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Steal from a foe while attacking them. Can use while airborne.


Mug is Yuffie's ATB ability in "Episode INTERmission" in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, available when she equips a weapon with the Thievery weapon passive. It is a melee-range physical attack that deals single-target damage to an enemy while attempting to steal from it. Mug makes equipping a Steal Materia Steal Materia largely redundant. Thievery is in all of her weapons bar the DLC weapon File:Cacstar from FFVII Remake icon.png Cacstar. The steal mechanics appear to be the same as for the Steal ability.


Yuffie can use Mug to nab items from enemies. Yuffie needs to get close to the enemy to mug them, but it works even when Yuffie is airborne and works against flying opponents. The Enemy Intel shows what items each opponent has to offer when assessed. Even though thieving is one of Yuffie's specialties, and some of her weapons also have passives that improve stealing, there are almost no good steals from any of the opponents worth going out of one's way to mug for. Yuffie can use Mug without the steal materia equipped, but as the first steal attempt often fails, the enemy may die before Yuffie manages to steal, as Mug deals damage in lieu of stealing. With Steal, the player can repeat the action until it succeeds.

One use of Mug is against the Armored Magitroopers that open their chests up to aim a beam at Yuffie. Mugging them when their chest is open may steal their core, making them unable to use the beam attack. Mug also manages to pressure some enemies.