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Mt. Nibel is a field map in Final Fantasy VII, visited twice. It is a mountain dungeon located in the Nibel Area, adjacent to Nibelheim, and to the Nibel Reactor. The mountain is first visited in the flashback during "The Tragedy of Five Years Ago", during which Cloud recounts the events when he, Tifa, and Sephiroth climbed the mountain. Later, the entire party visits Mt. Nibel during "Unnatural Hometown", in which they must traverse the mountain on their way to Rocket Town in pursuit of Sephiroth.

During "The Tragedy of Five Years Ago", the mountain is visited with a party of young Cloud and Sephiroth. Any monsters here are dispatched quickly by the uncontrollable Sephiroth, and no items can be obtained. During "Unnatural Hometown", the player can collect various items along the path, and the enemies are fought by all party members.



The first area of the mountain. The Rune Blade is in a chest visible on entry, reached by circumventing the hilltop on the right side. The Plus Barrette is likewise found on the left hilltop.


There is nothing of note in this area.

Cave Infrastructure[]

Five pipes with ladders and platforms descend to the bottom where Materia Keeper is fought as a boss. It is recommended to take the ladders first, as the second ladder must be lowered to return to the buggy, and thus to Fort Condor (if the player wants to do all minigame battles there), before obtaining the Tiny Bronco.

The pipes are numbered 1–5 from right to left. Pipe number one drops the player directly in front of the Materia Keeper, and to avoid battle, they must pass behind the boulder immediately to the left. Pipe number two drops the player on top of that same boulder, where a bag containing Powersoul is, a good weapon for Tifa. Upon jumping down, the player may run to the left to climb back to the top. Pipe number four must be entered carefully and leads to the second treasure in this room, an All Materia.

The door about halfway down and on the left leads to the Nibel Reactor, but there is nothing to do there in the present day timeline.

The exit at the bottom center leads to the lower mountainside screen, which leads to to the Mako Caves and Mako Fountain.

After Materia Keeper is defeated, a Counter Attack Materia will appear on the ground for the player to pick up, although the text box mistakenly states the party received a Counter. Behind the Materia Keeper is another exit to the Lower Mountainside area, where the player has only one direction to go.

Upper Mountainside[]

Lower Mountainside[]

This area has four entries/exits, two from the Cave Infrastructure area, one is on a path that leads directly to the exit for Rocket Launch Pad Area, and the other Cave Infrastructure entrance requires the player to drop down and then follow a path to the South Mako Cave.

Reactor Approach[]

North Mako Cave[]

The chest in this cave contains the Sniper CR weapon for Vincent.

Mako Fountain[]

An Elemental Materia is on the ground to the left of the Mako Fountain.

South Mako Cave[]

This area contains a chest with an Elixir.


Mt. Nibel is first visited in a flashback during "The Tragedy of Five Years Ago" by a party of Cloud and Sephiroth. The visit is brief, and the objective is simply to follow Tifa as she gives them a tour and directs them toward the Nibel Reactor. It is still possible to roam around the mountain and fight monsters in random encounters, though there is little benefit to doing so. Cloud will be defeated quickly by most encounters, though Sephiroth will dispatch them with ease.

In "Unnatural Hometown", Mt. Nibel appears in a larger capacity. Here, the entire party must pass through the mountain to reach Rocket Town. Several monsters are fought along the way, and useful items can be obtained. The path takes the party further along the mountain than was seen in the flashback, and their journey culminates in a battle against the Materia Keeper boss. If the player didn't already get it from the Ark Dragon back in the Mythril Mine, they can learn the Flame Thrower E.Skill from the Dragons here. This is also the earliest the party can get the missable E.Skill Trine, as the Materia Keeper uses it.



Battle background.

Cave Infrastructure is only present in the normal visit. Some enemies don't appear during the flashback.

Path (Flashback), Path (Normal), Mountainside Lower [Fall] (Flashback), and Mountainside Lower (Normal)[]

Bridge (Flashback)[]

Bridge (Normal)[]

Mountainside Upper (Flashback)[]

Mountainside Upper (Normal)[]

North Mako Cave (Flashback), and South Mako Cave (Flashback)[]

Battle background.

North Mako Cave (Normal), South Mako Cave (Normal), and Cave Infrastructure[]

Cave Infrastructure[]

Musical themes[]

"Under the Rotting Pizza" from Final Fantasy VII

Like in Nibelheim, the track "On That Day, 5 Years Ago" (5年前のあの日, Gonen Mae no ano Hi?) continues to play in Mt. Nibel. When the party returns to Mt. Nibel, "Under the Rotting Pizza" (腐ったピザの下で, Kusatta Piza no Shita De?) plays as the background music.



  1. Screamer B is covered by Screamer A
  2. Kyuvilduns D is covered by Kyuvilduns B; Kyuvilduns E is covered by Kyuvilduns B, Kyuvilduns C
  3. Kyuvilduns D is covered by Kyuvilduns B; Kyuvilduns E is covered by Kyuvilduns B, Kyuvilduns C