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Mt.Rusalka entrance.

Mt. Rusalka (ルサルカ北の山, Rusaruka Kita no Yama?) is a mountain in Final Fantasy Dimensions.


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The Warriors of Light come here to find the imperial witch who ordered the pirates to capture them. Upon arriving at the Imperial Hideout on the top of the mountain, they encounter a soldier. The soldier turns out to be a Weresoldier and attacks them. After defeating the soldier, the warriors asks him to bring them to see the witch. The soldiers says that the Warriors will never find her, as long as Eduardo is missing. He refuses to tell the warriors about what happened to the bard. The soldier then collapses and dies.

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Item Place
Eye Drops Mt.Rusalka:Base
Hi-Potion Station 3
Mythril Armlet Station 6
Ether Station 6
Mythril Spear Station 6
Cottage Summit


  • Diorite x3
  • Plant Spider x3
  • Big Horn x3
  • Plant Spider x1, Urok x2
  • Urok x2, Big Horn
  • Plant Spider x1,Urok x1, Diorite x1
  • Mandrake x3
  • Mandrake x1, Urok x1, Plant Spider x1
  • Big Horn x1, Diotire x2
  • Mandrake x1, Big Horn x1, Diotire x1
  • Mandrake x2, Plant Spider x2
  • Mandrake x1, Big Horn x1, Plant Spider x1
  • Gigas Worm
  • Elm Gigas
  • Wyrm x1, Mandrake x1, Big Horn x1
  • Weresoldier (Boss)