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Steals from opponent at a given rate while attacking


Mug is a command ability in Final Fantasy VII granted by the Steal Materia at level 2. It attempts to steal an item from an enemy while also performing a physical attack.

Mug is not provided by the Master Command Materia, which provides Steal instead.


Command Materia Steal
Effect Physical attack against single enemy and attempt to steal an item from it. If All, physical attack against all enemies, long range, and attempt to steal an item from each enemy.
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut, Counter, Final Attack, HP Absorb, MP Absorb, Sneak Attack


Mug will attack a character and attempt to steal an item afterwards. Its success formula for stealing is as follows:

If Sneak Glove is equipped, LvlDiff is capped at 100 minimum

If (Rnd(0..63) <= Base Chance): Item stolen[1]

Mug can be used with many Support Materia. This provides a way to allow effects such as HP Absorb and MP Absorb to be applied to normal physical attacks. However, most of the other Support Materia are not useful pairings.

The Bandit can use the Mug command, stealing items from the inventory of, and causing damage to, one target. Shortly afterward, the unit will use its Escape command, the victim losing their item forever. There is a three-quarter chance they will use Mug, otherwise they will use Hold-up to steal gil instead. If the player kills the enemy before it has time to flee they will win back the stolen item. The item stolen can be a weapon not currently equipped to a character.