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Mt. Gulg.

Mt. Gulg (グルグ火山, Gurugu Kazan?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's a volcano, located to the north of Castle Falgabard. All soldiers in Castle Falgabard were eradicated, except Graham, by the Avalon Empire so that they can take over Mt. Gulg.


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The Warriors encounter Baugauven.

The Warriors of Darkness come here to fight against the Avalon Empire, who massacred many soldiers in Castle Falgabard to take over this place. Going deeper into this area, they discover that the empire is harvesting the pyro energy inside Mt. Gulg. Upon arriving at the central chamber, they defeat the guards there, then Graham destroy it. After that, the place is on fire and about to blow up. The warriors manage to escape it and get out. They encounter Baugauven on their way. As the general is very strong, the party is almost defeated. However, Graham single-handedly defeats him with Zantetsuken. Then Graham reveals that he is just a sword, the armor is acutally belonged to Sigurd, Nacht's father. He and his father tried to protect Mt. Gulg just like everyone else in Castle Falgabard. Sigurd was killed by Baugauven. Graham, who had promised to protect Nacht for Sigurd, was also defeated but then he turned into a sword that can control Sigurd's armor so as to keep his promise. The party gain the Dark Knight job, the Graham's Sword and Sigurd's Armor. The party then leave Nacht a long to gather his mind.

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Item Place
Hi-Potion Mt. Gulg: Base
Echo Grass Mt. Gulg: Base
Phoenix Down Mt. Gulg: Base
Remedy Station 5
Prism Rod Station 5
Phoenix Down Inside Mt. Gulg 4F
Officer's Hat Inside Mt. Gulg 4F
Cottage 3F
Hi-Potion 2F
Ether 2F
Cleric's Robe Inside Mt. Gulg B1F
Pinwheel 1F
Dry Ether 1F
Pebble Ore chunk
Iron Ore Ore chunk
Mithril Ore Ore chunk

Ore chunks are randomly found on the ground. They respawn whenever the dungeon is re-entered.