Mt. Gulg is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Story[edit | edit source]

Toppled from his seat of power, Vauthry, the final Lightwarden, has fled to Mt. Gulg, whose fiery summit now hangs in the firmament, beyond his enemies' reach. However, with the aid of the myriad peoples of Norvrandt, you succeed in building a gigantic Talos that rises to take the volcano in its grasp. Using the golem's rocky body as a bridge, you begin the arduous ascent to your quarry's newly built paradise, there to put an end to the tyranny of Light.


Progression[edit | edit source]

The Spine of the Talos[edit | edit source]

Climbing up the Talos a host of Sin Eaters comes to prevent the party from making it to the mountain.

The Arm of the Talos[edit | edit source]

Along the way Forgiven Obscenity will come down and attack the party with a long AoE ability. As the party ascends the rocky climb, the Talos will clear a path for them and take care of Sin Eaters.

The Perished Path[edit | edit source]

Here the party will come across Vauthry's Favorite pet Sin Eater Forgiven Cruelty, a beast that was once fought by Thancred.

The Pallid Path[edit | edit source]

After defeating the Forgiven Cruelty the party ascends the mountain once more only to be stopped by a giant Sin eater wall.

The Permuted Path[edit | edit source]

Once upon the mountain white cubes start turning into pillars and various other marble like structures, barring their way lies another Sin Eater wall.

The White Gate[edit | edit source]

At the White Gate is a giant cube Sin Eater with many faces, during the battle it will turn and twist and reveal different face patterns.

The False Prayer[edit | edit source]

Entering Vauthry's false paradise, his voice becomes more and more irritated as the party progresses and begins empowering his Sin Eaters. He summons one giant Sin Eater to block their path only to be reduced to rubble and turned into a path into The Winding Flare.

The Winding Flare[edit | edit source]

Another one of Vauthry's favorite Sin Eater's this one bars the way with clones of itself and tricks to deceive the party.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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