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Ms. Goon is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2.

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She is of no threat, and can be taken down by various means. She is one of the few enemies that can be confused to obtain the Blue Bullet ability White Wind.

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Fiend Tale Edit

One notable "Ms. Goon", caught via the Creature Creator system in the International or HD Remaster versions, is named Orange and considered a prize by Leblanc for her massaging skills. Prior to joining the Leblanc Syndicate, Orange had a relationship with Rin before he dumped her. Though she thought she was special to him, Orange was livid when Rin did not recognize her. A month later, joining Pink the She-Goon and Purple the cross-dressing Fem-Goon on a triple date, Orange ends up becoming part of a team of self-stylized superheroes.

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