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Mt. Burtgang.

Mt. Burtgang (ブルトガング山, Burutogangu Yama?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the east of Burtgang. One can cross this area to reach Burtgang and Castle Burtgang without going through Burtgang Checkpoint but of course, it will take much longer.


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Ex-commander passed away.

Sarah, who left Berth while the other Warriors of Light were sleeping, travel to Burtgang area on a boat. She heads to Mt. Burtgang as the Burtgang Checkpoint has been closed. Making her way through the mountain, he has a flashback: when she was young, an Ex-commander brings her to a small sack in the forest. He changed her name to Lassah and became her father. He explained they had to change their have and went into hiding to protect Sarah's safety. As the time passed, the Ex-commander passed away but not before telling her some last words. Avalon soldiers came to look for her.

Sarah got arrested.

Some people in the town told her to run away but instead, she revealed herself and got arrested. Cid then appeared and ordered to take her back to the airship. She then continues her journey and reaches Burtgang.

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Item Price
Cottage Chest
Glass Hauberk Chest
X-Potion Chest

There is a pot that can fully restore HP/MP.




Burtgang means "Blood Fetcher", it was the sword wielded by the giant Heime in the Dietrich Cycle. The weapon was shattered in a battle with the Dietrich, Prince of Bern, but instead of slaying the giant, the prince made him a knight under his own banner after showing signs of valor. In the Norse version of the story, the Thidrekssaga, the sword is named Blodgang.