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Attack and steal from an enemy.


Mug is a Thief command ability in Final Fantasy V. It functions similarly to Steal, granting a 40% chance to take an item or piece of equipment from an enemy, but also performs a physical attack upon the target. As with Steal, the Thief's Gloves accessory doubles the success rate of stealing.

The Thief Knife has a similar effect to Mug. It randomly attempts a steal when used with the Attack command.


Mug is learned by reaching level 6 as Thief, for a total of 335 AP with the job. Mug is not innate to Thief, and can only be used when equipped in an ability slot.


The stealing component of Mug has the same mechanics as the Steal ability.

The physical attack component of Mug will ignore any added abilities on the character's equipped weapon.

When used together with Dual-Wield, the user gets two chances to steal from the same target.


Mug can be more turn efficient than Steal, as it deals physical damage in addition to attempting to steal from an enemy. In some cases, this can be detrimental, as attacking the enemy can kill them before taking the item. However, Mug guarantees that a turn taken by attempting to steal an item is not entirely wasted.

Mug can only be used when equipping the ability, meaning that Thief characters should probably not equip Mug over other abilities. The best use of Mug is when characters with other jobs wish to steal an item from bosses, at which point, equipping Mug may be a better choice than equipping Steal.