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Mt. Corel is a field map in Final Fantasy VII. It is a mountain located in the Corel Area on the western continent and divides the area around Costa del Sol from the rest of the western continent. It is also adjacent to North Corel, which is just at the foot of the mountain.

Mt. Corel has enemy formations with as much as five enemies (the maximum in one encounter), making it a desirable place to grind or unlock a new level in Limit Breaks.



Mountain road

As entered from a cave in the side of a mountain in Corel Area on the world map, the mountain road comprises a simple linear path north. Here, a non-player character can be found, and during "Barret's Past", will warn of a man in a black cape. At the top is the next screen, the road to the Corel Reactor.

Road to Corel Reactor

Much like the mountain road, road to the Corel Reactor is a single screen with a linear path leading to the north.

Corel Reactor[]

The Corel Reactor's path north connects to the road to the east side of Mt. Corel, leading directly to the road to the Corel Reactor, while the path south leads to the valley in the west side of Mt. Corel. The reactor interior is inaccessible, but is relevant during the Huge Materia mission as Cid. The valuable Bagnadrana enemy spawns in random encounters in this area, which can be used for item farming for min-maxing if the party has Morph.



The valley has a bridge that connects to the larger railway tracks area. To the left of the railway bridge is a branching path that leads up to a plateau overlooking Corel Reactor (with no items of note) and a dead-end bridge. This screen is also seen in Barret's flashback about Dyne.


The rollercoaster-like tracks area has a save point and a Transform Materia to find; however, it is better to neglect leveling up this Materia because a party member who joins soon after this point comes with another Transform equipped, which already has AP accrued.

The first parts of the railway are weak and break when stepped over, leading to pitfalls (see below). Falling down a hole and pressing Left or right can nab a Wizard Staff weapon for Aeris and a Star Pendant accessory for poison-immunity.

Railway support

After falling through one of the pitfalls, Cloud will appear in the railway support. This area has no music track, but nothing to do here other than obtain the item if Cloud fell in the right place.


Located east of the railway are waterside tracks. The lower waterside tracks eventually lead to the hole on the left and the bridge to North Corel on the south. At first, however, the bridge for these tracks is initially raised and this area is inaccessible, as characters not in the party will be found outside; this presents an opportunity to use PHS and change party members. The upper tracks lead to a shack with controls to lower the bridge; if Tifa or Aeris are not in the party, they will cheer Cloud on from the lower tracks while he passes to use the controls. On the upper tracks, next to the shack, climbing the wall nearby leads to the nest.


The Cokalis nest is found by climbing the wall on the waterside tracks where the tweeting sounds emanate before triggering the scenes with Barret in North Corel. Each party member has unique dialogue and the player can choose or reject the 10 Phoenix Downs found in the nest. If the player rejects the bounty, they will never get the chance to take the treasure again.

Mt corel dwelling.png

There is a cave to the left of the River area with the waterside tracks, found by going left and down right before entering the rope bridge. There is a man here as well as a Tent, Mind Source, and Power Source.


The bridge connects to North Corel at the bottom of the screen. This area has the unique Bomb enemy to fight in random encounters, which leaves no spoils if it dies via self-destruction.


Main scenario[]

In "Barret's Past", Cloud's party passes through Mt. Corel in pursuit of Sephiroth, and towards North Corel. Aside from fighting enemies, the main activities here are acquiring items from the pitfalls and from the Cokatolis nest.

In "Struggle for the Huge Materia", Mt. Corel is visited briefly by Cid's party to begin the Huge Materia quest.


Falling into a pitfall on the tracks.

The rail bridges have various holes in the structure throughout, and in three of places the player will fall into the holes the first time they step on them. Holding Circle and Left or Right during the fall, players may find an item while climbing back up. However, if the player presses Circle repeatedly, they can avoid falling into the hole.

The player can grab a Wizard Staff when falling and holding Circle and Left, and the Star Pendant when holding Circle and Right. Both are available to get before passing beyond the third atmospheric wall in the Whirlwind Maze.

Cokatolis nest[]

Nest has 10 Phoenix Downs.

The player can find a bird nest by climbing up the side of a railway track after crossing the upper bridge where bird sounds are heard, and choose to "Take the treasure" or "Leave it where it is". If the player chooses to take the treasure, they have to fight a Cokatolis and then receive 10 Phoenix Downs. Choosing not to means these items are lost forever.

This is available before the conversation with Barret and the people in North Corel.

Mt. Corel Huge Materia[]

This Huge Materia quest starts outside the Corel Reactor section of Mt. Corel. It can be undertaken after dropping off Tifa at Mideel when Cid as the party leader. It may be done either before or after the Fort Condor Reactor Huge Materia quest.

Two Shinra soldiers outside the reactor will attack as a pair of Attack Squad enemies. After this the coal train carrying Huge Materia exits the reactor, and Cid gets another coal train to follow it.


On the train tracks themselves the player can find:

In a cave to the left of the screen that is right before entering the screen to the rope bridge, the player can find the following items:

Near the mako reactor the player can battle Bagnadranas and steal the Diamond Pin weapon for Red XIII and morph them into Guard Sources, rare items that raise a character's Vitality stat permanently. This is made easier by using the L4 Suicide on the enemy before using Morph.


The river screen is an excellent place to level up Limit Breaks because they appear in great numbers. The player can use Enemy Skills and Magic Materia linked with All to clear waves of enemies in one turn.

Mountain road, and road to the reactor[]

Mt. Corel battle background.

Corel Reactor[]

Corel Reactor battle background.


Mt. Corel battle background.


Mt. Corel battle background.



Mt. Corel battle background.

  1. Covered by Search Crown B
  2. Covered by Needle Kiss B

Musical themes[]

Unlike most areas that enemies frequent, the background music of Mt. Corel is "Dear to the Heart" (想いを胸に, Omoi o Mune Ni?), except at the Corel Reactor, where "Mako Reactor" (魔晄炉, Makō Ro?) plays.

Behind the scenes[]

The bridge scene contains an unused scene of the party members admiring the view. The Mt. Corel portion of the game has also been released as a demo for the PC version of Final Fantasy VII.