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DFFOO Murgleis (XIV)

Murgleis in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

Murgleis (ミュルグレス, Myuruguresu?) is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

Murgleis is a sword that provides 40 damage, 224 delay, Magic Accuracy +10, augments Convert, and allows the use of the Weapon Skill Death Blossom. It aftermath increases Magic Accuracy and Magic Attack. It occasionally attacks twice. It deals 10.71 damage per second and accumulates 60 TP per hit. It can be equipped by level 75 Red Mage. It can be obtained from the "Mythic Weapons" quest or the special Nomad Mog Bonanza 2010 (Rank 1) event.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Murgleis is a weapon for Red Mages. An Antiquated Murgleis can be acquired from the Red Mage job quest FFXIV Quest IconWith Heart And Steel, and then upgraded into several stronger forms in the Forbidden Land of Eureka.

Antiquated MurgleisRed Mage's Arm290

Auto Attack: 106.64
Damage: 93
Delay: 3.44
Magic Damage: 126
Vitality: 202
Intelligence: 222
Direct Hit Rate: 242
Spell Speed: 169

RDM 704.0
MurgleisRed Mage's Arm335Eureka gear.

Auto Attack: 112.37
Damage: 98
Delay: 3.44
Magic Damage: 133
Vitality: 278
Intelligence: 293
Direct Hit Rate: 270
Determination: 189

RDM 704.25
Murgleis +1Red Mage's Arm340Eureka gear.

Auto Attack: 113.52
Damage: 99
Delay: 3.44
Magic Damage: 134
Vitality: 287
Intelligence: 301
Direct Hit Rate: 273
Determination: 191

RDM 704.25
Murgleis +2Red Mage's Arm345Eureka gear.

Auto Attack: 114.66
Damage: 100
Delay: 3.44
Magic Damage: 135
Vitality: 295
Intelligence: 308
Direct Hit Rate: 280
Determination: 196

RDM 704.25
Murgleis AnemosRed Mage's Arm355Eureka gear.

Auto Attack: 115.81
Damage: 101
Delay: 3.44
Magic Damage: 137
Vitality: 313
Intelligence: 323
Direct Hit Rate: 292
Determination: 204

RDM 704.25

Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒Edit

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

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