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Mt. Wells

Mt. Wells (ウェルズ山, Ueruzu Yama?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the north of Berth. On top of the mountain, there is a small house where Gawain lives.


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The Warriors of Light come to Mt. Wells as they want to talk a drunkard whom they met in Berth. On their way to the top of the mountain, they encounter Vata. He challenges the party and they get into a fight. After being defeated, Vata warns the Warriors about the four Divine Generals. As Dusk asks why he is telling them such information, he refuses to answer and disappears. Continue their way to the top, they sees a hut. They decide to wait for the drunkard.

Sol eavesdropping Sara and Gawain

At night, the drunkard comes home and realizes that his hut is not empty. He walks away but Sarah, who wakes up after that, calls him back and talks to him. Sol eavesdrops their conversation. A flash back occurs.

The drunkard is Gawain, a knight of Burtgang. He and his troop tried to defend the castle from the invading Ninjas. However, the king was killed, he was the only survivor and a ninja backstabbed him. Gawain apologizes Sarah and walks away. In the morning, the team head back to Berth in search of Gawain.

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Item Price
X-Potion Chest
Diamond Bangle Chest
2,800 Gil Chest
Antidote Chest
Eye Drops Chest
Cottage Chest
Ether Chest
Swordbreaker Chest