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FFIVDS Omnicasting

Multi-targeted Flare in Final Fantasy IV.

Multi-targeting is a support ability in the Final Fantasy. Usually spells which have this attribute can have their multi-casting effect toggled, while other spells may forcibly effect an entire party.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

In the 3D remakes, the Omnicasting augment allows all spells to target all targets on one side, even those that normally can't, such as Haste or Flare.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Most spells can be multi-targeted by having the Materia attached to an All Materia. Mega-All makes nearly all spells and attacks multi-target. The multi-targeting attribute can be assigned to command abilities.

Having Mega-All equipped will immediately overwrite the attack with Slash-All even if the player has the double cut materia equipped, and they will only attack all enemies once. Mega-All is also incompatible with Quadra Magic, the screen will show that the player is targeting all enemies/allies but only one will be selected and all four castings of the spell will affect only that target.


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