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Mug, also known as Capture,[1][2] is an upgraded unique character ability for Locke in Final Fantasy VI. When the Brigand's Glove is equipped, Mug replaces the Steal ability to perform a regular attack in addition to attempting to take an item from the enemy. The ability is a great upgrade to Steal, as it improves Locke's turn efficiency.

Harvester can use Mug on the party, but it works like Steal Gil. If the monster(s) or the party escapes, the party loses the stolen gil. If the enemy is defeated and the battle is won, the party will regain the stolen gil.


Mug can be used by Locke with Brigand's Glove equipped, but also by Gogo who has the Steal ability and Brigand's Glove both equipped.

No other characters are capable of using the ability, but the Thief's Knife, equippable by Locke and Shadow, has its user attempt to steal when attacking, at 50% rate.


The stealing component of Mug has the same mechanics as the Steal ability. As such, equipping the Thief's Bracer in addition to the Brigand's Glove doubles the success chance of stealing an item.

The Brigand's Glove replaces any effect on the user's weapon, such as random instant death or defense-ignoring, with a Mug attempt. However, weapons that randomly cast spells still perform such after the steal attempt is made.

There is a glitch involving Mug and the relic Master's Scroll, or any attempt to steal multiple items within a single turn. After having Locke use Mug while equipped with the Master's Scroll (or any character wielding two Thief's Knives), the first item stolen will always be stolen, but any items that would be stolen afterward will not be added to the player's inventory (unless the monster is alone). Any items stolen after the first item cannot be stolen again under any circumstances, as the first successful steal will count as a successful steal for any other enemies the unit targets during the attack, only the items are never obtained.


Mug's turn efficiency over Steal makes it a better ability, guaranteeing no turn attempting to steal is wasted. Given Locke's available weapons, his role in the party will often rely on his physical damage output, meaning that an ability to steal items while attacking is normally a pure upgrade for him. In some cases, this can be detrimental, as attacking the enemy can kill them before taking the item.

The main drawback to Mug is that equipping Brigand's Glove takes up a relic slot. Players may wish to preserve this slot for relics such as the Master's Scroll or Genji Glove, which greatly increase Locke's damage output, or ones that resist against harmful status effects. Additionally, putting Locke in teams with characters such as Terra, Sabin, or Edgar allows them to be used for damage output instead of Locke, meaning that equipping Brigand's Glove may be less desirable than simply giving him Thief's Bracer and doubling his chance to steal.

As with Steal, Mug is improved if the Thief's Bracer is also equipped, doubling the chance to steal. However, equipping both Thief's Bracer and Brigand's Glove takes up both of Locke's relic slots, meaning he cannot equip relics to otherwise improve his damage output or resist statuses. As such, this is a dangerous setup, albeit one that can yield good results and leans into Locke's main unique skill.

Gogo can be given the Mug ability with both Steal and Brigand's Glove equipped. However, because Gogo's weapons selection and stats are much more limited compared to Locke, Gogo will benefit much less from this, and should choose another relic.

Gogo with Mug can be used for farming Celestriads, a top tier relic, at the Dragon's Neck Coliseum. An easy way is to equip Gogo with three Steal commands, the Aegis Shield, the Brigand's Glove, and the Safety Bit relics. Betting a Murakumo will initiate a fight against Galypdes, an otherwise rare enemy in the Phoenix Cave. Gogo will repeatedly mug, nabbing either a Phoenix Down, or, more rarely, a Celestriad. Upon winning, the player gains a Holy Lance, which the player can bet to fight a Death Machine to obtain a new Murakumo, starting the cycle over.