series.

Making his debut in FFIII, he can be summoned by using the spell Hyper. Seeing a half-naked giant with ruffled hair lift up its arms in a menacing manner to cause a great earthquake must have inspired our young heroes.

Titan is first met in FFIV when Cecil and Kain visit the Village of Mist on orders of the king. In her blind range after losing her mother, Rydia summons Titan, and his great earthquake causes a landslide, blocking the valley leading to Mist and Baron.

Changing his stance for his Gaia's Wrath attack in FFV, Titan became even more formidable. Firmly standing in a lowered fighting stance and gazing at the land with a stern glare, this giant is faced within the Karnak Meteor.

In FFVII, Titan does not cause an earthquake directly as in the past, but rather lifts up the very earth foes stand on, and flips it over, crushing them. It is said that he is the angry leader of his tribe.

In FFXI, Titan rules over land, and is one of the gods sleeping within a crystal. According to a legend connected with its constellation, he is the only remaining member of a race of giants that fought humans when they lost their habitat to human development. It is also said that he reached out to a hume girl.



Although its shape and appearance differ greatly by title, Atomos is usually depicted with a large mouth that can swallow objects whole.

Making its debut in FFV, it appears as a monster guarding the Barrier Tower with a small cosmos appearing within its mouth. Bartz and the party enter the tower in the hopes of eliminating the barrier protecting Exdeath's castle. If a member is knocked out during the battle, Atomos will suck them into the Interdimensional Rift.

In FFIX, it is summoned by Queen Brahne in front of Zidane's eyes, swallowing and ripping the Regency of Lindblum to shreds. Once in the hands of Garnet, it uses its gravity-based "G-Force 199" attack to crush enemies.

Adventurers of FFXI will recognize these as the "Cavernous Maws." mysterious gates appearing during the Crystal War period and referred to as "Atomos" by Cait Siths. They can be considered a means to travel back in time, but the details of their workings remain unknown.

In FFXII, Atomos appears as both a mark and as the name of a type of Archadian Empire airship. When Vaan and the others infiltrate the Airship Leviathan, they commandeer one of these to escape.

Iron Giant[]


A large beast fully clad in iron or steel armor and swinging a large sword with ease, they are often faced later on in a story as a formidable foe.

In FFII, it patrols the hall of Pandaemonium prior to the final conflict. The monster is rarely encountered, but when faced it is said that its strength surpasses even that of the Emperor it serves.

Although appearing in the Dimension Castle as a stronger monster in FFv, rumors say it is protected by the inferior iron armor.

In FFVII, they can be encountered on the path to the planet's core where Sephiroth awaits. Cloud's words urging his friends along can be hear prior to facing this foe.

As they only appear after the Lunar cry sage in FFVIII, some speculate that they originate from the moon.

Similar to other appearances, they are encountered prior to the final battle in Memoria in FFIX.

The Iron giant appearing in FFX is found in the thunder plains. Unlike their previously grand appearances, these versions are slightly more simple. It is rumored that they wanted to start with a clean slate, explaining the cape and the large knight-like motif.



Monsters resembling cacti with simple eyes and limbs, they are often seen running at full force. They may hold large amounts of gil at times and use their 1,000 Needles attack to drive off would-be attackers.

Making their debut in FFVI, they appear in the desert south of Maranda in the World of Ruin. Cactuars face away from Terra and the party as if they are about ready to take off..

Inhabiting Cactus Island and the Corel Desert in FFVII, two types of these monsters are encountered. However, close inspection reveals one of these to be an impostor.

Embarking upon Cactuar Island and its surrounding areas will allow one to encounter them in FFVIII. Many must have had their breath taken away when seeing the large Jumbo Cactuar, visible from even the airship.

Found on the Outer continent in FFIX, only their heads are visible when encountered in a battle. While hiding underground, they will counter any attack cast their way with 1,000 Needles.

Calling the Sanubia Sands home in FFX, finding all of the cactuars here will open a path to a useful item.

In FFXI, the cactuars get a makeover and become even more anthropomorphic, more closely resembling a person. Forgoing their trademark running-man pose, they rely on more nimble movements, and bask in the light to start photosynthesis.

Returning to their familiar appearance in FFXIII, they can be found in the Archylte Steppe on Gran Pulse. Running around Sazh when they first appear as if to mock him shows that they have a playful side.



Small monster wielding a knife in one hand and a lamp in the other, it slowly creeps along its path. Some say its small twinkling eyes are charming, but that can be debated. Besides stabbing enemies with its knife, it is also known to use an attack called Karma. It seems this is in reference to the "bad karma" the party has built up by defeating countless other monsters on their Journey.

First appearing in FFV, it surprised many adventurers when, unlike other monsters who do not move from their position, it slowly approaches the party.

Tonberries can be found around Narshe in FFVI and continue to slowly creep along, but an attack on them while walking will elicit a karma attack.

Appearing within the Whirlwind Maze of FFVII, once the area is decimated and becomes the Northern Cave, a new sub-species, the Master Tonberry, can be fought. Appearing with a star over its head, they possess the coveted Last Elixer. It is said that Cloud and friends were seen trying to gain as many of these prices as they could.

The FFVIII version of this monster seems to be the clumsiest, as it is known to trip on occasion. When the Tonberry King is defeated, it aids the party as a Guardian Force and doesn't trip over itself.

In FFIX, they were only encountered in groups of threes, showing that they may have a close-knit community.

Using a technique called Voodoo in FFX allows these monsters to lay waste to their enemies, even Aeons.

As a race of beastmen in FFXI, they are characterized by the specks on their skin and their feet protruding from under their robes, giving them a more humanized appearance. They revere their own goddess and not the Goddess Altana.

In FFXIII, they appear in missions in Gran Pulse, and one can lay witness to their might as a single slash from their knives can decimate a large Cie'th easily.



A monster with the appearance of blooming flower and multiple tentacles protruding from its face. In almost every appearance this monster has inflicted adventurers with multiple status ailments with it's "Bad Breath" attacks, making it one of the most formidable monsters to face.

First making an appearance in the Cave of Mysidia in FFII, it paralyzes Firion and friends as they entered this forbidden land in search of their ally Minwu and the legendary Ultima Tome.

When encountered within the Sylph Cave in FFIV, it is the first time it uses its signature "Bad Breath" attack. Causing multiple status ailments, Cecil and his party were pushed to the brink on multiple occasions.

In FFVI, it is encountered in the World of Ruins as Celes and her party attempt to gain new wings, the Falcon, within Darill's Tomb.

Encountered as Gaea's Cliff in FFVII, being hit with its bad breath when in such a remote location and no means of backtracking to civilization, made it difficult to regroup.

Using the Malboro Tentacle received upon defeating these monsters in FFVIII allows Quistis to learn the blue magic "Bad Breath." For Squall and his party, seeing the stunning teacher use this technique must have been more emotionally traumatizing than seeing the monster use the same technique.

In FFIX, Malboros can only be encountered in the Pandemonium, a castle ruled by this world's Garland.

In FFX, it appears where Yuna's father, Lord Braska, defeated the previous incarnation of Sin. For an unsightly monster to lay waste to the lands her father once protected must have made Yuna angrier than the berserk effect of the Malboro's Bad Breath attack.

The Malboro vine, which is cut from any of the species of Malboro existing through the world in FFXI, is used as an ingredient to concoct various medicines.

In FFXII, one smaller Malboro was kept as a pet, but when it ran away, it was registered as a mob. At first the only information available was that it was called Carrot, but when the party finds out that the "pet" was a Malboro, Vaan and the others must have been infuriated.



A monster with a comedic appearance and curious speech, first appearing in FFVI, as an enemy, but his antics fascinates all.

Ultros first appears in the Lethe River as the party is on its way back to Narshe. His endless babbling during battles, then pretending to have been defeated only to meddle further, incurred the full wrath of the party.

He next appears at the opera house, attempting to ruin the opera in which Celes starts, and parts with a comical 'Adios!" when he is defeated.

A third encounter with the fiend occurs in the Esper Cave on the Triangle island in hopes of wrestling a treasure away from the party who had traveled in the hopes of becoming ambassadors between the empire and the Espers.

The Last encounter with Ultros as an enemy occurs before the party lands on the Floating Continent. Blending in with the Imperial Air Force, he attacks the party as they attempt to stop the empire from reviving the Warring Triad and usurping their powers. Despite their best efforts, Ultros and Typhon are quickly sent packing.

After the world is torn into discord, he works as the receptionist at the Dragon's Neck Coliseum, trying to pay off his mountain debts, bringing an end to his long feud with Terra and her friends.

After a long Hiatus from the series, Ultros appears as a mob "Orthros" in FFXII, a reddish-brown colored subspecies of the jelly-like Flans that only appear when the party consist of all women, bridging the gap with the familiar octopus.

Once engaged in battle, party members can be changed out, allow for members like Vaan and Basch to participate in the extermination raid. Despite coming out of its hiding place to greet the ladies, being defeated by a group of men must have been difficult for the fiend to swallow.



A pink monstrosity with a horrendously large mouth.

Typhon makes his debut in FFVI as the party attempts to land on the Floating continent when Ultros summons him. Ultros refers to him as "Mr. Typhon," but as he can only speak in growls such as "FUNGAH!!" their relationship is a mystery.

He uses his Snort attack upon being defeated, sending the party crashing to the floating Continent.

After the world is torn asunder, he works as an enforcer at the Dragon Neck Coliseum, blowing away competitors who bet worthless items, and helping Ultros pay off his large debt.

Appearing as a summon in FFVII, he turns the world upside down with his Disintegration attack. His materia can only be obtained later on in the game in a secluded area of the Ancient Forest that is only accessible when a maze of plants is reversed. But once obtain, he becomes a strong ally prior to the final battle.



A dragon with a cape-like wing structure, this flying terror hovers the skies and threatens airships.

A Fierce foe that can be encountered while traveling in the airship in the World of Ruin in FFVI, it is one of the many beast of lore awakened with the havoc Kefka caused. Its appearance made the once-friendly skies difficult to travel, making people realize that order was truly lost in the world.

It appears as one of Kuja's protectors in the Crystal World of FFIX. It spreads out its wings in an impressive show, tormenting Zidane and company as the prologue to the final duel.

Appearing as a type of plate wyrm in FFXII, it is spotted by a family who likes to travel and then petitioned it be made an Elite Mark. The petition was made as Deathgaze came in contact with the airships and threatened the skies. But once the mark is accepted, it hardly ever shows up, causing quite the number of challengers to get frustrated.



A ferocious beast with a hide as strong as steel and razor-sharp talons. It not only uses fierce physical attacks but also uses the spell Meteor.

It faced Firion in the Coliseum chaired by the Emperor in FFII. A fierce fight ensues with the captive Hilda's life on the line, but all was part on the Emperor's schemes.

In FFIII, it is encountered in the Temple of Time, where Noah's Lute can be found.

In FFIV, hordes of behemoths are continually faced within the Lair of the Father, and there are times when adventurers would fall before facing Bahamut, who awaits at the core.

The behemoth also appears on the Floating Continent in FFVI. Terra and friends only face the behemoth when they are prepared, but when surrounded, the party was in a sad state.

It can be found wandering around the Sector VIII slums of Midgar after the Weapons attack in FFVII.

These beasts make their home in the areas surrounding Esthar in FFVIII. They are very muscular, but their meat is said to be rich in nutrients. "Devouring" these beasts increases one's magic abilities.

In FFIX, behemoths appear in Memoria, but can also be fought in the basement of a certain building in Treno in a one-on-one duel.

They appear in the Ronso tribe's homeland, Mt. Gagazet in FFX.

In FFXI, they are fierce beasts that can only be fought when a group of hardened adventurers join forces. Their hides and horns are used to create armor and weapons, but only skilled adventurers who can defeat these beasts, or those with deep pockets, can obtain such rare prize.

The behemoth steak is a prize obtained in FFXII. With the meat on the bone tender as can be, it is said that eating this meat replenishes one's vitality. But Vaan sells the meat before trying it out, so we'll never know how it actually tastes.

Behemoths are bred for military use in FFXIII, and like other weapons, they are differentiated by ID as the names Alpha, Beta, and Lodestar indicate.



A mysterious creature with small, simple eyes, a light blue body and an elongated antenna that made its first appearance in FFVIII.

During his travels, Squall witnesses a UFO raiding cattle and buildings across the world. His party comes across the UFO after it had made an emergency landing, destroying it.

After that event, the creature known as PuPu appears in Balamb Garden. It begs for Elixirs and seems to be peaceful.

According to the magazine "Occult Fan," the PuPu is an alien, and if one deals with this creature in a peaceful manner, it will give the rare "PuPu" Triple Triad card in return. For the closet card collector, Squall, it was quite the bargain. Ruthlessly destroying its vehicle after it pillaged people, yet offering help when the same alien was in trouble, is testament to Squall's passion and sense of honor as a SeeD cadet.

The PuPu appeared as one of Lulu's dolls in FFX. As the doll had "Space XX" in its name, it appears as though the people of Zanarkand also thought of the PuPu as an alien.



Lich is an undead monster that has appeared in various forms by title.

In FFI, where it fought the warriors of light as the Fiend of Earth, it made the land decay, causing famine. Though defeated, it returned prior to the final battle and once again stood in the heroes' path.

In FFVI, it is a mere monster that can be faced in the Cave of the Sealed Gate.

In FFIX, it appears as the "Earth Guardian" and is then fought once more in Memoria later on. First fought by Zidane and Quina, it is possible to "Eat" it, but as doing so teaches a form of blue magic, it is unknown how it tastes.

Lich appears as a member of the skeleton family in FFXI and looks like its name implies. As they hold valuable items, experienced adventurers will eventually face these monsters for the prizes they hold.

The Lich appears as a wandering spirit near the Tomb of Raithwall in FFXII. According to the Clan Primer, Liches are born when a man dies with intense hatred or animosity left in his heart and are considered to be kings among the dead.



A fire-controlling, serpentine monster, In FFI and FFIX, it has a feminine head and upper torso, along with six arms all wielding swords.

In FF1, where she appears as the Fiend of Fire, she was prematurely awoken two hundred years early and attempted to burn all to ashes. Her awakening was a part of Garland's evil plans spanning two thousand years.

It reappears for the first time in FFIX as the Fire Guardian protecting the Fire Shrine on the planet Terra. Although possessing an enchanting, feminine demon's appearance, it seems as though she wasn't to Zidane's liking, causing him to not attempt to seduce her.

Re-imagined in FFXII, it appears as a ferocious snake hiding in the caverns of the outskirts of Rabanastre. Its scales and must are important ingredients used to create fine Serpentwynes, leading to Vaan's hunting it down.



A monster associated with water and oceans, it resembles a squid.

First appearing in FFI as the Fiend of Water, it greatly weakened the mermaids living in the oceans.

In FFIII, it was under the command of Xande and attempted to attack the warriors of light. But the Priestess of the Water Crystal, Aria who had travelled with the party to protect the world, became a human shield and sacrificed herself to protect the heroes.

First appearing as the Water Guardian in FFIX, Kraken later reappears prior to the final battle along with the other guardians.

In FFXI, Kraken is the name of a sub-species of monsters called Sea Monks. but most adventurers probably remember the weapon bearing the Kraken's name more than the monster.



A giant dragon, most of her powers are associated with the element of wind.

First fought as the Fiend of Wind within the Flying Fortress of FFI, she has multiple heads and long necks. She is the strongest of the Four Fiends.

She is encountered within the Emperor's kingdom, prior to the final battle of FFII. She attacks when a chest is opened, but no one knows of how or when she hid in the chest.

She is encountered as one of Ultimecia's minions in FFVIII, making the clock tower in Ultimecia Castle her lair. She awaits on a ledge that is reached using the pendulums. Traversing the pendulums out of curiosity can lead to an unexpected encounter.

Appearing as the Wind Guardian in FFIX, Tiamat stirs intense winds to protect the shrine it guards. Vivi is almost swept away, but luckily hides behind Steiner's heavy armor and is saved.

Tiamat appears as a "notorious monster" found in a specific region in FFXI, and the only hopes of having a chance are to attack with a large party.

In FFXII, Tiamat appears as a type of ring wyrm and is fought in the Henne Mines. It seems as though Mjrn, Fran's sister, had been experimented on with the Archadian Empire's manufactured Nethicite, making her go into a frenzy that awakens the beast.



A member of Golbez's elite troupe, the Archfiends, bearing the title of the Blighted Despot. His hideous appearance resembles a buried corpse more than a being born from the earth. He is classified as an undead and his eerie hissing is a defining characteristic.

He appears to take the life of Cecil at Mount Ordeals where Cecil aims to become a paladin.

Appearing cloaked and relatively small in size, he is defeated easily, but returns to show his true form, taking advantage of the heroes letting down their guard and attacking from behind.

His menacing true form sends shivers down the spines of the unsuspecting heroes. His words, "Those who see his face must die!" suggests that he was not pleased with his appearance either.



One of the Archfiends directly under Golbez's command and known as the Drowned King. His flippant nature and tendency to despise humans are his defining traits. He ridicules the party as he approaches with a booming laugh.

Impersonating the King of Baron, to whom Cecil looked as a father figure, he collected the crystals from neighboring lands under Golbez's orders. He reveals his true form in front of Cecil who protests the atrocities carried out in the name of Baron.

Resembling a large turtle, he hides in his shell to protect himself. He uses a tsunami attack, befitting the Archfiend of Water.

In contrast to his flippant words, he is truly vindictive and springs a trap for Cecil and friends after his defeat, making the walls close in. Through the sacrifice of the twin mages Palom and Porom using the spell Break, the heroes escape.



The lone female in Golbez's trusted Archfiends, and known as the Empress of the Winds. She is the bewitched lord of the Tower of Zot, where Rosa was held captive.

She detests Kain who also specializes in aerial combat. Her arrogant and cruel nature can be seen as she states that she "should have killed" the captive Rosa.

Prior to fighting her, Kain, who had been controlled by Golbez, returns to his senses and joins the party. Having been on the other side, Kain is familiar with her tactics and instructs the party on how to attack her.

With his advice and Jump attack helping the party defeat Barbariccia, it can be said that this fight helped renew the trust the party had for Kain.



One of the powerful fiends comprising Golbez's Archfiends, and known as the Autarch of Flame. He is the last Archfiend faced and protects the Tower of Babil.

Unlike the other Archfiends who cannot control their urges to destroy, he respects his foes and has a chivalrous nature. He apologizes with the words, "They shame me, as they grieve you," regarding the incident in which Dr. Lugae turned the King and Queen of Eblan, Edge's parents, into chimera.

He seeks to fight formidable foes and he heals Cecil and the party's wounds, urging them to face him with all their might.

He held a mantra that, "Being a slave to emotion prohibits one from obtaining true strength," but fell before edge who had gained newfound strength from his emotions.



A vagabond who roams the void and collects exquisite weapons. Formerly Exdeath's right-hand man, he has been travelling to different dimensions since his encounter with Bartz.

First encountered in Castle Exdeath when Bartz and his team were held captive, he was ordered to stand guard, but was repelled by Galuf.

He has experienced much agony, such as being thrown into the ocean and being left behind by his trusty sidekick, but through his many battles has developed a curious bond with Bartz.

When the two reunite in the Interdimensional Rift, they no longer cross swords. Gilgamesh sacrifices himself to protect Bartz from a powerful foe and has a grand finale.

In FFVIII, he suddenly enters the fray in the final battle against Seifer. Using the power from Seifer's destruction of the Zantetsuken, he attacks Seifer based on a half-cooked assumption.

He cannot be encountered in FFIX through normal means. However, when the Four-Armed Man who taught Vivi the ins and outs of Tetra Master is defeated, Zidane and company learn of the name "Gilgamesh."

A petitioned mark in FFXII, Gilgamesh appears as an ancient man of mystery who steals swords. He puts on a grand show with gallant speech and exhibits his strong bond with Enkidu. He drops a sword upon defeat, but it is a counterfeit legendary sword of no value.

Ultima Weapon[]


The "ultimate" autonomous weapon, Regardless of its varied appearances, all incarnations are constructs.

In FFVI, it guards the central area of the Floating Continent. When approached, it states "I am strength given form," then ridicules Terra and her allies by referring to them as "feeble creatures of flesh" while attempting to annihilate them.

In FFVII, it appears as one of the Weapons created by the Ancients, roaming the skies until it reached with the airship and destroyed.

The Ultima Weapon is found in the lowest sections of the excavation site within the Deep Sea Research Center in FFVIII. It holds the ultimate G.F., Eden, but wit, strength, and at times Zell's brute force are required to reach its sanctum.

It appears in the Omega Ruins of FFX and is a formidable foe under normal conditions. But with some wit, there is way to have it leave under peaceful conditions.

In FFXI, it is a war machine created by a research team using ancient technology. Although the lone droid fought by adventurers is strong, rumors are that it is merely a "prototype."

Incidentally, there is a sword often similar in name of great strength as well.



Created by an ancient civilization to become a weapon of sheer destruction, it has alien mechanisms differing from other foes. Whether it possesses a will is unknown. Its emotionless killing sprees strike fear in any who challenge it.

First appearing in FFV, and according to a book found within the Void, it is described as "a soulless entity from a faraway sky."

The book warns would-be heroes to avoid contact, but by that time it is too late.

The brave who use all of their might to overcome the mechanical beast are awarded the prestigious Omega badge.

The Omega faced in FFXI is said to be a weapon created by a lab in the Grand Duchy of Jeuno using ancient technology.

It appears in FFXII as Omega Mark XII, the byproduct of a lost technology. According to notes left by its creators, it was created as a war machine to battle marks, given the ability to grow and evolve.


V, IX, X

A dragon traversing the Void in search of Omega. It has visited many different dimensions, and holds the key to unraveling the mysteries in several worlds.

Shinryu appears within the Void in FFV and is said to have come in search of Omega. Searching a chest unleashes it to attack. It is a fierce foe on par with Omega, but it seems to be a more understanding opponent compared to the soulless Omega.

Defeating Shinryu yields the Dragon Seal along with the mighty sword it once protected in the chest.

It is also fought as the guardian leading to Kuja's base within Memoria in FFIX. Although it is unknown whether it holds back, using a proper strategy to an easy victory.

It went through a stunning transformation in FFX's Monster Arena, proving to be a tough challenge with its extremely large amount of HP.

Land Worm[]


A gigantic beast resembling a caterpillar with a large mouth. It has tormented adventurers for ages, using attacks often connected to the ground or sand and wielding high HP. There are also many subspecies that resemble this gigantic monster.

Encountered within Kefka's Tower in FFVI, it is a fierce foe, but also can become a reliable ally. Using Gau's Rage command, the party can use its awesome magnitude 8 attack.

It appears in 3-D for the first time in FFVII. Encountering this large larva in the Corel Desert after being dropped into the desert prison further adds to the despair faced by our intrepid heroes.

Once again appearing in a desert landscape in FFIX, the Land Worm attacks Zidane on the outskirts of Kuja's dominion, the Desert Palace.

Dwelling within Sin's body in FFX, it uses its Earthquake attack to deal damage to the entire party. Although an insect found within Sin's body, it does not appear to have a symbiotic relationship.

In FFXI, they sprout their heads from the ground as if living vines. Since they inhabit areas close to settlements, they are a favorite target for new adventurers seeking to gain experience.



The aggregation of multiple small dolls fused together through one of Golbez's spells, it is a large and fearsome killing doll.

It attacks Cecil and his party after they visit the Dwarven Castle, and attempts to steal the crystal that rests within.

Before its attack, the Dwarven princess Luca mentions that her dolls have gone missing. From those comments, one can assume that Golbez used those dolls in an attempt on Cecil's life.

The dolls themselves "Adorable dolls! Terrible dolls!" and possess eerie faces even before their merging.

Nearly two decades later, Luca, who has matured into an engineer, reconstructs the dolls into automatons.

Calca , the boy doll, and Brina, the girl doll with flowing locks, obey Luca's every command and fight valiantly in battle assisting Luca and Rydia on their journey.

However, the nightmares of time long past return to haunt the team.

Giant of Babil[]


An enormous humanoid weapon of mass destruction originally created by the Lunarians. Revived by Golbez using the powers of the assimilated crystals, it struck terror in the hearts of the inhabitants of the blue planet.

the Lunarians were a race that had come from a different planet ages ago. Radicals within the Lunarian population created this weapon with the intent to exterminate the inhabitants of the blue planet, allowing their people to immigrate to the planet themselves.

Upon completion, the moderate Lunarians opposed the plans of using this gigantic weapon and had it sealed away within the Lunar subterrane, putting an end to the dastardly ambitions of the radicals.

In Cecil's time period, the giant is finally activated and sent to the blue planet as the Giant of Babil.

However, the inhabitants of the planet gallantly stand up against the giant to protect their homes, finally putting an end to the Lunarian scheme.



An enormous sea dragon who glides along the seas freely. maturing with the pirate Faris, she is not only a close friend, but almost like her sister. Once the winds die down, she helps Faris by pulling on her ship.

When the winds died, making boats useless, she pulled the raft to aid Bartz.

But when the party is attacked by a monster at the Torna Canal, her whereabouts become unknown.

She reappears to save the party as they are tossed into the seas, but with her strength fading, she bids farewell to Faris and is swept under the currents.

Her spirit, however, awaits for Faris's return to their home, the Pirate Hideout.

When the party returns to the hideout, using Krile as an interpreter, she conveys her resolve to protect Faris and becomes an Eidolon, continuing on her travels with the party till the end.

Ultima, the High Seraph[]


An esper possessing angelic wings with the face of a maiden, and half of her body a weapon. Her beautiful appearance and magnificent dress are befitting of the title "High Seraph."

Long ago, a race of near-immortal beings, the Occuria, ruled all of Ivalice. Referring to themselves as "The Undying," they presided over all other races.

Ultima is but one of the scions created by the Occuria and tasked with the specific role: guiding souls to heaven and aiding their reincarnation; she is considered to be the masterpiece among the scions.

Countless time has passed since she has disappeared from the world's stage, but she encounters Vaan on the highest level of The Grand Crystal.

On top of fighting in another dimension and using Holy-based attacks, she alters her strategy based on what Vaan and his party have equipped, making her a difficult foe to bring down/

Zalera, the Death Seraph[]


An esper with the appearance of a skeleton adorned in black garb and possessing jet-black wings. As his title of "The Death Seraph" implies, he takes the souls of the living unto himself.

The woman grafted onto his wing was originally a shamaness serving the gods. Taking the shamaness as hostage, he rebelled against his creators. Though defeated, he retains her in his grasp.

The shamaness wails when Zalera takes a life and lures more members of the living to him. Possessed by death, she loathes the living and may in fact be seeking the aid of her fellow shamanesses.

Found withing the Barheim Passage, Zalera torments Vaan with his dark magicks and a time limit to defeat him.



A fire-emblazoned female knight, she can also transform into a weapon-clad sports car upon request of her summoner.

She makes her debut in FFXIII. She appears before Sazh, who had given up all hope of living after his son Dajh was taken from him, and he learns that Vanille was partially responsible for his son's plight.

The true reason behind the Eidolon's appearance before Sazh in unknown.

As Sazh's case makes clear, however, Eidolons appear before l'Cie who have lost their wills to live or those who can no longer control their emotions.

Lightning and her allies believe the reason for an Eidolon's appearance is a form of lending their strength to weak souls, while admonishing them. They used this idea as a driving force to continue on their path against fate.



An Eidolon clad in steel armor and possessing multiple arms, it transforms into a magical armored vehicle with multiple turrets to protect its summoner.

Hecatoncheir appears before Vanille and Fang when Fang comes to realize the truth and Vanille attempts to defend her lie.

Working together, the duo successful in defeating the Eidolon.

After conquering the Eidolon, Vanille is finally able to admit to the lies she's told and sincerely apologizes to her dear friend.

In Gestalt Mode, Vanille rides Hecatoncheir while striking a unique pose, and uses her index finger to indicate its next target.

Incidentally, a monster by the same name appears in FFIII and protects the Fang of Earth. He resembles a muscular warrior draped with a cape in this appearance.

Shinryu Verus[]

??? As compensation for lending a hand in the conflict of the gods, Shinryu adds to its strength by absorbing the experience reaped by the warriors of either side.

Shinryu Verus is the final form of Shinryu once it has imbued itself with enough strength.

Of the countless futures in existence, Shinryu Verus is born when the cycle and sacrifices reach an apex. The true extent of its strength lies beyond the comprehension of humans.

Spoilers end here.

Player Icons[]

A gallery of icons which can be used to represent the player on Friend Cards.


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  • Sabin makes a cameo appearance as a tutor in the Museum.