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Template:FFXIII-2 Enemies The Munchkin is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Found in groups of three or four, they use their strength in numbers to compensate for their low hit points. A sufficiently leveled group for the area should be able to defeat them without any trouble.

Paradigm Pack

The Munchkin is a commando. Its Feral Link, Goblin Rush, deals physical damage to a target.

Level Ability Type Description
Initial Attack Command Deal physical damage to target.
Initial Ruin Command Deal non-elemental magic damage to target.
2 Launch Auto Attack and Launch staggered target into the air.
5 Bloodthirsty Auto Boost Strength in proportion to enemy Wound damage.
9 Lifesiphon Auto Recharge one ATB gauge segment upon slaying target.
14 Blitz Command Deal physical damage to target and nearby foes.
19 Scourge Auto Deal heavy damage with Attack to target about to recover from stagger.
20 Haste Feeder Auto Boost Strength versus enemies enhanced with Haste, and casts Haste on self.