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Murkrifts are home to strange, rare, and usually very dangerous Mirages. If you want to explore one, make sure that you're fully prepared before diving in! Most murkrifts will be too tough for you to handle when you first find them. If you do end up getting whomped, come back later after you've gotten a bit stronger.

Murkrifts: Scary, but True

Murkrifts are pocket dimensions that host rare, powerful Mirages in World of Final Fantasy. They are found throughout Grymoire and pose a challenge to Lann and Reynn.

In Nine Wood Hills, Serafie may occasionally have a Murkrift atop of her ahead and can be entered upon examination.

The Maxima version adds new Murkrifts containing exclusive Mirages. When defeated or imprismed, these Mirages can be fought again at The Coliseum.


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Lann and Reynn enter a murkrift in Wellspring Woods despite a warning from Tama. They are defeated by the powerful Mirage within and sent back to Nine Wood Hills. There, Enna Kros reveals Tama has sacrificed a life to rewind time and save the twins from death. Tama requests Lann and Reynn let her rest before they enter any other murkrifts.

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List of murkrifts

Location Mirage(s) Level (Normal difficulty) Level (Nightmare difficulty)
Wellspring Woods Behemoth (x1) 26 86
Pyreglow Forest - Branch 2 Sharqual (x4) 13 71
Icicle Ridge - Slip 4 Mini Flan (x6) 15 65
Ice Region - near Saronia Ponini (x2) 28 77
Saronia Docks - Station 2 Mega Sharqual (x1) 25 73
The Rainbow Shore Dramut (x1) 32 80
Valley Seven - Cauldron 3 Memecoleous (x3) 30 74
The Phantom Sands - Secret Toil Moomba (x3) 32 79
The Phantom Sands - Toil 6 Chrome Giant (x3) 40 78
Mako Reactor 0 - Sector 4 Mythril Giant (x3) 35 77
Big Bridge - Segment 1 Devil Wolf (x1) 40 80
Library of the Ancients Carbuncle (x2)
Largebuncle (x1)
46 ?
The Train Graveyard Manticore (x5) 35 78
The Train Graveyard Korrigan (x5) 37 79
The Train Graveyard Reaver Mu (x5) 40 80
The Train Graveyard Red Cap (x5) 43 83
The Train Graveyard Nightmare (x1) 35 82
The Sunken Temple Squidraken (x3)
Mindflayer (x2)
45 82
Airship - near Valley Seven Zapt (x2)
Sand Worm (x2)
Sylph (x2)
60 92
Airship - near bottom of map Bablizz (x2)
Sylph (x2)
Fritt (x2)
60 92
Airship - behind Ice Region Sea Serpent (x2)
Fritt (x2)
Bablizz (x2)
60 92
Airship - above Balamb Garden Sand Worm (x2)
Sylph (x2)
Bablizz (x2)
60 92
Airship - behind The Dragon Scars Zapt (x2)
Sea Serpent (x2)
Fritt (x2)
60 92
Airship - underneath Tometown Zapt (x2)
Sea Serpent (x2)
Sand Worm (x2)
60 92
Airship - behind The Crystal Tower Chocobo (x2)
Mecha Chocobo Stack (Mecha Chocobo, Mecha Choco) (x1)
65 96
Nine Wood Hills - Plaza 99 - Serafie Cactrot (x1) ? ?
Nine Wood Hills - Plaza 99 - Serafie Floating Eye (x1)
Copper Gnome (x2)
Mini Golem (x1)
Mandragora (x1)
? ?
Nine Wood Hills - Plaza 99 - Serafie Magic Pot (x1) ? ?
Nine Wood Hills - Plaza 99 - Serafie Mimic Jackpot (x1) ? ?
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  • The battle background for the murkrifts is also used for most Intervention quest battles, enemies in the corrupted Agarthir, and when Reynn sees Tamamohimé at the end of the false ending.
    • In the Maxima version, this battle background is also used when fighting Mel, and Enna Kros.
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